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Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft high Southern alpine climate.
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Recent posts by Satamax Antone

Eric, i like the side plenum with the pipe. Obviously not the first time i see it.

But i like it

You were stating about your burn tunnel being a smidge too high. But you didn't account for the P channel overhang down! Which would make it perfect.

1 hour ago
Best way to burn a barrel, make it a  pocket rocket and cover it with rockwool insulation. Or glasswool. Held by chicken wire.
11 hours ago

The link was bellow your thread.

Otherwise, i have no opinion!
1 day ago
On mine, i did it slightly higher, but not much than exit.

What's bellow the link between the two acts kind of a single bell.

For example, if you had two bells next to each others, one low entrance in the first bell, a link between the two, on top, and a low exit, the first bell would vaguely act as a bell, but more like a chimney, and the second like a downdraft tube.

Add a bottom link, while retaining the top link, you have a single bell, with a wall inside.

Best practice, is link at the bottom. . But there is also a matter of practicality. If it's not easy to do, a link between the two, higher than usual is fine.
Whatcha mean?
If you search well, there is a subject about the exact same situation, may be two years old. Or more.
2 days ago
Still thinking about putting stuff in the heat riser?
2 days ago
That's easy.

You have to remember that the temp in the heat riser is often between 800 and 1200C°
3 days ago
About cooking in the riser, i can't see how that could be possible. Just a cast iron grid, above my riser, kills sausages in a few seconds.

The trick to protect the barrel, i would use a grid of perforated sheet metal.

If you drill a hole for the wok, may try to find yourself a cast iron ring and cover to fit in there.

Did i show you this one?
3 days ago
Cool then.

There's one thing i saw yesterday.

I thought your chimney was all connected. But no.

A little more performance could be reached by insulating that spiral tube.

You must have some draft, otherwise you would be talking about puffbacks at least. But may be not as much as you'd wish for.
3 days ago