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Anne Miller wrote:

I understand that many recipes can be cooked in the Instapot without adding any other equipment.
Though I wonder if the pans I already have will work.  I have two stainless mixing bowls that will fit inside the Instapot and all my Corningware will fit inside.
What have you bought or have that works well with the Instapot?

( stream of contiousness, not quite coffee'd yet, thank you in advance for the accomidation )

First off I'm an evanjelical instant pot pusher.  Not for money mind you, but for ideals and saftey.  

I have purchasd at one time or another, basicly all the different types of add ons.   I have mostly given them away to new instnat pot owners.  I recmoend getting an all in once set of all the sillicone things, egg trays, steamer baskets, whever.  See if they work for you then pass the ones that do not on to others.  This clears up the fomo that you might get dithering over it.   The isntant pot can save a pile of money.  I used some of the saved money to get all the things to prove I don't need them _and_ that you arn't missing out.

The ones that I use are a steamer basket ( currently one that was in the kitchen before the instant pot showed up but ifts well enough)... A few extra silicon sealing rings, so I can have rings used for spices and seperate ones used for bland things like yogert.  That's it, that, and a sillicon lid for the fridge is all I use.  An extra pot might be useful for the logicstics of cooking.  E.g. Slow cook something for the day, then swap in another pot for quickly steaming some veggies or potatoes or something.

I do use the instant pot for light canning.   at 11 PSI check your tables for times and what you can do with it.  For steaming I do use the included wire rack.

Speaking of steam diverters.  Especially if you have one of the versions that can be programed for specific heats,  Some tubing that goes from the steam output port ( take off the thing that looks like a jiggler, and there's a nice hollow metal post that tube can be clamped to ) to whatever receiptical you can find.  

Why?  Because you have just made a still for making water safe, really really safe.   Some tube, and a hose clamp or two is enough.  Use copper if you are worried about reactions, off gassing or want hgiher throughput ( there is a lot of energy in steam ).

I hear good things about the 6 qt air frying lid.    I'm trying one out now.   It'll never be as good as a real oven, an oil fryer, or a rocket stove pizza cooker, and that is not the nitch I'm shooting for.   I can see it being @#$@#4 perfect for less hasttle off grid tater tots in 20 minutes.  ( assuming there are some solar pannels and big batteries around ).  FYI : 200 g of tots, @ 400 degrees for 9 minutes for less than 0.20 KWH.   Or about 1500 watts when running.  ... so technically I guess a kill-o-watt or equivilant ( Poniie PN1500 Portable Micro Electricity Usage Monitor Electrical Power Consumption Watt Meter , have been good to me and are what I'm using now ) would be a good addition.

Happy instanting !

4 months ago
Various 'free-cycle' websites,  local community emailing lists like next door or old school mailing lists.


Craigslist!   Charge $10 for one or two for $9. :)   ( mostly as a publicity stunt / getting the word out )


With the current pandemic most of my go to solutions havn't been.

I would tend to leave a set of permaculture playing cards when I went to someones home, or traveled somewhere.

I figure leaving a permies book next to a Gideon's bible might be just fine.

Coffee shops was mentioned.  I'd second that... if there were coffee shops to lounge in.

Diners and donut shops sometimes have a spot for the daily papers...

Church lending libraries.

I think waiting rooms of various kinds might work.  Any place that has a People magazine is fair game.

Tom Rutledge wrote:
An idea for a low tier stretch goal.    pre-printed 3x5 recipe cards.

For Mid tiers, PDFs for printing them yourself.

For higher tiers include a fancy recipe card holder box?

7 months ago

An idea for a low tier stretch goal.    pre-printed 3x5 recipe cards.
7 months ago

Are there any build pictures of the new 4 inch system in the red cabin?

paul wheaton wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:

Fred Tyler wrote:Maybe "Pledge fund for bootcamp documentation"?

Bootcamp media pledges?

Bootcamp encouragement fund?

Boot lace fund?

D.W. Stratton wrote:

How does one obtain salt if Peak Energy hits and we have a sudden, dramatic collapse of civilization and its systems of production and distribution?

Many thanks!

'we' as in humanity or 'we' as in you and me as individuals?

'We' as in individuals can preposition a life time of salt for ourselves and our families.   Depending on your source, depending on what you are doing with it and if it can be reused / cleaned up.  I figure a tablespoon / day.  ( mostly for food preservation, a tablespoon / salt per day is a bit much for consumption, but a few table spoons will go into a brine for that turkey.  and it's probably way high. ).   Call it 20 g a day,   About 16 lbs a year. 160 lbs / decade.   1600 lbs per lifetime.  that 1600 lbs of salt might take up about 3x 3x 4 ft in space. Depending on things.  Packed into 55 gallon drums it'll last for your lifetime.  One would probably pay more for the packaging than the salt it's self if one buys in bulk.  ( rock salt is $250 / 2000 lbs )   Maybe get a nice old refer container ( air tight , water tight, with insulation) and keep a whole mess of long term storage stuff there, a lifetime of garden fertilizers, honey,  animal salt licks and mineral supplements,  grit for the chickens,  maybe a few cans of various fasteners for building stuff later, salt.... diatomaceous earths... that's all I can think of at the moment. ) .

'We' as in humanity.  Utah.   the Utah salt mines and solar electric mining equipment.   Mining a ton of salt doesn't take to long with the right diggers.  There's no reason they need to be running diesel.  Sure it might cost 3 times as much in power costs... 3 times basically 0 is still basically 0.  The south has brine wells, and salt domes that are mined out as well.  Solar panels or hydro power electric can work for a long time with low maintenance.  Distribution by electrified rail.   Salt doesn't go bad, so it can be slow and efficiently moved.

'We' personally have a few years supply of salt around, well... because it seems like a reasonable thing to do and I like corned beef.... probably like it too much.  

9 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:

The question is:  how do we get more people to reply to the thread and offer up a few bucks?

Any suggestions?

Tithed badges?   " I didn't do a sand badge but I helped 20 people get theirs. " sorta thing? Not  necessarily monetarily.

Pay it forward sort of things?  I'd start it going by donating a hammer, if the user of that hammer would donate back two when the work up to it.   I'm not sure how to word smith that together right.   Maybe plant a seed so that all may enjoy the fruits of our labors.

... hummm...

RFE : Broken links, polling external content loading everything into
(Request For Enhancement)

So there I was minding my own business perm-ing away.   Some kind soul had put in a link to some external resource.  ( )

And it sounded perfect, but the image after the link was broken... and the domain is no longer resolving... etc.

Good news! was watching it!*/

There are a few UI things that could possibly help people get to the right place.

1)  Call out broken external links specifically.   There is probably enough umph in JavaScript to figure out when a resource doesn't load or a request to the hosting sites root fails at least.   ( doing it in JS avoids backend complexities )

2)  When a link shows up as broken, point people to the internet archive page for what was there ( e.g. :*/  )  with a  quick howto as to how to use the wayback machine.   E.g. Look for green dots, and scroll back on the yearly timeline to find more dots.

3)  To insure that the archive is populated.   Forever external link (heck for every link), attempt to register the page to be saved in the archive.   ( e.g. )

Thank you for the consideration and time.
Especially if #3 is already being done.
10 months ago

For what it's worth :

Construction of a "bear proof door" , though I'm guessing that the other commenters were completely correct and if a bear _really_ wants to get in you'll need to up your game quite a bit.  Possibly take bear proof trashcans as an inspiration.

1 year ago