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Recent posts by Sue Rine

Kenneth Elwell,
Excuse me for breathing! I was so not trying to cause offence or be a "spiteful Luddite!"
1 month ago
It's so difficult eh? Good on you for making moves to reduce your plastic use.
The main, (and a few minor), things we do are:-
Reuseable shopping bags
Make our own bread
Buy milk from a farm in glass jars
Grow and preserve as much of our own food as possible
Use a refillable fountain pen instead of disposable pens
When my disposable razor runs our I'll look at replacing it with one that takes exchangeable blades
Don't drink bought fruit juice
We bought a soda stream to make sparkling water at which we can add home made fruit syrups
Bamboo toothbrushes
Home cooked meals
Home baking
Take a travel cup for takeaway coffee
Metal drink bottle of water for outings.
I have a basket in the car into which I always have some of the above so that I don't have to think about them every time I go out
1 month ago
How about replacing the electric kettle with a non-electric that can be used on fire, gas or electric stoves?
2 months ago
I know zero about the behind the scenes of a Kickstarter so my comments may be irrelevant, but anyway... my reaction on viewing the Kickstarter was that it was too similar to Justin Rhodes and I didn't watch most of that anyway because I already do more than most of the people he visited. If I want to learn something I go looking for that specific thing. What I'm suggesting is that the Kickstarter is not reaching people who are at that level of information need. Those of us already doing stuff don't feel inclined to pay for one family's road trip to go and see other people doing stuff
5 months ago
To get the best of both worlds you ould plant something quick growing, like poplar, willow or eucalypt, to be removed once the macadamias are tall enough to provide shade.
5 months ago
Give up on make up.

Use simple cleaning products like baking soda and white vinegar.

Make your own soap.

Buy bulk organic supplies and share with neighbours
8 months ago
So pleased to get this since it's way too expensive to ship the cards to NZ. I'm just printing it off now and am looking forward to browsing through the pages and searching for the hidden names. I'm sure it will be appreciated by wwoofers too. Thanks.
1 year ago