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Recent posts by Birdie Eaton

Hello! I have been farming for 5 years and managing a large organic farm in Northern California for 3 years. I am looking for a land-based project to lend my skills and help build an enjoyable ecological environment. My ideal situation would be a collaborative effort to create a beautiful and productive environment for people to come relax, learn, stay, or AirB&B. I am looking for a live/work position, either housing provided in exchange for work, or hourly wage/monthly stipend. Proximity to a town where I can work a side job is another option. I prefer to work with mostly perennials and would love to build you a no-till, year-round kitchen garden. I am hoping to eventually start an agri-tourism business, and would love to help someone who has this vision as well and needs a caretaker or gardener to beautify the place for guests. I am also an artist and would love to lend my creative skills to your projects.  Please contact me and I'll send you a resume with my relevant work experience. Thanks!
8 months ago
Exactly what I am searching for! Though I see this is an old post, I wonder if you still have space? Emailing you now!
I would love more details! Sounds like something I could definitely help out on. I am a traveling artist and certified permaculture designer, and I need a place to live/camp this winter. I intend to work on a series of paintings this winter, but I love to work outdoors and to design projects and gardens. The ideal situation for me would be having a place to stay where I can split my time between painting and gardening/designing/working outdoors! Email me if you'd like to discuss more !
Hey Tomas! I am definitely interested, though there are two setbacks in my reply. I don't have a car to get around, and I honestly don't have loads of experience working with babies, mostly just caring for babies in my own extended family. But besides that I do have a lot of paid childcare experience, and patience, and have lived and worked in similar situations as this. I am a certified permaculture designer and traveling artist, and I have worked on permaculture and organic farm projects around Northern California, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Portugal... I can email you my resume if you'd like to talk more!
I see that this was posted a few years ago but is there a chance you still need someone? This is exactly what I am looking for!
4 years ago
Hey everyone! I'm Birdie, an artist from the USA. I just started this campaign and am wondering if anyone out there is on a mission simillar to mine. I am traveling to gain experience to use in the future to teach permaculture design courses. I feel that art is such a great tool for teaching and am exploring ways this year to use my art skills to promote permaculture wherever I go! Has anyone else made this their own artistic mission? How do you use art to inspire others? I would love to see some fellow permie art! Check out my campaign if you'd like to receive some of my art from the road! Happy 2014!
4 years ago
So happy to see all these Indiana permies and the projects everyone is working on! I grew up in Indiana and have found it little is known here in my circle of people about permaculture methods. I have become inspired to teach a course around Indianapolis around December 2014. I thought I'd reach out to you all and see if people are interested. This is usually the only time I am in Indiana and I really want to get the word out. I would probably begin with an Intro to Permaculture Course, but if there is a lot of interest in a PDC I will do that also!

Have you heard of this site We the Trees? I just started this campaign and thought it may be a good way to see if anyone would be interested in taking one of my courses this year. I will be traveling this year to experience permaculture projects in central america and Canada, and hope to use this as interesting examples in my courses in the future.
I am an artist and have offered my art as rewards to anyone who contributes to my campaign. Consider it an investment in bringing permaculture courses to Indiana!

Also if anyone would be interested in having a cob building workshop on their land in June, please contact me about this!! My own friends and family don't seem too interested in getting muddy but I'd love to have a chance to practice (I will be taking a course on this as well)

I have a lot to say to you all but that's all for now! My flight to Costa Rica just got cancelled from this snow so I need to do something about that! Happy 2014 to everyone! We're making it all happen this year.
4 years ago
This is a message reaching out to anyone practicing permaculture in Central America who may need a volunteer, or would be willing to show their gardens to me as I float along. I am an artist from USA with a background in art, conservation, sustainable organic farming, gardening, and WWOOFing. In 2014 I plan to travel north from Costa Rica and visit/volunteer/experience many different permaculture systems, displays of ancient art, and enjoy the tropical climate as well. I intend to take a Permaculture Design Course but haven't decided when and where yet. I am especially interested in volunteering where I can learn about growing many tropical fruits, and coffee and cacao. I am a hard worker, fresh out of a full season of organic farming in California and ready to escape forever from the ideas of production/market farming for the principles of permaculture.

Do you have (or know of) a garden/homestead that follows the principles of peramculture in Central America?
I am interested in: work exchange -harvesting, planting etc, natural building, artistic projects, herbalism, camping/hiking, soaking up some permie knowledge
Very tenative schedule for 2014 is::
Costa Rica -Jan/Feb
Nicaragua -Feb/March
Honduras- march
Mexico -April?May?June?
This will be altered as I find the happenings and work exchanges that may accept me for a month or so.
(If all goes well I will continue traveling north up through US and visit friends/permies in California, and go up through Canada.)

I am seeking a massive overload of permaculture inspiration and travel that will lead me to my next great adventure of potentially settling down a bit in an intentional community.

Please let me know if you have any advice for my trip! Viva la permacultura!
I hope this course will be I offered again in the future! I will be in Guatemala next year and am trying to find a course to take then. Let me know if there are plans for the future!