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Cranston, Rhode Island
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I'm in Cranston and help on a farm in Chepachet.

4 years ago
Hi Greg,

Your first photo looks like Rt. 101 from Foster to Scituate.
I'm in Cranston and the moths have seemed to have avoided us here in the Phenix Ave. area

5 years ago
I didn't know which category to place this in but it is not quite meaningless drivel.
And Mr Ritz, the teacher, is a great academic for doing most of this a volunteer.

Here is the link
How A Great Teacher Cultivates Veggies
5 years ago
Hi Steve,

What part of the country are you in?

6 years ago
It all depends where you are located in Costa Rica.
A general answer is red clay, as it seems one will always find it in most areas.
There are some great deposits of volcanic soils and plenty of sandy soils near the beaches.
I have a farm in the Southwest, in the Osa district, and it is all clay after the first few centimeters of top soil.

Hi Virginia,

Try Kaluna in Talking Rock, GA.
They have a CSA and Apprenticeships.

6 years ago
I guess it reminds me of the cellular membranes found on all types of life. One that comes to mind is in this video.

6 years ago

John Pollard wrote:Get a hold of this book:
Earthbag Building: The Tools, Tricks and Techniques
Kaki Hunter, Donald Kiffmeyer

I have a copy, if anyone wants it.
6 years ago
I didn't get your message until this afternoon. I wish I could have participated.

Kenny Garcia wrote:Hope to see you next week!

Does this mean you'll be doing this again?
6 years ago
I built a earthbag home. All together it cost $27,000 for 90 sq. meters.
It is two separate structures. Under 70 sq. meters doesn't require a building permit.