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since Dec 06, 2013
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I love learning and sharing my discoveries! Be it gardening, permaculture or mathematics, I coach adults and children in and out of school.
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Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Europe
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Recent posts by Susan Wakeman In the SOCORT project, we sampled nine field trials across Europe and assessed the impact of reduced tillage versus ploughing on soil carbon storage. We found that humus was always enriched in the soil surface layer in reduced tillage systems, which is essential to protect soils from erosion and helps rain infiltrate faster. However, humus stocks decreased at most sites in the old plough layer and below (ca. 15-50 cm). Summing up, some sites showed an overall gain in humus, some not. The average annual relative C storage increase was 90 kg per ha, in the depth of 0 to 50 centimetres. Combining reduced tillage with organic farming practices is thus a valuable tool to care for our soils with the potential to sequester carbon at selected sites and an excellent opportunity to adapt to actual and expected climate changes! More details can be found in the recently published paper "Reduced tillage in organic farming affects soil organic carbon stocks in temperate Europe" in the journal Soil & Tillage Research.
1 year ago
I asked a Swiss Pyrolysis expert and got the following reply concerning producers of biochar systems at farm scale with heat recovery. Just for reference in case somebody finds it useful.

Wir kennen die folgenden Anlagenbetreiber:

Stephan Gutzwiller
Vertretung Biomacon Schweiz, baut eigene Anlagen für Beheizung von Gebäuden - der Experte zum Thema Pflanzenkohle und Kaskadennutzung in der Schweiz
061 534 68 86
Biomacon baut auch kleinere Anlagen, die am ehesten Ihren Anforderungen entsprechen.

Philipp Reichardt
PYREG GmbH - Trinkbornstraße 15-17 - 56281 Dörth
Mob:     +49 1520 19797 65

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marcel Huber
Geschäftsführung / CEO
Syncraft Engineering GmbH
Münchnerstrasse 22, 6130 Schwaz, AUT
Mobil: +43/(0)699-10020585

CTS - Carbon Technik Schuster GmbH
Fleinheimer Str. 1
89561 Dischingen
Reimund Schuster
+49 7327 - 920 17 80
2 years ago
I've been looking into carbon offsets I can do myself, and biochar is one of them.
I would like to implement it first of all in my garden, and then use my contacts with local farmers to scale up.
Can anybody give me some pointers as to:
- studies that show how much t/ha of biochar draw down how much CO2?
- biochar kilns fed with wood chips or corn cobs that make use of the waste heat (integration into heating circuit of a house)
2 years ago
Usually I cook chard stems for 7 mins, discarding the cooking liquid to get rid of oxalic acid.

Would you cook chard stems before fermenting?
2 years ago
Thank you for sharing these photos and expertise. Wow, those promiscuous tomato flowers are beautiful.
2 years ago
Just wanted to say that I've learned so much through your posts on permies, thank you so much for sharing your expertise so freely.
2 years ago
I've been told that with tomatoes, while you can easily re-sow seed from non-hybrid tomatoes, it is not advisable to do that over more than 3 or 4 years, to avoid inbreeding depression. Is this correct, and how do you keep vigour in home saved seed?
2 years ago
I liked your design so much I adapted it for my own:
2 years ago
According to Stamets, Winecaps are both saprophytic (wood digesting) and symbiotic, needing both plants and bacteria in order to thrive. From what you are saying, I am wondering if their role is in this intersection between woodchip and compost means that they move on when their job is done?
Then again, I heard that winecaps were used in Hungary(?) to degrade cornstalks, and that the mushrooms were harvested in the cornfields.
2 years ago
Some people twist the cut hay into a "sausage" to lay it around hungry crops. This has the advantage that the ring can be lifted to check for slugs.
2 years ago