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Recent posts by Kris schulenburg

You are getting good advice. The only thing I would add is you can freeze sheep milk and make cheese later which can help with time management if that is a concern.
Also wool has endless possibilities or is an inconvenience.
3 years ago
Looks like Johnson grass. Have no idea about the legume.
3 years ago
Kind of looks like she got stepped on or got it caught and pulled away really hard? Looks like you are keeping it nice and clean. If you have some comfrey for her to eat she may heal faster. Good luck hope she is better soon.
3 years ago
What works for me is to let them into the garden for about an hour in the morning. They (Indian Runners) run around and eat slugs, potato bugs, mushrooms and some leaves they can reach. If left any longer they may eat too many leaves or take a nap on plants.
Welded wire works for runners in my experience. If you could keep them around fruit trees for the rest of the day that’s beneficial. Predation is a big issue with ducks. But they are super useful.
3 years ago
My sheep eat it and are fine but I don’t have that much of it.
3 years ago
How precious. Love all the colors.
Are you a spinner?
Have you milked them?
4 years ago
Gulf Coast Native sheep are supposed to have good feet and good tolerance to Barber Pole worm but I don’t have any personal experience with them. My Icelandic’s have good feet but not good tolerance to worms.
But I think the most important thing is keeping their feet trimmed especially if it’s wet. When there feet get overgrown muck gets caught in their feet and causes problems. Trimming every 2 months is probably good enough. And a dry place to hang out helps too.
Good luck with your sheep adventure.
4 years ago
Your lambs are so cute and look very healthy. The ewe is gorgeous is she a Shetland?
Mine are Icelandic x East Freisian / Lacoun.
4 years ago
A ram and a ewe!
4 years ago
How is she doing?
4 years ago