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Recent posts by Aaron Esch

My Youtube acount is BarnGeek and I did purchase during the kickstarter, if you want to use me as a guinea pig... BTW when should we be expecting the DVD's to arrive? The anticipation is killing me.

Jared Williams wrote:Hi Paul.. These links to download the diagrams in the video are not working for me..
i'm using a mac, and tried to download from all of my browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox)
hopefully you can get this resolved, as we would love to have access to these documents.
best of luck, and keep the great permies info comin!!!

Same here, didn't work.... Great video though!
7 years ago
In the one picture I see a video camera pointed right at Sepp while he is talking. Does that mean there will be some sort of video or dvd available?
7 years ago
Hi everybody,

I've been doing some tinkering the past few months and came up with this combination.

It is a Tlud/ pocket Rocket hybrid stove and it seems to work really well. All i did was take a pocket rocket that I built, took the feed tube out, filled it with wood chunks and lit it from the top like a tlud. I am really happy with the results. It burns like a pocket rocket without having to stand there and feed it, and it seems to burn very clean, plus you have the ability to snuf out the fire at anytime by putting a lid on the bucket.

Here is the videos of the stove in action.

Thought I would share that, in case anyone was interested.

7 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:Nathan,

Can you give me links to services that provide that sort of thing?

I'm not Nathan, but I know a website (Vimeo.com) that does that, because I have purchased that way before. It's great because of instant gratification.

You can password protect your videos, send your purchasers the link and password, and you can even put a download button on the video.
7 years ago

One other option to reduce weight, while maintaining good heating performance, is to make some room-air channels underneath the bench and up the wall behind it. This turns your radiant heat source into a combined radiant/convective heat source. Masonry spacers with masonry board or pavers above are my first choice; skinny cinderblock might work OK too.

Thank you Erica! that is exactly the sooution I was looking for!
7 years ago

John Polk wrote:In regards to this also feeding the wild birds, you should be cautious here.
Encouraging wild birds into your yard is beneficial in many ways, but not if they begin mingling with your chickens.
Many mites, lice, parasites and diseases are introduced to chicken flocks via the wild birds.
Predators also follow them into the area. A 5 pound chicken looks better to them than a 2 ounce wren.

Probably the most common approach to supplementing their feed with grains is to feed them shortly before dusk.
This helps to set the habit of returning to the safety of their coop every day before dark.
It helps protect them. Since most eggs are laid at night, they will lay where you will more easily find them.

Free food all day will drastically reduce their foraging.
Make them find their own food, and you will have healthier birds at a great savings in money and labor.
Just make certain that there is water available to them all day.

Wild bird feed is probably not providing all of the nutrition they need for health (and egg production).

I'll be moving the feeder on the same type of schedule that you would on a paddock shift, would I still have an issue with the wild birds?

My chickens are already free range and are getting most of the good stuff by foraging so the wild bird seed is just for supplement. Of course we also feed the chickens our kitchen scraps. Basically I want to have all the benefits with free range and still be able to encourage the chickens to work up the ground for me where I want them to, without using the paddock shift system.

I don't plan on making it free food all day, the wildlife feeder has programmable settings so I can adjust the amount of food and when it is distributed. I plan to feed just enough to keep them close by but not enough to make them dependent on it.

Predators are a very small concern, not to say we don't have any, in fact the opposite is true we have just about every predator you can imagine on our property, but my two free range dogs are pretty scary to those predators and they stay away.
7 years ago

S Bengi wrote:For me your post makes space for the vid but nothing is there.
But I can now see the Private video


Thank You for your help in posting it!
7 years ago
I changed the url and made it pubic. Did that work?
7 years ago
I went for a walk today and found some orange stuff in the bottom of a little creek on my property, there was also some blue reflective stuff floating on the top. This little stream is feed from three large swampy on other peoples properties that are very mucky.

I took a video with my phone,

what do you al think this might be? Is it something I should be concerned about? Any help would be much appretiated.
7 years ago