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Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft elevation
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Recent posts by Satamax Antone

Barbara Manning wrote:I would love to install on of these in my house but I would have to import all y'all to make it for me. Sigh.
1 year ago
Eric, you managed where i failed few years back. My attempts at top load weren't up to my expectations.

And if you want to see my workshop heater, in case it gives you ideas

1 year ago

I would rather do bells, than multi channel stoves. Multi channel stoves are more finicky due to boundary layers. Ok, they have more ISA But the bricks in the channels release their heat in the flue path. That Also means that  there is heat released to the outside, and keeps draft until cold. But when cold, the boundary layer, dampens the ease of starting up.

For a builder


1 year ago

Top of my lift a fortnight ago. It is a smidge better now, but barely!
1 year ago
I wished we had a dump of snow!
1 year ago

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:Fresnel lenses are fun! And I'm keeping my eyes open for a big one to play with.

They don't offer an energy freebie though. They can concentrate solar energy, but it's exactly the same amount of energy that falls on a simple pane of glass of the same physical dimensions.

Douglas, i hadn't thought about this for a while. But i see two advantages now. Fresnel lenses can  increase the size of the window in front of the trombe wall.  

I mean, instead of having a huge low temp wall behind the window, it could help heat a smaller wall at a higher temperature. We're far from reaching the limit of heat storage of a big wall, with a normal window.  And a higher delta of temperature means that the efficiency is better.  Also, redirection of sun rays in the fresnel lens could increase the efficiency. The sun right, up or left of the window would barely heat the wall, with the lens redirecting the rays onto the wall, the system might function better.
1 year ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:The OP said on her facebook thread that there is 4' of chimney above the nearly flat roof. It is not tall, but would be adequate in otherwise good conditions.
She also said that the wood (a few sticks) burned fine for ten minutes, then finished burning, went to coals, and started reversing and smoking back.

I think there was insufficient fuel to heat up the system, and when the flames making the draft went away, the heat from the coals took the easy way straight up out of the feed.

That's quite à possibility.  What other cause i could see, with such a short chimney. Opening a door, where hot air escapes by the door as well as the chimney. The csa of the door being bigger, it might reverse the draft, with that stubby tube out of the roof.

Lack of mass or insulation in the chimney might make the system more prone to reverting too. If it can't sustain it's own draft, because the chimney is cooling too rapidly.
1 year ago