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paul wheaton
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Hello to you, Paul and any other would be Isaac Waltons. That humorous video, like all good humor, has a  very, very Dark Side.

There may be no fish in that Lake! Or very few and the ones that are there may be sterile. And they may be so deformed and mutated, you might not want to catch one, let alone munch on it. Also, as more fish are caught, there is a declining population for the hook since there is no reproduction taking place.

From a report done in 1980:

"Acid rain, the airborne pollution threatening thousands of lakes on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border, has increased tensions between the two neighbors, as pollution from each country spills over into the other's environment....

Contaminated rainfall has eliminated fish from over 100 lakes in the Adirondak region of New York State and 140 lakes in Ontario. A recent study by the Ontario, Ministry of Environment predicts that 48,000 more lakes will become sterile in Ontario by the end of the century if acid rain is not controlled."

And in 2003:

"The high acid levels contained in lakes also causes a decrease in the number of fish dwelling in these lakes. Also Aacid produces chemical changes in the blood of the fish, and their basic body metabolism is altered@ (Howard & Perley, 1980, p. 24), and can cause deformities in these inhabitants. They have twisted and arched backbones, flattened heads and strangely curved tails. In pH levels of four there is little left in the lakes besides rock bass, pumpkinseed and lake herring. Affected fish are also in danger of becoming sterile, which would put the species at risk of becoming extinct. As with sulphur dioxide in rain, mercury is also discharged into the water. There is a direct connection between the mercury rich lakes as there is with those with high acidic levels. This metal becomes concentrated in the blood and tissues of fish."

I lived up in Ontario, in the 70s and did a lot of fishing there. Or should I say wasted a lot of time trying to catch fish that were not there! It was only years later that I read about the fact that the fish in many Ontario lakes were becoming sterile, not reproducing and thus there was a diminishing pool of fish to be caught. The Government of Ontario did not want this fact known as it would damage its tourist/outdoors industry. So, folks would drive up from the States, towing their expensive fishing boats and wasting their time fishing in lakes with few, if any, fish. You might say they took the tourist brochures, hook, line and sinker.

So much for fish permaculture in Canada.

For more sustainable fishing, one might try noodling.
rose macaskie
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Those people from ontario are realloy tough come out of frozen water and don even shiver. incredible. rose
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