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Thanks Devaka. Everything seems to be well now.
As I mentioned last year in the thread Paul linked: I added a secondary email in August after the first Kickstarter email told me to.
I continued to receive emails for my email not being found on my account, though I received access to the things I listed above. Seems to be half and half.

It seems with the latest Kickstarter in March the "email/account not found" emails are coming back in.

So, I am requesting access to all the things I listed in my post that I don't have access to from last year, and some kind of fix to the issues happening now.

also, if possible, I would still like my yahoo account removed and my primary address changed to my gmail.
I may have missed the questions at the end of your post, because you clarified the download access mistake and username issue. Sorry, I haven't been a good permies forum lurker.

I did in fact add the email following the very first access email, before I made that post so the system didn't catch it and was still giving errors.

To be clear: I was/am still getting error emails after long having added my secondary email.

Now that we're getting a permaculture farm going we're looking to start building some of those goodies so I'm just looking to get the access to the one missed by automation.

Despite adding my secondary email last year (the one I use for kickstarter) I am missing some access to a few things that I received emails for.

Premium content from: $150 Rocket Ovens pledge last year and a $10 pledge for Building a Better World in March.

in My Stuff:
Complete Wild Edibles Package by Sergei Boutenko (1 HD video + 10 eBooks)
Building a Cob Style Rocket Mass Heater - HD instant view
permaculture playing cards e-book download
fire science dvd as HD instant view
177 hours of video: the 2017 Permaculture Design Course and Appropriate Technology Course
5 hour tour of wheaton labs
Better Wood Heat: DIY Rocket Mass Heaters 8-DVD Set as HD instant view
Hugelkultur Micro Documentary - HD streaming
Care and Feeding of Rocket Mass Heaters - HD streaming (30 minutes)
Justin Rhodes 45 minute video tour of wheaton labs basecamp

NOT in My Stuff but in email:
-The Design and Build of the Giant Solar Food Dehydrator
-Solar Dehydrator Plans
-"Rocket Ovens DVD (multiple formats)
-Rocket Oven Materials, Tools and Safety microdoc
-microdoc: review of the 2014 3-in-1 build
-microdoc: building the easy bake coffin
-microdoc: introduction to welding
-Cooking with a Rocket Oven - microdoc
-microdoc: welding a grate to go on top of a portable j-tube
-microdoc: rocket mass heater season extender
-a lovely piece of PIE
-wofati microdoc
-12 rocket mass heaters microdoc
-19 skiddable structures microdoc

Thanks for help and thanks for your work in making the world a better place.


This account is my original account from the 1st address. I didn't exactly ditch it so much as my 2nd address was used for the RO-Kickstarter and I wanted to just merge my permies emails and Kickstarter emails into my 2nd address. Yes, the system blocked me from creating a new account as you said. I added my 2nd address from the link provided by gir bot to my Kickstarter address.

I see no way to edit username or emails in the 'My Profile' only a request name change form for first and last names. Am I missing a universal edit button somewhere? The only way I was able to add a 2nd address was from the kickstarter goodies email telling me how to add one.

I have had about 20 failures and 30 successes on the downloads. It has been mostly fine for the last few hours. I suppose it to be an international traffic issue and not a permies issue since your net is solid. I only mentioned it because this person mentioned failures as well 10 months ago.

There was no follow up to the quote:
Hi Permies Staff,

Account Issues:
Goodies from Kickstarter going to my older permies email only instead of also to my newer email used with Kickstarter campaign.

-How can I replace my primary email? I couldn't sign up with my new email because of the name restriction.
-Can usernames also be changed?

Big Download Issues:
Permies bandwidth seems to be lacking and the issue seems to be ignored since PDC was released. This is a bit frustrating.

See quote:

S**********da wrote:
I am having lots of problems in downloading these videos .. even the tiny downloads are downloading at a slow speed. Also I noticed that if I try to download 2 of them together, invariably both downloads will stop after sometime.
Is it because of the bandwidth issues at permies? Is there any superspeed download option?

How is this going to work out when everyone who kickstarted rocket ovens starts to download PDC/ATC videos at the same time?

Thanks for help,
Thanks Larry, I think I will buy some screens from that site.

It's exactly what I was looking for(not in 100ft rolls) at a great price!
7 years ago
Hello Permies,

I am looking to build a solar dehydrator, I was wondering where to buy/what kind of mesh people have been using for food trays.

I have looked online for stainless steel but I haven't had luck with anything less than 100ft rolls... too much

(I'm not really looking for plastics or aluminum)

7 years ago