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Con: what about critters and seasonal flowers and such that you might have missed.

Pro:  it seems my attempt to reduce brambles with cardboard and mulch only gave it more time to work on its root system.   When they emerged a season later the brambles were pleasantly surprised to find all the wonderful wood chips.  

I would use cardboard and mulch where you can. Perhaps use plastic where you know you need a hard core fix, like a solid poison patch.   Don't feel you need to clean it all up,  open, fertile land will sprout quickly with problem plants you may not currently have.  

1 year ago
About Halloween time this year.   She is maybe 6 years old.  
2 years ago
Third year settling in.   I like to keep it wild.  
3 years ago
Adding one comment in support of no microwave.  I do use a microwave at work sometimes as that's the only heating tool there.    

For me it was a few year transition using it less and less until I was just being lazy.   Then poof it was gone and I never missed it since.  

I do think about a solar oven for those days that I'm working outside and don't want to come in and cook my leftovers.  
3 years ago

Do you know if there is a camping store nearby that I could score a gas can for my stove?   I see I can bring the stove on the airplane but not the gas.
3 years ago
All great answers.

As for my payment, Yeppers!  

I will send my plane arrangements over via the original email from you.  
3 years ago
More questions.

Plane Ride all setup.

Arriving mid day Friday
Leaving super early Sunday.  

Is there a number for setting up the ride to and from?  I see I need to have cash and I see the costs,  will do.   I would assume its better to arrange ahead of time.  

Next,   is there power available to charge a cell phone?  How about my camera batteries?     Would I be better off bringing some type of solar charger/power?

Speaking of cell phones?    I see a mention of Verizon.   How about ATT?  


3 years ago
Question, I  just sent over some funds but would like to receive information on my permies account email as PayPal is linked to my wife.  Is that possible?
3 years ago
Reduce the 8 ft woven wire to something more affordable, maybe 4 ft.    

Every foot or 6 inches add high tension wire until desired height.

This is my style for all fencing and it keeps dogs in, chickens in or out and deer out.   The dogs help with the deer.  

I have used a high grade woven wire and large enough posts to keep pigs in one day.  

In my plans I expect to run a single strain of electric wire 2 inches above the woven to keep critters from crawling over the fence around my growing area.  

3 years ago