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Well this seems like a fun idea!  Here we go, then.
1 year ago
When the last one gave up, I found that it only takes a minute longer to grind the beans for a 6 cup french press in a mortar and pestle.  We have a nice, large one that we got from China town, and it lives on the counter since I use it almost every day for grinding spices....and now, coffee.  Low tech, yes, but there's a certain charm in that.
1 year ago
Thanks, I will definitely include this in my strategy!
Okay, nice! I can grow tobacco here (am growing some this year, in fact!)--any idea how it is used to de-worm the goats? Do they feed the leaves, make a tea, or what?
Yes, I'm also loving the inter-connection of rural life; although the bit where everyone in our whole rural municipality and half the folks in the next one over know all of our names, business, and life story kind of makes me uneasy sometimes! Haven't met anyone around here with goats yet, though: we are in a pretty cattle dense area with very few homesteaders, back to the landers, permies or anyone who is interested in doing things differently, if you know what I mean
Thanks everyone: we do run chickens in the same approx two acre yard with our goats, right now I'm waiting on a fencing project to be done that will enable pasture rotation to happen,, The sense I get from reading all the materials is that observation and interaction will go a long way towards heading off a serious parasite problem; I'd rather not use routine drugs and I'm hoping I am not playing dice with my goats' lives or health
We have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats: a yearling buck, two 3 year old does, two 2 year old doe, and 9 kids born this March (so: all 8 weeks old or less)
They've never had any vaccinations, or de-worming of any kind: I have no reason to believe they HAVE worms, but wondering what people's advice is regarding prevention in this matter; I've always preferred "natural" treatments when available, but wouldn't hesitate to use whatever meds needed, There aren't many goats around here, and precious little veterinary knowledge specific to goats
So: I've heard folks say that the sugar that you put in the kefir or kombucha "disappears" because it's eaten by the SCOBY, etc. But the same folks will say that you should brew until you like the taste, which for many is more on the sweeter side. If it TASTES sweet, doesn't that mean that there's still sugar present, and that therefore some of these brews wouldn't be a good idea for people who are supposed to avoid sugar? I feel torn between the need to avoid sugar, and the wish to include more probiotic goodness in our diet. I've had trouble with candida albicans in the past, and a family history of diabetes to consider.
7 years ago