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Recent posts by Tom Rutledge

re: well / pumping (cuz' I'm supper keen on getting that at the lab)

4 inch pump in a 4 inch pipe.

I haven't been looking into well stuff for a while, my understanding was that a N inch pipe tends to use a  N-1 inch pump so the pump has plenty of space to draw water from.  If another pump is needed at some point, a 3 inch pump might be considered.

How deep is the well, and what is the non drawn depth of water?   It seems like the low water protection is different for different depths.

Rather than a 5 gallon bucket are there some space IBC totes around?   Need one donated to the cause?

3 months ago
Now for some pony up. Whoever wants it.

Aldo Leopold benches :

Well, that seems fair $125 , up to 4 benches
$175 if they are made without metal fasteners  / glues

Other bench types $75 / bench up to 4.

Note, it's not a functional bench unless Paul can sit in it.  ( doll house or children's benches are not the intent )  

The more lovely, sustainable, and long term durable the better.

$250 for a weather proof and critter resistant safer place for books.  

Trail markings / map / path signs.   This sorta stuff... but greener :

Dollars ? no idea.  
$150 for a cartoonish overall map of the lab or the non lab , eventually suitable for printing or a big poster sized trail head display board.

Find a good spot for long term picture registration / setup a monument so one can take pictures every year for a century from the exact same place.
$250 for finding the right place ( passing pw/co + Fred approval ) , $250 for the monument

Generic lab audio
$10 /  hour for the first 10 hours of something interesting and relatively devoid of people or machines making noise   ( nature sounds, a thunderstorm, turkeys migrating, sunrise, sunset)

Day long time laps video, on a clear day, for one of the lab structures showing off how the sun moves.  $150  ( if ti works out well, we should do one for each structure, prices TBD, we can work something out if it's good stuff and useful. )

Getting a botanical map of the lab would be interesting to me.  It's probably a good idea to get some 'before pictures' for the later to show up 'after pictures'.   maybe?   not sure on that yet.

3 months ago

Re : Video :


     I hear this was done on a 3 generation old iphone ziptied to a stick.

The Raw .MOV files are better. but that's the idea.   Something simple, and easy that keeps on giving.   ... well and using up youtube bandwidth.

I'd go for $1 / minute for naturescapes up to $123 USD  ( 123 minutes worth )

Pick a subject any subject :  Preferably something with reuse value. Technically i'll pay out on two hours of a ball of mud. ...  

Some ideas on subject material.
 1) a tree swaying interestingly in the breeze
 2) sunsets
 3) sunrises
 4) the comings and goings of an ant hill
 5) turkey migration, especially if you know where they'll be and having them walk around the camera.
 6) weather, like clouds going by or rain storms.
 7) time lapses of a day's worth of shadows on wafadi, or an impromptu sun dial ( a stick in the ground ), maybe the tee-pee
  A full day in the life of a bee hive. before dawn to after dusk videoing the hive.
 9) A full burn cycle in a RMH.
10) Watch a sunfower swaying in the brease.
11) a hugle bed for a few hours.  

Come to think of it. I kinda wanna see video of a gob of cob drying in the sun for a few hours as the sun does it's thing..

For starters, pritty much anything.

Eventually better audio / video and access to the high quality source files would be awesome and probably worth something.

As for subjects.   I like this story about writers block.   A teacher gave a student a task of writing 1 page on any topic the student could choose.

The student came back with nothing, no idea what to write about or where to start.
The next day the task was to write a page on something in this history.
Something in the world of popular fiction?
Something in the home?
This went on for a while until, ahh.   The teacher took out a coin and have the assignment to write one paragraph describing the coin.

By finally looking closely and getting all the distractions out of the way the student was finally able to look and see.  Came back with pages on pages of writing.   The coin was not just silver.  It was silver and tarnished in different places, scuffed in others and bright where it had been handled.   The dime had not the  head of some dude on the face it had a shimmering chimera of smirking and sadness too profound to fully fathom.

Observation.   Sometimes only by looking really really closely can one really see.  And sometimes only by having tangible reminders that there is a world out there with green, life and hope.   Sometimes that is exceedingly valuable and motivating to those not yet free enough to take the pictures themselves.

4 months ago
Some quick things while the iron is hot.

Ideas first, then we can figure out rewards

Benches / chairs:
   Basically whatever,  
   Aldo Leopold benches,  for moving around and observing different things more intently
   3 log benches for the spots that might want a bench for a long time to good effect.
   Something cattle resistant

Paths to connect the benches:
   For now, not this.   Like fensing paths often take a while to figure out and are best figured out by where people go.

Lending library:
   Little free library : , but all permies'd up.  Probably a much bigger roof and overhang to start with.

Monuments and markers; sign posts and maps:
   with all the changes it'd be helpful to get signs, and little maps for any visitors / attendiees / renters ,( like little trail makers / maps )
   Poooosibly monuments around/ next to the property corner posts. ( talk to paul about that one )
   After a nice spot is found, one that'll probably have a good view, or a good nice meadow for a while, or maybe a big rock that's not going to move,  Put in a picture taking registration spot, so that year after year people can come to the exact same spot and take pictures.  

Sun clock of course!

      Find a nice quiet little clearing space
      Find the highest / lowest spots on each plot of land

      ad-hoc : find a nice tree
                  : Build a  local index / map of where stuff is on the lab ( or near the lab ), format TBD... possibly a big paper map tacked to a  board like some roadside map stands have. ( more overhang though for less water problems. )
      a more rigorous survey , be it grade school, high school, or grad school quality.

      A full burn cycle of the rocket mass heaters.  ( preferably with no chatting, just calm, primative tech guy awesome. (  
 )).   Those videos are cut to be short and just the ideas of it.   Personally I'd like to see both that and the full RMH run from cold start to the mass is cold again. ( okay so there may need to be a few visually cluttering thermometers around.  Yes that might be like 10+ hours of strait video.  Several reasons.  1) 'yes it's just that easy'  2) yes, the fire is kinda awesome,  3) yes it's just that boring after the fire is out....  I'd rather have a video of a RMH feed tube / burn tunnel going ( or maybe a batch box heater) at Xmas than the normal video of a fireplace.

      Game camera footage / pictures : not sure about that one.
      Several hours of video footage from the next several weather events.   I have a 15 minute loop of a babbling seasonal stream that I just love to bits.
      Several hours of Peaceful lab audio.  

      A time lapse shot of the stars on a good night.

      A day long time lapse of one or two of the lab structures to really show people how the sun move across the land, then do it for each season from the same location.

So as you can probably figure out by now, these are lots of the things I might like to do, if I were to take the time and space to do them, but for reasons.... don't yet.

4 months ago

stephen lowe wrote: if the cannabis economy collapses humboldt

When, not if.

Botanically pot is a lot like the hops that go in beer.   The hops that go in beer sell for about $20/ lb.

The current farms in Nor Cal, can barely compete with $1000 / lb.  let alone $50/lb after taxes.

Much of the economy of several counties in Nor Cal are dependant on the illicit trade.  There is going to be a great land opportunity in Nor Cal when that all crashes down.  

But as they say,  It's better to have planted a tree 30 years ago.  So waiting until the market bottoms out, might not be the best plan.

Any pointers to permaculture in nor cal will be appreciated.

8 months ago

Okay, some self identification time.  I'm part of the class A) type.   Paul has a documented and durable (ish) positive effect on the world.   I would like to reward and help that effect.  

If nothing else, the single train full of poison that the lawn care articles saved from going into the lawns of the world would be worth it.  

How were the rest of us drawn into the Patreon?   Where could others like us be found?   What might intice us to send more more more often?



Paul as mime?    I love this guy :  
  (  )

To help that along, most people don't speak English, heck not even 50% of Americans can apparently read it at the eight grade level ( )

Little permaculture projects maybe?

The philisophical difference between a kitchen rag, and d kitchen towel.  

Coffee (tea!) time with paul, with a benifits of a) your own coffee cup,  b) possibly signed,  c) the collective abilty to set a topic of conversation or rumination.  d)  Dictating the topic of conversation.

- good luck.

I am trying to get better at doing patreon stuff.   Please give me advice on my patreon thread at permies:

Well, that depends....:)

And there are several different paths to walk.  

A) Using it as an aggregater of good will, positive intentions and power as expressed through dollars.  More like a NPR Fund drive, red cross, or a heifer international thing.  .  Sure you get tote bags, and tshirts, thought the primary goal is to pass the money to the good works be they ephemeral or long lived.
   reinforcing activities. (?)
   i) A little bit of the documentation of good works.  A burble every once in a while to remind people that there is good and hope in the world with a little progress being made.
   ii) Some of the smaller bricks.
   iii)  5-10 minute, "chats with paul"

B) There is the Youtube click bait high volume low revenue plan.   This one is defined by the husstle.   I'm not so great about them sorts of things.
   i) Consistency in frequency.   Little blerbs to stay in the mind share.
   ii) Probably heavily bias towards the 0-3 side of the permaculture spectrum.  
   iii) Little things that help the 0-3 with something that might help them climb up that scale.  ( what can someone living paycheck to paycheck, not getting enough sleep and living in fear do to not do those things )?
   iv) co branding, "networking" and cross promotions?

C) Like an kickstarter, it's for the stuff.
   i) more stuff options?    Tshirts?  Socks?  Lab rocks?  Coasters?  
   ii) Permiculture Bob cat in a box?   ( virtual or physical )
   iii) name a tree on the lab ( promise not to cut it down for at least 20 minutes )

D) Building a story arc(s).
   i)  Time laps photography of projects of various durations.
   ii)  Five minutes / card wtih the permaculture card deck.
   iii)  Pauls tea time thoughts about the day.  ( short )

E)  Newsletter / pauls email vector /  information dissemination / focus raising.
  i) point pauls emails there
  ii)  point out notable permies things ( no one gets around to all the forums )
  iii)  pictures of goats and happy kittens, maybe turkies

F)  Erudite high end stuff.   What are the 7-9 scale people up to?  
   i) news from the permaculture world?
   ii) news from the Mazzulla area?  
   iii)  ?  I'm not up there yet, so I'm not sure.  

G) A highly interactive discretionary thing in the comments,
  i) pose problems into the group to get people talking... hummm.. like this one... I've been tricked!

Bits and Bobs.
 Some new monetary goals.
 Is it a funnel to it's self or a monetary conversion option for the empire?

Good luck!

I attempted to use pie... then I got directed to a small page saying I didn't have enough.

It would be nice to have links on that page describing pie, what it is, and how I could get some more so I can get the cards.

1 year ago

Tom Rutledge wrote:

Tom Rutledge wrote:
Firefox on ubuntu

I shift clicked on the buy side.   I filled out most of the fields.

It wants me to sign up an account with them before I can give them money.   And they want my phone number too.   I'd rather share a toothbrush.

And apparently a previously made account is locked... with no good way to contact them... it's like they hate taking money...

A second account seemed to work with the paypal,  then yay movies!

I like the non flash option.

p.s. I like recursion.
1 year ago