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Recent posts by Brian Machala

Hello Michelle. If you have Facebook look up Theron Beaudreau. He is a PDC teacher and has many things going on around Austin.
5 years ago
Just wanted to share this PDC opportunity with all of you. 1 thing that makes this one different is they are accepting 1 Bitcoin as payment as an alternative to $1200 cash. Bitcoins are currently ~$625. I have already signed up and booked my flight so I will be there!
5 years ago
These guys are based in LA and hold lots of bee and honey related events.

They have mentoring sessions the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Honey Love
5 years ago

This took us about 6 hours over 2 days to remove and another couple hours getting them into the new hive. We ended up pulling each piece of comb out by hand the 1st day. I had to work the next day so Pam and Wendy went by themselves to finish the job, which involved scooping out cups of bees apparently.

Yes we put some comb in the new hive.

I wasn't able to spot the queen but was told they saw her when they were transferring to hive. They are still hanging around so I assume thats true.

This is now our 2nd hive! Feel like real beekeepers now.

5 years ago
Found an ad on Craigslist for free bees. Guy said they were hanging from his roof and if someone didn't get them he was going to shop-vac them so we suited up and gave it a shot!

What we found was not what we expected.

July 30 Comb exposed after pulling boards down by bakopermie, on Flickr

Bee Hive Removal and Relocation


5 years ago
Welcome to permies Alex! Sent you a PM.
5 years ago
Had trouble with my Flickr account for a couple weeks.

Uploaded pics of some of the progress made.

Garden Progress
6 years ago
Haven't posted in awhile but I have some new pics up and have a bit of a garden going.

Things done since last post.
-Finished filling 2nd hive box for bees and got a reward for our effort. Next steps, add honey supers.

Our honey 2 by bakopermie, on Flickr

-a few 3 Sister's Guilds
-perennial flowers such as lavender, borage and lupine
-beans, sunflowers and watermelon
-raised bed with a variety of peppers, okra and squash/zuchinni
-raised bed with a variety of tomatoes, basil and cucumbers
-more general clean-up of the area
-Accumulating of cardboard and other materials for mass sheet mulching

Still very much overwhelmed but inspired by having a garden growing. Trying to put up the good fight against weeds/grass.

I'm not sure I mentioned this, but this is the first garden I have ever planted.

There are many pictures on my Flickr and I will be posting more this evening or in the morning.

Thanks for looking.

My Flickr

6 years ago
Made a trommel this weekend to help me get the bermuda grass out of the flower/garden beds.

Craftsmanship is around a 5 on this lol but it works

Action by bakopermie, on Flickr
6 years ago