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Recent posts by Joe Moraca

I wonder if you have fully researched this before posting? What county is it? I think things may get complicated quickly with the land in a "wetland" or 100 year flood plain if you plan on "subdividing" to allow individual ownership of the land so don't count on that. Also most counties are very strict on septic systems and 'rules' if you want electric power. I am in Columbia county near where Ken lives and just went through the "full process" in the past year.

I am sure there are ways it could work with shared ownership and off grid living.
4 years ago
I have a similar situation -- I am cutting some smaller pines to make way for trees like pecan / chestnut and fruit trees. But I am doing a pretty small area ( 1/2 acre ) to start. Look at the "Similar Threads" below this post -- I found to have some good comments.
5 years ago

Ken Peavey wrote:Joe I'm on Suwannee Valley Road, about 3 miles south of town.
I read some of your posts, said you were in the Tampa area.

I am a part-timer up there - but will be there more and more ..... I am very close to you --- 21 acres within a mile of the Springville Community Center.
5 years ago

Mar Barak wrote:Is anyone in the Gainesville FL area? I am looking at small commercial rental spaces for growing and selling.
would like to find people to work with on any project.

check out and

Ken - you must be very close to me - I have property in White Springs
5 years ago

Ken Peavey wrote:Lookit: a whole log seat made with a chainsaw.

Pretty sweet but could use some cup holders
5 years ago

Ken Peavey wrote:I'm looking for a suitable video camera to make videos.
I need to put together some short videos, up to 5 minutes in length. These would be used on youtube, kickstarter, and a farmsteading website that should be up within the next few weeks.

Most digital cameras do video -- I have a Panasonic Lumix that I think cost well under $150 and it does good video and the sound is fine if you are close to the camera - also takes great pictures and is usb just plug it in.

My "editing" is just keep trying until I get a usable clip - it is very easy to upload to youtube -- the camera outputs MP4 format that I am sure most software can deal with.
5 years ago
Researching this topic for myself just this morning ... it seems that google earth uses SRTM data (!msg/earth/bqhjBZAWctM/W4V5yCNj27AJ) which is from the space shuttle.... data - it is pretty high tech but still "averages" things out. In the US it uses 30 meter centers elsewhere they are 90 meters.
6 years ago

Leela Robinson wrote:Does anyone have experience growing mushrooms in N Central Florida?
We are looking to relocate in southern Columbia County, near High Springs and Gainesville.

I also have a new (to me) forest property in the same area - looking forward to seeing answers. I have not seen any mushrooms growing there yet.

off topic comment: Florida is so big and weirdly shaped it is hard to define locations using North / Central / South etc -- they only mean something to the person using it -- mostly "North Florida" is short for "non urban area / aka Redneck" more than somewhere North of say Orlando... that being said you are looking at a great area.
6 years ago
Do you have experience using google earth for planning water flows on a larger property? I am wondering how accurate the elevations are. My property - 21 acres in North Florida - is slightly "wavy" with maybe 10 feet in difference in elevation from low to high. It is mostly thick woods so hard to get longer views but I can see some areas that are higher / lower. I don't want to cut lots of trees but would like to channel water (swales) to a pond I want to have somewhere on the property. There are a few open areas that I am planning on turning into food forests.

So far my plan is get familiar with the land for this year (I just closed a few weeks ago) then start some basic works.
6 years ago
I am also interested
6 years ago