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shasta county, ca zone 8b
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Recent posts by Rose Dallal

I couldn't make myself watch that Fouch video to the end.
I've been up to Wheaton Labs, had a great experience and loved what I saw.  I totally enjoyed the course that I took, the facilities were clean, the food - amazing.
I've listened to so many podcasts and videos, I feel that I know Paul, his unique sense of humor and his tremendous contribution to this Permie way of being on the planet.
Thank you Paul - I'm proud to be a Permie!

Byron Joel is missing...

Looks lovely!  Generous gifts and a great lineup of instructors.  But there are 10 people in the opening photo of instructors, and only 9 descriptions!

Last minute success!  Purchase process was quick and easy.
Enjoyed watching the video again

Heather K., I just saw the expression "boat garden", and immediately had this image in my mind of an old beat-up boat used as a raised bed... totally off topic!
In the Water World movie, the guy living on the boat had a small raft tugged behind, with plants on it.  Possible solution?
2 years ago

So cool!!
This worked perfectly.  The moment I clicked "pay" on paypal, I was transferred back to to the video page (I used the 'rent' link).
I immediately got a receipt from PayPal in my email.
The only issue is that one would need to get back into paypal and log off, because paypal wasn't open on a separate tab, not did it automatically log off, or offer to log off.  Sometimes paypal will say:
You will now be transferred back to the seller's website, etc.  This was not the case here.
2 years ago
Well, this is an old topic.  But I have to say, urine/pee is sterile and nothing gross about it.  Nature intended even our feces/poo to be incorporated into the ground as a fertilizer.  But I digress...
I have always enjoyed peeing outdoors.  It gives such a sense of freedom.  These days I travel a lot, and mostly on country roads where there are no facilities.  I sit at the edge of my car's door opening, and pee to my heart's content.  The tp goes in the car's trash bag.  It is unhealthy to stress your bladder and kidneys by holding it in, till the next filthy gas station comes along.
On my property I just squat where I am.  There are no neighbors in sight.
I am against being lady-like.  Women have agreed to be these symbols of delicate, weak, needy existence, so that men can be the strong, rough guys.  Oops, I digress again!
2 years ago

When studying horticulture, we were taught that it is the hours of dark that affect the plants' growth patterns.
This is a quote from the University of Arizona:
Light duration or photoperiod refers to the amount of time that a plant is exposed to sunlight. When the concept of photoperiod was first recognized it was thought that the length of periods of light triggered flowering. The various categories of response were named according to the light length (i.e., short-day and long-day). It was then discovered that it is not the length of the light period but the length of uninterrupted dark periods that is critical to floral development. The ability of many plants to flower is controlled by photoperiod.

Read here more about the effects of light quantitiy and light quality on plants:
2 years ago
Dear friends,
A month has gone by and I hear Paul is still not well!
In my experience, acupuncture first, chiropractic afterwards. Works to fix whatever is wrong.
Lifestyle changes are not dramatic enough to heal right away.
Get well soon!!!
3 years ago