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That side really needs to be milked out all the way. It can be difficult to do because it comes out in clots. I have used poke berry One bunch a day. I have seen people make a bag that ties over her back for big udders.
I love th idea but too many obligations to travel that far at this point. But it’s been fun thinking about it!
I would love to hike around the Lab and base camp and see all the projects we have been reading about.
Would love anything about herbs, plants and soil building.
Also people’s experiences with food presentation, ferments and cooking/nutrition.
Crafts of whatever kind attendants are interested in. Myself I want to learn to needle felt.
Time sitting around the camp fire talking would be wonderful.
Some self care could be fun if everyone was comfortable. Massage, scented oils, acupressure or what people find helpful.
A cob project/team building could be fun but I honestly wouldn’t want to work too hard for too long cause I do plenty of that at home.
Hope you all can make this happen! Would love to come to a retreat in the future.
2 months ago
I have a lot of Infected fescue and my sheep won’t touch it in the spring and summer. After a couple of frosts and the endophyte is reduced they like it pretty well. It is nice for them to have the green(ish) stockpile in the late fall and winter. I would not choose to plant it but it does that good quality.
I have planted Gamma grass with limited success(northern KY). It is slow to establish. Really took about 3 years for the clumps to get robust. The sheep love it but you have to baby it and graze it high summer and maybe fall when it starts to die back. I think it works best to keep the native warm season grasses in a separate area and just graze them in the summer and late fall and stay off them otherwise.
Congratulations on getting land and good luck.
3 months ago
Like Wayne said, the roll bales and goat manure will improve your land and makes a great garden spot. if you can fence it off from the goats it may be worth growing them forage to throw over the fence and supliment their hay during the growing season. Any number of cover crops make good forage.
Sheep would eat anything they can reach and may eat the bark. Geese are supposed to be good grazers. Heritage Turkeys do some grazing you would need to clip flight feathers.
6 months ago
I always use hay. Sheep are picky and leave the courser stems to sleep on. It does of course have seeds if that is an issue.
Have not cleaned their shed out for 2 years. Just have to keep adding hay on top. Plan on cleaning out this winter. Should have some great compost for next year.
I didn’t get to go to lambing school yet. I fed copper, cobalt, boron and sulfur plus the Redmond salt, domolite and kelp. If you take out the kelp it cost $7 each a year. They ate the copper 3x faster than any of the others. I don’t know how that compares to Southern States mix.
Sydel has a 5 compartment plastic feeder you can hang on a fence that is easy to move.
A little late but here goes.
A friend gave her lamb peptonizmal tablets and yogurt and it cleared up. Also electrolytes with vitamins may help and probiotic paste should be available at any farm store or online.
Good luck.
Sounds like a good plan. 2 acres should be enough for 4-5 sheep especially if you are practicing rotational grazing.
Be careful of sheep in the orchard as they love to eat bark.
I don’t have any oak trees but I am sure they would love acorns. Sheep are pretty good about picking and choosing how much they should eat of something. (Except clover and alfalfa). They may do ok harvesting there own acorns especially if you can limit there access to an area. They are also good at clearing wooded areas. As long  as there are no broadleaf evergreens like rodedendrons and azaleas.
The tannins are also good for parasite control along with not returning to a pasture for at least six weeks.
There are Facebook groups with a lot of good information. Homestead Dairy Sheep, Sheep Farmers, Icelandic Sheep Owners all have a lot of information.
Minerals are also important for sheep there is a good thread about them in this forum. Good luck. Love my dairy sheep.