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I spent 7 years earning a degree, 3 years looking for property, and 4 years later I started living on my farm.

Now I work on converting my unmanaged Black Walnut farm into a productive forest garden.
Independence, KY Zone 6A
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There should be many options I just searched for tablet with sim card.

You can try swappa to get a used one unlocked or that matches your network.

It does not look like they have many but check out the LG7 they have a used one for ~75. You can also use them to narrow your search and them look for one on ebay or amazon.
2 months ago
I got my package of books on Saturday I already started passing some out. One is going to go on the FREE shelf at the library next time my son wants to go after daycare, so I assume today since he always wants to go. (They have a train table.)

Now lets see if there are enough pictures in it to let me get by reading it as his bed time "story" (He is 3).
4 months ago
This podcast never made it to the RSS feed that stitcher uses. I assume other podcast apps use the same RSS feed to it probably does not show for them.

455 and 457 have both posted without issue.

paul wheaton wrote:It would still be easier if it turns out that one format is the simple "one, true format" and we just go with that.

My vote would be 35 .mp3's
Then .OGG (Dont do this. Its a FOSS format but not everything can play it).

And last .m4b.

The main reason to go with the MP3s everything can play it I could copy it to a cd as a data disk and play it on my 15yr old car radio. Using a format that anyone can play without issue will reduce the complaints and tech issues that could cause people to redownload it or try to get a different format.
I'm not sure where you live but check into being a tree farm. Usually you do not need to earn an income from it to maintain the status since it can take 10-30 years to get a crop.

Look into getting a nursery license then grow easy to split plants like bulbs, cane fruit and suckering plants.

For your first year grow hay or straw. Find someone with the equipment to bale it and sell it, you might be able to sell it to the person that cuts it. They charge you $700 to do the work you sell them everything for $1000 they just purchased 5ac of hay for $300.
8 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:There are just two people in for the audiobook reward at this time.  So not a really big winner so far.

I wonder if others did what I did and moved to the $100 level to get the audio book and the "book" book. The RMH plans helped too.
9 months ago
I think you need to add an option or two to the kickstarter.

$50 Audio book and ebook
$55 Audio book and physical book

This morning I moved my pledge up to $100.
9 months ago
Now that it has ended is there a way to change the shipping info. I want just the downloads and not the DVDs ($150 level). I could not find where to change it?
1 year ago
I got part 2 2hr and 45min after the first I use gmail.
I just want to update that I got the email. The second was 6:45 the first was 5:07.