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YOU ROCK! Thank you! This was the only birthday present I got this year. It's appreciated!
So...I started the process of selling my home so I can buy land to homestead in Idaho, then the wildfires hit the areas I'm looking in.
Rather than see this as a total no go, I'm wondering if it could be beneficial for growing fruit trees, mushrooms, and less acidic plants than evergreens. I have heard some fires burn so hot they totally serialize the land and trees replanted by the forest service won't grow in those areas.
I really would love some information.
5 years ago
I agree...very spendy. The spring house would be long as a person doesn't dig an area that would cut off the spring while putting it in.
5 years ago
Thank soo much! You know you rock! I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge that you share!
I did find this site for grey water and composting toilets. I'll have to double check areas to see if anything has changed. 2015 laws may be different.
5 years ago
cob I thought I found an area (in Idaho) to not have to worry about building permits, and found it has requirements now.
I am selling my home in WA State and trying to find a piece of land that I can live off grid, sustainably and use composting toilets without having to have a stupid septic system.
Oh yea, my best friend is my PitBull, so they can't have any laws against them either.
If anyone has info that would help me out, PLEASE message me!
Being a SWF in her 50's starting over and wanting out of the rat race, this will be a new adventure. This is my retirement plan, as I don't have much.
5 years ago
I would rather try my hand in the desert than one of those rocks they call islands! What are they thinking? To top it off they're on tectonic plates that make West Coast earthquakes look like infants.
Just google them and I think most people would rather be locked down in prison than create one of their own by being there. At least you'd have 3 hots and a cot!
That sounds like a wonderful opportunity! If I can get my place in WA sold soon I may hit you up on that offer. I will admit I have allot of "book knowledge"...but would really like to get some good hands on experience. Building a homestead is the only retirement plan I have. Paying a 30 year mortgage and every penny I make going to the mortgage and electric bills is not living. I'd rather work with others who have vision of a different future, a better one...and help others along the way.
5 years ago
I love surfing the internet! I was seeking how to forest farm in the NW and wound up finding this one! It sounds like it would be a great opportunity!

It says "From April till October we offer accomodation in one of our five houses. Simple living, cold water, outdoor toilet, warm showers and a short walk to the lovely ocean.

Comforts: The bed and breakfast is from 1929 and provides ample sleeping space, along with our other buildings. Depending on the time of year, we can offer accommodation indoors, with soft beds and running cold water."

"Type of help
Babysitting / child care
Cooking / shopping
General Maintenance
Help with Eco project
Help in the house
Animal care
Language practise

We're looking for anyone with specialist skills in organic gardening of any persuasion, fine carpentry, window renovation, building-skills.

Apart from that, we also welcome anyone enjoying working together or on your own, creating a beautiful, rich, diverse environment, contributing your gifts to enhancing the social scene, and leaving our home better than you found it."
5 years ago