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Now that it has ended is there a way to change the shipping info. I want just the downloads and not the DVDs ($150 level). I could not find where to change it?
6 months ago
I got part 2 2hr and 45min after the first I use gmail.
I just want to update that I got the email. The second was 6:45 the first was 5:07.
I did not get the second email. I have Gmail it is not in spam I refreshed and checked all mail.
What I see as being easiest is clear out any dead and sick trees first and see what space you have to work with, after that you can pick a location that is mostly cleared.

For the hoop house try to use stumps as anchor points, why remove them when they can become part of the frame.

Digging up the stumps will get you where you want to be fastest but I would cut the stump to the ground and cover with compost and soil to make a raised bed and plant into that. Most crops should be fine planted next to the stump or on top depending on the root system and how tall the mound is. All you are doing it making hugelkultur but some of the wood base is already there.
3 years ago
I'm hoping to collect a large amount of walnuts this weekend from my farm and will be processing them the following week.

One method I have heard of to remove the hulls is to use a paint mixer on the end of a drill. Place walnuts in a bucket about 1/4 to 1/3 full and cover with water, mix with paint mixer. The hulls should float up pour off hulls and excess water then dry the walnuts.

I think this year I will crack by hand with a bench vice but I would love to have an assisted way of doing it like in this video.

If any one has suggestions for cracking the nuts in a large volume of quickly let me know.
3 years ago
I have been working on gathering a list of plants that are and are not tolerant of juglone since the property that I purchased last year has several acres planted in black walnuts.

I rushed to post the list I have created from about a dozen sources. In the future I will update the formatting and add more information such as what is edible but for now here is a list of plants and juglone tolerance.

I would post the list here but it is a bit long.
3 years ago
Just go ahead and plant the seeds, do not worry about stratifying the seeds as winter is cumming and that will do the work for you. It might be a good idea to mark the places that you planted the seeds using flags tractor supply has them in 4 colors.

When planting seeds in one "spot" space them a few inches apart. When you have a location that no trees sprouted in you can transplant in the fall from one of the other locations and limit damage to the neighboring trees.

If the fruit is not good on one tree there are several options for it like feeding to pigs or chickens even using the wood to smoke and grafting on to the tree.

Check out getting cheap trees.
3 years ago
I would set a space to use for composing then move some of the mound to actively compost it. Any large material use for biochar. When finished mix the two bag and sell it as compost for landscaping.

Also contact a few landscaping companies and see if they would buy a few loads. You could even make a deal where they would supply large woody bits to be turned into biochar.
3 years ago
I think that the sub forums are to busy "Top all time" and "top this month" take half of the usable space where they are. I would move it above the active topics without pictures.