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Five acres, two little ones, one awesome husband, 12 ducks (give or take), and a bunch of fruit trees and garden beds. In her spare time, Nicole likes to knit, paint, draw, teach kids, philosophize, and read fantasy. She doesn't HAVE spare time, but does like to fantasize about it!
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Recent posts by Nicole Alderman

Are they some sort of commendatory spoon set, for royal wedding?
1 minute ago
Fancy-pants serving spoons for various different foods?
2 hours ago
A measuring spoon collection? Maybe it measures in milliliters rather than teaspoon/tablespoon?
2 hours ago

raven ranson wrote:This came with a bunch of textile tools.  It may or may not be related to textiles.

Leather puncher? I know there's devices to punch holes as specific intervals in leather so you can sew through said holes. The leather straps also lead me to think it's a leather tool, because I generally make my straps out of yarn or hemp twine or paracord, because I have those around. A leather worker would have leather around.

But, the poke-y parts doen't look very sharp though...Maybe it's just a guide?

Found the thing these reminded me of: Prong Chisel

They poke the holes to sew through as shown in this picture.

Your tool doesn't look quite like that, though, and it looks like the little prongs on yours can slide in and out?

12 hours ago
Gotta say, my husband is a recovered addict. In the whole time we've been dating/married, he's never touched any of the substances. That means he's been clean for 14 years. It probably helps that I've never drank/smoked/done-any-drugs and have no inclination to. Many people can obviously drink responsibly... but it probably will never work out to have a recovered addict with a responsible drinker.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that addiction is a disease. It's like many diseases (such as Crohn's) that you can keep in remission. But, it's never gone. And you mess up, and you're back out of remission.

So, my advice would be to exercise extreme caution with recovered addicts, and to not get involved unless you're willing to support them by not drinking. But, still, I don't think everyone needs to rule them out entirely.
13 hours ago
Ooooo look, a shiny moderator hat, complete with purple sparkles Let me put that on....

We noticed that quite a few posts in this topic we're veering toward the Cider Press topic of overpopulation and climate change and all that fun stuff. Thankfully, we've got a topic over in the cider press all about that:

Over population, family planning, and adoption

So, if you'd like to discuss that aspect of relationships, please do so in that topic over there.. It might also be really handy for people to edit out the overpolulation discussion from this thread, so we don't derail it.

Thank you so much!

Now I can take off my hat! Fwew! That thing's heavy! (And I'd much rather be Twilight Sparkle than Trixie, but Trixie's the one with the hat.. You can blame all pony refrences to my brony of a husband, ha! Like I said, go for the nerds, LOL!!!)
13 hours ago

Jan White wrote:I don't think I agree with Nicole about not looking for a guy. I also don't think the common advice of just get out there and be involved in things you love is particularly helpful for inverted people. I just do not have the mental and emotional energy for that. If I did meet a compatible guy in a setting like that I would be so stressed and exhausted that nothing would come of it.

I think it depends on how one's introversion shows up. Conventions for me are really rather overwhelming (so is shopping). But, a class or workshop, I can focus on what we're learning and talk about what we're learning. Or, I can talk while I pull plant trees or build a house. I have a really hard time with eye-contact, so I get really nervous in one-on-one activities where there isn't something else to look at, so I can look at something else while I talk.

My husband had some advice for guys on telling when a girl is actually attracted to you, verses being nice (and this might be hard to tell, because she might start out being interested, then decide you're not the one for her, and then turn to just being nice):
  • When they look at you for longer than two seconds
  • They ask you things most people don't ask you
  • They laugh about what you said, and keep asking you questions.

  • He says, "That's a good start. That's a girl that might be interested in you."

    He also--simultaneously with me--came up with train shows for a place to find reliable guys. "If you want your life on a straight track with a dependable guy, go to a train show!"
    I just thought of a place to meet LOTS of nerds/engineers: Train Shows!

    My husband and I have gone to a few, and those places are FULL of really, REALLY nerdy guys, both young and old showing off their model trains!

    1 day ago

    Sonja Draven wrote:

    Mike Jay wrote:I do peruse the Permaculture Singles section from time to time to see what the kids are up to.  One thing I see that bugs me is a long post by a lady about herself and what she's looking for followed up by a response from a suitor to the effect of "Hi. I’m very interested in you."  Wow, that must really get her motor purring.  Come on guy, you can do better than that. 

    Yeah, we love that.  ;)

    This is one of the reasons that the Singles forum is generally moderated a lot less strictly than the rest of the forum. We want people to be able to see when someone trying to get to know them is "not nice," so we usually leave their not-nice posts visible, as well as their marvelous, "hey u look hot" posts.