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Shawn Klassen-Koop wrote: I'm not sure if I understand you, mostly because I'm trying to do 20 things at once today. Are you suggesting that you might want to translate the book into latvian? Or that you know someone? Or just that you would like it to exist?

Shawn, you are amazing, but take it easy ;) 20 at once is kinda risky, esp. knowing your last days' schedule.
Yes, I do suggest that I (alone, but hopefully with a bit of local crowdsourcing) could do a LAT translation this year. Just thought that perhaps this question might be relevant for other languages. You know, old folks and/or them country folks who already struggle to build a better world in their backyards and didn't have time for English.
1 month ago
As the original quickstarter question (Is there enough interest…) has long since been answered, I'd like to throw in another one – what about translations?
Our growing season is fairly short and just kicking in here in Latvia, but by the end of the year we might have a very print-on-demandable copy. How do we proceed? Whom do we ask?
1 month ago

Deb Rebel wrote:
If Scubbly is going alphabetically through the emails you should be in queue, my email starts with D so I would be fairly early, and got about an hour ago.

No sooner had I opened a bottle of good wine than the email from Scubbly arrived! I'm stoked Thank you, thank you!
2 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:Anybody received the digital download stuff yet?

I chose 4DOWNLOAD option when backing the project in March of last year. If this entitles me to the digital downloads you are referring to, I am yet to receive a notification.
2 years ago

Julia Winter wrote:My favorite author, Patrick Rothfuss, has kept me waiting for over 5 years for the third book in his trilogy.  The Name of the Wind came out in 2007 but I didn't read it until 2008.  The Wise Man's Fear came out in 2011 (although in initial interviews he said he had the whole trilogy mapped out and it would take only a year for the subsequent books).

He's still my favorite author, because his books are awesome.

Dear Julia, hello! Is it The Slow Regard of Silent Things you are waiting for? It came out in 2014.

Aah, I'm burning and twitching to lay my eyes on 'em videos. I believe Paul & the Rocket crew are exhausted, but they must take some delight in knowing that soon there will be so many happy puppies all around the globe
A big, big Thank You! Cheers!
2 years ago
Greetings, earthlings and soillings!

Managed to download the Ernie and Erica Wisner's Rocket Mass Heater Manual, but it took a bit of patience – only managed to download it fully with the 4th attempt. The previous ones were cut off just before finishing. Don't give up