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Five acres, two little ones, one awesome husband, 12 ducks (give or take), and a bunch of fruit trees and garden beds. In her spare time, Nicole likes to knit, paint, draw, teach kids, make fairies & dragons, philosophize, and read fantasy. She doesn't HAVE spare time, but does like to fantasize about it!
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Just found another way around it, for those needing to use the letter to describe a shape. Stick it in the [tt ][/tt ] brackets. Like this U.

(The TT tags are fun because they make all the letters the same shape. Not terribly useful most of the time, but fun. )

(The TT tags are fun because they make all the letters the same shape. Not terribly useful most of the time, but fun. )
I'm trying to envision what this would look like. Would it look a lot like the Oehler greenhouse? (It's hard to find good pictures of one of those! Anyone have any links to nice Oehler greenhouse designs?)

I whipped up this graphic, but I'm not even sure it's even close to what we're thinking of...
I'm trying to think of terms that level 1 and 2 people will have heard of, and understand.

I didn't know what greywater was (or that I should care about it) before I came to permies. I didn't know the term "earth-sheltered." And, I didn't know what "passive" meant in this situation. "Passive" only meant something negative--someone who's passive and doesn't do anything, or someone who's passive-aggressive.

I'm also thinking about how pictures of underground greenhouses circulate on facebook, even by people who don't know much about growing stuff. Underground stuff is cool.

Underground Greenhouse for Year-round Growing in Montana
Underground Greenhouse Documentary
How To Build Your Own Underground Greenhouse probably not an accurate title)
Underground Greenhouse for the Frozen North
Greenhouse Heated by Earth and Water--documentary
I've been meaning to post these pictures. Back in March, my son wanted to make a rocket stove, so we made one out of bricks, and learned to cook on one! This opperated both as a learning experience for me, as well as a teaching experience for him. Both kids learned where to find small dry sticks in the woods, too.

Here it is half made

And fully made with a fire going:

Eggs cooking:

And, video my son took of the rocket stove in action.

He now knows how to make one all by himself (the other day, I came out and he'd scrounged up all the spare bricks and made his own rocket stove and filled it with small sticks. I was so proud!)

4 days ago
My reading comprehension is so low today, LOL! I though Jennifer was asking for there to be a requirement for a labeled jar, not the other way around!


And, thank you, Mike, for removing it the requirement!
Such a lovely website and beautiful logo!!! Do you have a facebook page, too? [edit] I just saw your facebook page, and I'd already liked it. And facebook is being it's normal boogery self and hasn't shown me ANY of your posts. I hate how facebook does that!
4 days ago

Jennifer Richardson wrote:I think it might not be necessary to require a permanent labeled jar picture for infusions, since most people drink them by the cup as teas/tisanes.

[edit]My reading comprehension was evidently not doing well (hard to concentrate when kids keep asking me things, lol!), and I thought Jen was asking to have a labeled jar requirement. I didn't see that crucial not in her sentence! If nothing else, my below post is a great support for why we don't need a labeled jar! [/edit]

I'm wondering why they'd need to be put into jars. I'm looking at Dr Tilgner's book "Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth," and she has a section on how to make herbal preparations. On page 430, is the page for making teas. I'm just going to quote it, because I am by no means an expert, and basically followed her page for my instruction for making a peppermint infusion.

(I'm hoping she doesn't mind I quoted such a large section. The entire book is amazing and wholey recommend it to anyone looking for in-depth herbal knowledge! Consider any and all grammar and spelling errors in the below quote to be due to my own mis-typing.)


Infusions are used for extraction of labile constituents such as vitamins, enzymes and volatile oils. the aerial parts of herbs such as flowers and leaves are usually used for infusions.

Directions for one cup of infusion:
Two recommended methods for hot infusion:

(A) Add one cup of boiling water to one tablespoon of dry herb or three tablespoons of fresh herb in an air tight container like a canning jar.

(B) Bring one cup of water to boil in a stainless steal or glass kettle. Remove the kettle from the burner and add one heaping tablespoon of the dry herb or three heaping tablespoons of fresh herb to the water. Cover the kettle with a tight-fitting lid.

Steep for 10-15 minutes.. R Remove the lid, strain and drink the liquid. The tea can be consumed hot or cold, depending on the specific usage. Large quantities can be made and stored in the refrigerator. Do not store tea for longer than 3 days because it may grow mold. It is best to make teas as they are needed.

I'm thinking the jar method (A) is the one Jennifer is mentioning, and is a totally valid method, especially for those storing for drinking later. But the non-jar method also seems to be valid for infusions.
I finally get to use this gif!


Tel Jetson
Emily Hall
Jackie Dragon
El Rowlatt

You get a book about bees, and you get a book about bees, and you get a book about bees, and YOU get a book about bees! (We'll be sending each of your email addresses to the publisher, and they'll get incontact with you to get your shipment information)

And, if you're bummed that you didn't get a book about bees under YOUR chair, have no fear! You can buy it right HERE!
5 days ago
Hi Bee! It looks like you are, indeed, already on the dailyish email. And, looking at our records, you should have right now a freebie code in a May 28th's dailyish for "10 Podcast Review of the book Just Enough by Azby Brown," and there's quite a few other freebies that have been sent to you (you can check to see which were sent and when, HERE.) It looks like the Native Bee Guide hasn't been sent to you, but keep checking your dailyishes and you should see it soon! A new freebie goes out with every few dailyishes.

We really want to thank people for being part of our community and reading our community newsletter (the dailyish), and the freebies are one way we have of trying to do that.
5 days ago
I've been trying to compile a list of useful threads for members who would like to learn a little bit more about how works.  

The links should be live - just click on them to go to the thread.

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