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Recent posts by Sue Rine

Begonias of the Victorian bedding type are something that has never appealed and I've never grown...until now, since I found out that they're edible. Flowers and leaves are both pleasantly sour. Bah, mumble, mumble! 😉
1 year ago
Here in NZ you can get bags of clay from farm supply stores. Might work?
2 years ago
We grow and eat taro as a staple
2 years ago
Congratulations! Btw Paul, you mentioned your feelings of gratitude for people pledging their coin, but I'm pretty sure that your generosity with candy at all levels, even the lowest, is well recognized and does plenty to oil the wheels. And a reputation for delivering on previous kickstarter a doesn't hurt either. Onya! (Hope that's not an obscure NZ term?)
2 years ago
Golden rod, phacelia, carrots and parsnips left to flower in their second year, fennel.
2 years ago
Big congratulations!! I'm not in on this one as we're already living the life but it looks to be a FABULOUS resource to infiltrate Permaculture into many more lives. 😄💃🥳
2 years ago
I especially like that you have used seasons rather than specific months...even though, living in the same hemisphere as you, the months would be about right.
2 years ago
My plan, on receiving the books, was to send one to each of our 4 adult children and write...

"This is the book I would write if I was going to write a book." ...but I guess that's not a general enough comment. Lol

I like either of the wording options you have come up with.
2 years ago
Cross crossing small, twiggy branches around the base of trees will stop chickens from scratching up the roots.
3 years ago