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Hi everyone. I know there are links to products but I was hoping someone would have experience with one of these. I've got a bicycle on a trainer all winter long sitting just a few feet away from my 24V battery bank. Seems a waste not to put a 100 watt hours back in since the wheels are turning anyway.

I'm not interested in DIY kits unless it's everything including the frame.

4 years ago
We decided against using horse manure as we couldn't find any that didn't have meds in it. I was told some can stay in the soil for over 5 years and I don't know that they wouldn't have an effect on microbiology. Opted for alfalfa.
5 years ago
To login to his site I just type my e-mail address and hit enter. Those boxes are used for registration but using them to login works.


David Benfield wrote:P. dulcis (Sweetshoot) is good. P. edulis (Moso) is prized mostly b/c of the winter shoots, which require some work to get. I still think P. vivax is the best and certainly the biggest. We sell them to high-end restaurants and that's the most requested one.

That's good to know. Onto the shopping list it goes! Thanks!
6 years ago
Dirty energy? Do you mean ones power factor? Decidedly that's a big issue for the gird but it comes from switching to more digital equipment in the home and industry. If measuring that on a house to house basis is necessary then using a smart meter is overkill. No one needs to know when I use my Black and Decker toaster oven to figure out a power factor when a simple black box between the supply and the house will do.

As for privacy, I never cared for someone coming onto my property to read the meter, but at least he doesn't watch me all day, knowing when I'm home and when I'm not and he certainly doesn't have the means to tell what video I'm watching at night. And wifi smart meters can be hacked, rather easily it would seem. It's just Orwellian. And I doubt industry, the military, and everything else outside of our homes uses less power than we do combined.

Where I live in the pacific northwest we get most of our power from hydro electric dams or from nuclear, depending on what time of day. Hydro-electric is considered "clean" energy AFTER the land and rivers have been taken out of the commons, the valleys flooded, and huge concrete dams built using god knows how much diesel fuel and metal before a single watt gets delivered. Amortize that over decades and you can convince yourself that it's the lesser of evils. I don't. And you're right Brian, we are killing ourselves but being grid-tied doesn't alleviate that in any meaningful way IMO. It's a drop in the green wash bucket and a distraction. It's a bait and switch. It's no different than people shunning aerosol cans to protect the ozone when governments are blasting rockets into space on a daily basis. Sure I'd rather see solar panels on every house and I'd rather see them grid-tied than no solar system at all but we're allowing the onus to fall on us when it should land on bigger shoulders to be really effective.

I'm planting out a food forest and shopping at local farmers markets to be less reliant on the infrastructure. I'm collecting rainwater to be less reliant on the municipal water supply. I'm using a solar oven on sunny days to reduce my gas consumption. I'm trying to incorporate permaculture principles to my life and being dependant and using so much electricity from a utility company just seems to fly in the face of all that. I'm much more conscious of my actions now with regards to energy consumption, and anytime you can lift the fog of unconsciousness then that's a good thing.
6 years ago
Martin Crawford, in his book "How to Grow Perennial Vegetables", cites two species as being "prized" for their edibility:
1. Phylostachys dulcis aka Sweetshoot Bamboo and,
2. phylostachys edulis aka Moso Bamboo.

I hope to start one of those two this year or next at the latest.

At the 1:50 mark Martin is harvesting some shoots:
6 years ago
Well for starters I sometimes think that the argument "if you have nothing to hide" should only be uttered by people without curtains, fences, or door locks, but ultimately privacy is a personal issue and on that point we just didn't want to participate on the level that smart meters can and will be implemented. Take for instance, your fridge. It has a chip that passes the info of how often and when you open the doors while new units will (or perhaps already do at this point) have product readers giving detailed info of what and how much you have and when you consume it. That info will be sold to competing companies so they can target you with ads for their products or given to your health insurance providers so they can approve of your diet with regards to your health benefits. It's just creepy. It's like having a peeping tom staring at you, literally, all the time. lol It also smacks of being watched over like an errant child. More and more our lives are being controlled by a bureaucracy of "experts" and "authorities" that have a parental complex.

As for being grid-tied, for me it's like feeding the beast that's killing us all. The power you'd produce isn't going to go back into your community, it's going to be sold off for profit and used for more of the same infrastructure that's grinding the world up into plastic bits, or worse things like the military industrial complex while algorithms will constantly make the power you want to use more expensive and limited. The whole world is being tied together so that power from one hemisphere can be transferred to another and we'd be on the bottom of that list over industry. Not only is there a move for a one world government but a one world power grid and I'm not comfortable with being a part of either. Until such times that there are no more armies chugging across the oceans doing manoeuvres and occupying countries, and until there are no more cars being produced, oceans with dead zones, rockets blasting through our atmosphere, or forests being flattened, then I just want to limit my participation in what this civilization does as much as possible. As far as I'm concerned any benefits of grid-tied is just green washing the truth and a sinister form of manipulation and control.

Now if my neighbours wanted to join forces and create a network of houses sharing power that would be ideal, but not likely here. Too bad since my generator can charge up a couple of houses at once when the batteries can't get enough from the PV system.

There are personal and environmental health issues that concern us as well with smart meters and their infrastructure, and again, we just didn't want to participate or contribute to those as well.
6 years ago
We pulled the utility meter and went solar last fall, just to avoid having a smart meter installed. Here's an article about it:

The article is ok but we talked for three hours and obviously he couldn't, or wouldn't touch on the more sensitive topics of these units. Too bad, I really gave him some juicy conspiracy stuff to run with too!

There's also a discussion here:
6 years ago