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since Sep 24, 2011
Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft high Southern alpine climate.
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Recent posts by Satamax Antone

David Livingston wrote:Strange I was  in Leroy Merlin * the other day and I did not see any either :-)
How exactly do you want to use these screws ? Would wooden batons work?


* well known French DIY store

David, i rarely go to leroy merlin. I'm usually buying from pro suppliers! But more than 450mm, is hard to get!

Do you understand how a sarking work? Basically you make a box of the thickness of your insulation, at the outside edge of the walls, on the existing roof. Then fill that with the required thickness of rigid insulation, then lay some battens 8x4cm for example, above the insulation, at the vertical of the rafters, which are completely underneath the whole complex. Then link the batten and the rafter with a very long screw. Which compresses the insulation a bit, and serves as a support for the roof slats, holding either the tiles or in my case, "tole bac"

One screw every meter or so. The closest i am, to a good price, now, is 600€ for 400 screws. Still a bit dear!
2 weeks ago
Hi everybody.

I want to do a strawbale sarking on my roof. But can't find 600 mm 2ft long screws. Any ideas?

Thanks guys.
3 weeks ago

Joel Bercardin wrote:I supposes you've tried this, Satamax, but for those reading this thread who may not have...  Here is a way to get audio-visual info about doing this sort of thing — both demonstrative basic experiments and full-on home-level systems.  Go to Youtube, enter these terms:  home hydrogen production

Good luck.

I have seen this one.

3 weeks ago
Hi everybody!

Well, getting out of the rocket stoves and RMH forums, for a question.

I searched the internet a bit on the subject. And i didn't find much.

Does a direct electrolysis hydrogen cooker exist.

I mean, solar panels  wires, going directly in water may be with a switch, then the H² and O is directed directly to the burner?

I don't fully understand what instantaneous power is required to boil tatters for example. But with 4 or 5 m² of panel, it might be possible?

Any idea?

Thanks a lot.

3 weeks ago
3 years burning in the firebox of my workshop rocket.

Bottom of the barrel. First two photos.

Stainless steel down bit, of the p channel.

Ans it's brand new replacement.
1 month ago

James Freyr wrote:I hate to be a nay-sayer, but burning plastics releases horrible toxins into the atmosphere. These toxins which include nasties like dioxins come down with the rain, polluting the soil, lakes, streams and oceans. The fact that people manufacture plastics is bad enough for the environment, but burning them too just pollutes even further. Please don't burn plastics.
1 month ago
Using this space to host a pic!

2 months ago
I find that horendously expensive for splits.
2 months ago