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Sue Rine

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since Mar 28, 2013
New Zealand
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Recent posts by Sue Rine

Well, it's baking hot here, but I'm game to give it a go.
3 months ago
I'm cutting it very fine...and probably only slip in because you're behind us in time ! However I'm about to step out the door to clear the garden bed I want tidied up. Thanks for the challenge. My goal wasn't anywhere near as ambitious as some of yours but it's still something I wouldn't have done without the nudge from here.
4 months ago
To clear and plant another garden bed. The bed I have in mind is very overgrown but somewhere in there are yacon needing some light...and, since my compost has lots of vege seeds in it, who knows what else I might find in there The bed in question is close to the house so I see it whenever I go out. Even now, I can sense the pleasure I will feel when it looks beautiful again.
4 months ago
That's a very tidy looking item Richard.
4 months ago
A scything use and maintenance course.
5 months ago
Exciting! I'm looking forward to the kickstarter
8 months ago
Thanks, really nice look around. Most of what you showed, I've heard and, some of it, seen before so it was great to see it all in one go and have it explained so well.
9 months ago
We lived in Kaponga for about 6 years! Now we're in the hills East of the Stratford...Te Popo. We have occasional gatherings of Central Taranaki permies, although we haven't had one for a good long time. Maybe time to organise one so you can meet up with a bunch of likeminded people?
9 months ago
Kenneth Elwell,
Excuse me for breathing! I was so not trying to cause offence or be a "spiteful Luddite!"
11 months ago
It's so difficult eh? Good on you for making moves to reduce your plastic use.
The main, (and a few minor), things we do are:-
Reuseable shopping bags
Make our own bread
Buy milk from a farm in glass jars
Grow and preserve as much of our own food as possible
Use a refillable fountain pen instead of disposable pens
When my disposable razor runs our I'll look at replacing it with one that takes exchangeable blades
Don't drink bought fruit juice
We bought a soda stream to make sparkling water at which we can add home made fruit syrups
Bamboo toothbrushes
Home cooked meals
Home baking
Take a travel cup for takeaway coffee
Metal drink bottle of water for outings.
I have a basket in the car into which I always have some of the above so that I don't have to think about them every time I go out
11 months ago