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Ghislaine de Lessines

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since Jan 23, 2013
Vermont, annual average precipitation is 39.87 Inches
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Artie Scott wrote: Ghislaine, what type of tree is that blooming amid the ferns?  Gorgeous picture!  

Thank you!  It is an apple tree.  I don't know much about it as it was here when we moved in.  It produces little green apples that aren't useful for fresh eating but I intend to try making jelly with them.
1 month ago
I took this one today with this thread in mind.
1 month ago
When coppicing willow on Wednesday you observe a bird scolding the dog in a certain area of willow.  You wonder if there is a nest nearby.  On Friday you see the bird again and start watching for the nest.  Sure enough, there it is!

1 month ago
Our school has a taste test table set up in the lunch room about once a month.  Sometimes it's from the garden like the time they offered kale chips.   Other times it's themed to a country one of the classes is studying.  It allows for some flexibility and introduces foods the kids may have never tried before.  The really successful items may end up on the regular lunch schedule too!
2 months ago
You may want to look into putting India Inks into fountain pens before you go ahead.  My understanding is it will gunk up the fountain pen, possibly to the point of making it useldss.  I believe that the pigment particles in the India Ink are bigger, making it hard to get through the feed of the fountain pen.
3 months ago
I  have three Platinum Preppys.  Two of which I installed the cartridges they came with when I got them Christmas 2 years ago.  I had misplaced them along with a few other pens for a good 8 months at one point.  These two and a Pilot Petit1 were the only ones that hadn't dried up when I found them again.  One of which is still writing!  (They aren't the first ones I reach for.)  The third is a Crystal version of the Preppy that doesn't have all the writing on it.
4 months ago
I like to find resources other than always buying things on Amazon so I was excited to discover that the publisher of many books I already own, Chelsea Green, is having a sale of 35% off books in their farming, homesteading, and gardening books. A good number of these books have been discussed here so I wanted to share in case anyone is looking to expand their personal library.

I wish I knew how long the deal lasts but here's the link:  Chelsea Green Publishing Offer Page
4 months ago
I don't care for cooked peppers so I've always just replaced them with carrots in recipes that seemed to be using them as a mirepoix. I am happy to confirm my assumption that peppers must replace carrots in Creole cooking.  I wonder if carrots just don't grow well in Louisiana or something?
7 months ago
I have made these several times.  The base is almond flour though I imagine other nut or seed flours would work as well. I skip the sweetener and vary the seasonings.
7 months ago
I don't think this is the answer you are looking for but I  carry mine in a 5 gallon bucket with one of those bucket aprons on it for other bits and pieces I might need.
7 months ago