Satamax Antone

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since Sep 24, 2011
Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft high Southern alpine climate.
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Recent posts by Satamax Antone

Jim, too much mass under the dura board, which is not insulative.

Best way, use insulating firebricks.  Or even better superwool board.  Or vermiculite board, under those bricks.  You coule get by with rigidized rockwool/roxul, with your dura board on top, for example.
2 weeks ago
Alex's one

Worth reading the whole thread.

Mine, heating the two floors, with barely any insulation, 5000ft elevation, in the french alps.

3 weeks ago

Satamax Antone wrote:

Delta T, the temperature differential  between intake air and exhaust air is far greater in the winter,  and  far smaller in the summer. Hence the sluggish performance for the moment. Even more in a tent.
3 weeks ago
Protection for my lathe, which will help make door hinges etc.

1 month ago
Fox, did you do tangential entry, like Takeshi Uneo, or Ppotty?
2 months ago
Hi everybody.

Well, i have read that  doing seed balls wasn't really worth it with corn/maize.

I'm wondering, since the road is nearby, and can get busy, should i worry about pollutants much?

Thanks a lot.

2 months ago

Timothy Markus wrote:Not cool, Satamax, not cool at all.

I'm looking for a place to live and then you show us what you've got.  To top it off, you've got access to French cuisine and wine and you're asking about potatoes?  With French women to top it all off?

I might as well just give up ;)

Timothy, there's is barely any women here, and far too many ski instructors, piste patrol guys, and all the sporty guys!  So they're not interested in a fatty like me!

I was wondering. Does corn copes with wet feet? I have plenty of rustic corn to plant. Red, multi color sweet. Some chili peppers too.
2 months ago

Gilbert Fritz wrote:It has got some dramatic scenery, any way!

Would heavy rain/ melting snow on nearby peaks lead to flash flooding along that torrent? Has it happened before?

Not from the last thirty years.

Not this year either, snow was scarce.
2 months ago