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Great thread! Essential oils multi-level businesses are growing like crazy but they are waaaaay over priced.
Are they really worth the high price like they claim? And can you really make essential oils at home with some device?
What's the difference between essential oils and oils?
3 years ago
Actually I didn't get any of the .zip files. I clicked on all the links over the weekend and assumed they downloaded just fine. But when I checked just now all of them have a download error saying it timed out.
Is there any way to get these again?
I received the .pdf files and youtube links just fine. But the .zip files no.
Everything downloaded fine for me except the Formidable Vegetable album.

That is good advice. Thanks for replying.
I want to plant everything yesterday and also build a rocket mass heater, greenhouse, cob over, etc.

Veronica Shukla wrote:I've been taking my project very, very slowly and have been wracking my brain over when to start the big stuff and how fast to go. I'm mostly posting to watch for any advice that comes to you. I want to plant all my trees and shrubs like last year, but alas, I only have so much time and energy and am waiting for the baby to get a little less demanding

4 years ago
Thanks for replying.
What I mean by "define the space" would be the same as defining the edges. I'm on a 1/4 lot so it's pretty much all zone 1 and 2, though I have a tiny zone 3 area.

Danielle Venegas wrote:So why do you want to define your spaces? Did you not zone it or anything? I have various things in the works and none of them are defined as in edged with brick or anything. They are simply part of my landscape. So I'm wondering what you mean by defined.

4 years ago
Last year I bit off way more than I could chew building annual garden beds on contour, building a hugelkultur mound (planted with strawberries and none of them produced. None!), planted 10 fruit trees (net and pan), planted 30 berry bushes/vines, and more. I had some successes but mostly failure, irritated family members, and no energy.

In order to ensure my success next year, these are the steps I plan to take to ensure better results:
1 - Define the spaces. This means create visible edges using bricks, wood, etc.
2 - Prepare those spaces. Cover crop, cover with leaves, etc.
3 - Plan what goes in them. Create polycultures, successive planting, etc.
4 - Plant stuff

Last year I planned, prepared, planted, and then tried to define spaces as I went.

What do you all think?

I want to focus more on perennials which are long term decisions.

Any advice for a beginner?

4 years ago
Just last night I checked out Eric Toensmeier's Perennial Vegetables from the library. I spent a lot of time, sweat and resources on my garden this year and did not have much to show for it. I am now committing my time to learn more about edible perennials. I am in zone 6b and half about 1/5 acre to work with. Your book looks like a wonderful resource that I need to check out.
I am glad to have found you and your book at this moment in time.
4 years ago
This will be great!
5 years ago
I'm in Parkersburg.
5 years ago

eric johnson wrote:cool thread! i'd like to be the third voice for minecraft. i ain't much of a gamer or know much about making such things, but i have two kids who live there. one of them showed me around and how you can modify and set up a server with certain parameters. probably wouldn't be very "true to life" but principles could be conveyed.

seems to me the wheel is almost invented and there's lots of community already there playing (easily infected brains?) i'd love to be able to say to my kids (which i can't seem to get more interested in what i'm doing in the backyard than what's on their screens), "hey, check out this minecraft server!"

what say ye?

I teach Minecraft camps to students and the easiest thing that could be done quickly is to create a seed that gives players some challenges that are in line with Permaculture.
Also, Minecraft is really good about taking suggestions. So we could send them ideas like changing how rain works (make it pool up rather than just disappearing once it hits the ground). Or ask them to add bees.
Is anyone aware of any permaculture seeds in Minecraft?