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Recent posts by Sue Rine

This is so helpful thank you. Right on our lockdown I started two part time jobs which require me to be looking at a computer screen for several hours a day and my eyes have been objecting!
1 week ago
Thanks for the great information here folks. We're in Autumn/fall here in NZ and I have a young mulberry tree that is on a serious lean. It had one berry this year, which was delicious. So, I'm thinking I will take cuttings from it to establish elsewhere and I will try to save it by creating some kind of structure around it that I can train it on and keep it smallish and stable.
4 weeks ago
I've had a Hawos mill for about 10 years and use it to grind most of our flour, (I buy some organic white flour), and other grains like corn, rice, buckwheat and dried chestnuts. It has stone burrs but doesn't do oily seeds....and I love it! I also have small hand mill, a Marga Mulino, but I find it too slow for flour. I mainly use it to grind coffee beans since our electric grinder died.
1 month ago
I recently foraged barberries for the first time. They are DELICIOUS!
1 month ago
Chestnuts would be my favourite staple food. Ours are not strictly wild since we planted them...they're not native to New Zealand anyway. However there are enough of them planted in public places that they could be a significant food source if only people knew how to use them. I was booked in to run a workshop on how to prepare, store and cook with them when lockdown happened and the harvest will be over by the time we're out and about again.
1 month ago
Hi Phil, from one kiwi to another. I'm not sure whether many of the other contributors to this forum will realise what a classic Norsewear socks are in New Zealand. There are not too many farmers or tradies, (and many others,) who wouldn't have at least one pair of these socks in their sock drawer.
3 months ago
I thought grafting went the other way. ie you take scion wood from a tree that is already bearing and graft in onto a rootstock. That wood that is grafted on is already "programmed" for bearing fruit. That's why grafted plants will bear early.
3 months ago