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Five acres, two little ones, one awesome husband, 12 ducks (give or take), and a bunch of fruit trees and garden beds. In her spare time, Nicole likes to knit, paint, draw, teach kids, philosophize, and read fantasy. She doesn't HAVE spare time, but does like to fantasize about it!
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A dad in our area just got into trouble because he was helping his daughters with cannabis for seizures. He used a juicer and apparently it helped. Now he's facing a lawsuit.

I'm pretty sure permies has a no-marijuana discussion policy for this reason. I don't know where non-psycoactive cannabis fits into our publishing policy (maybe another moderator knows?), but for now, let's stay on the safe side and not discuss marijuana. Thanks!
2 hours ago
Ever since I found out tephlon is bad to breath when heated up, or eat when scraped, I've avoided using any tephlon products. I however did not know just the extent of  tephlon's toxicity. It goes way beyond the effects of tephlon being heated about 350degrees. The chemical, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in tephlon and other scotch gard products is linked to various cancers and reproductive problems. And, DuPont knew this for 40+ years, yet let it leach into public waters and seep into aquifers. They even dumped it straight into a streams, killing wildlife and cattle.

Bilott watched the video and looked at photographs for several hours. He saw cows with stringy tails, malformed hooves, giant lesions protruding from their hides and red, receded eyes; cows suffering constant diarrhea, slobbering white slime the consistency of toothpaste, staggering bowlegged like drunks. Tennant always zoomed in on his cows’ eyes. ‘‘This cow’s done a lot of suffering,’’ he would say, as a blinking eye filled the screen.

In 1961, DuPont researchers found that the chemical could increase the size of the liver in rats and rabbits. A year later, they replicated these results in studies with dogs. PFOA’s peculiar chemical structure made it uncannily resistant to degradation. It also bound to plasma proteins in the blood, circulating through each organ in the body. In the 1970s, DuPont discovered that there were high concentrations of PFOA in the blood of factory workers at Washington Works. They did not tell the E.P.A. at the time. In 1981, 3M — which continued to serve as the supplier of PFOA to DuPont and other corporations — found that ingestion of the substance caused birth defects in rats. After 3M shared this information, DuPont tested the children of pregnant employees in their Teflon division. Of seven births, two had eye defects. DuPont did not make this information public.

In 1984, DuPont became aware that dust vented from factory chimneys settled well beyond the property line and, more disturbing, that PFOA was present in the local water supply. DuPont declined to disclose this finding. In 1991, DuPont scientists determined an internal safety limit for PFOA concentration in drinking water: one part per billion. The same year, DuPont found that water in one local district contained PFOA levels at three times that figure. Despite internal debate, it declined to make the information public.

I can honestly say that, after reading this article, I want nothing to do with tephlon--not only for the health reasons, but also because I do not want to support a company that would willingly poison people and then try to cover it up.
2 hours ago
I wouldn't consider vitamin D and calcium to be "medications." They're supplements. You might be able to get by without them by increasing the calcium in your diet and eating foods that help you absorb calcium.

As for vitamin D, I recently got a vitamin D light for my psoriasis (I forgot to reply to your other post about vitamin d in different thread!). Mine cost $600 with insurance negotiating with the company, but it is a different way to get vitamin D without pills, and works really well for skin conditions.

That really stinks about your seizures. I had the tonic clonic/gran mal seizures back in Jr High, and they were horrible (I was aware during mine). They never figured out what caused mine, and I thankfully outgrew them before I started to drive. Some people control their seizures through a ketogenic diet (less than 50grams of carbs per day). But, that's risky. There'd be a long period of not knowing if you can drive or operate machinery. Even though I haven't had a seizure in 18 years, I still worry about having one when driving.

For back pain, maybe physical therapy might help? Have you tried stinging it with nettle--that helps some joint-pain sufferers with their pain. Some even get relief by eating or making a tea from the leaves. I believe the leaves also contain lots of calcium...
9 hours ago

Tripp Noonan wrote:Anything you do cut, stick in the ground and you might get free plants!

I'm totally going to try tis with my native blackcap raspberries!
10 hours ago
Ran accross this neat article:

An apple expert has been visiting old farms and homesteads in Washington state, and had found 5 varities of apples that were thought to be extint, and 7 more that were rare or lost.

The really cool thing is, they got cuttings and are grafting them onto rootstocks. And, for those within driving distance of Eastern Washington, there's a chance to get some scion wood!

He is organizing two classes in March on the technique of grafting antique stock for propagation. The first will take place 11 a.m. March 17 at Gladish Community Center in Pullman.  The second event will be a class at 11 a.m. March 24 at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, 15319 E. 8th Ave, in Spokane Valley.

Participants will receive two antique apple scions. The second class has a registration, which can be made through the Inland Northwest Food Network at

1 day ago
Thank you to Jarret Hynd and Stephen Lowe for smacking down some spam!
It's totally not me! I wish I could sing and play a hurdy gurdy, but alas, I cannot. I just needed a video to post, LOL!

Judith Browning wrote:This is confusing but I think I've got a grip on part of it...

I'm attaching a couple snips to this post ...the first is mine and it shows I am working at the pioneer the top it shows -pioneer.

The second is Nicole's and it shows that she has completed the 'pioneer' level shown as the '+pioneer' at the bottom and is beginning the '-pollinator' level as shown at the top.

I think I understand the numbers after each bit to check off to mean how many out of how many necessary to get a check? The first number is how many we did and the second, after the slash is how many we need to do?

I think it's all a little hazy...

Anne's level went to 'pollinator' as soon as she 'passed' the 'pioneer' level.... ?

I'm not sure I've explained what I'm thinking, except I see that Nicole leveled up and now has more to do for the 'pollinator' level?

So does that mean that everyone started at the same 'pioneer' level?  even staff?

I think things are working as intended...just a bit unclear how and when they are happening

So, every title comes with a scavenger hunt. There's a pioneer one for non-titled members. Pollinators have both a Pioneer scavenger hunt, and a Pioneer Scavenger Hunt. The pollinator one is mininmized until they complete the pioneer one, but they can still see all the things in the pollinator one. Once they finish the pioneer one, it gets minimized and the Pollinator one is maximized. If they finish the Pollinator one that should be it--no more scavenger hunts should least I think so. No one has been able to finish that one because the "Book Review" one doesn't work yet.

A Gardener starts out with a Pioneer scavenger hunt maximized, and a Pollinator and Gardner scavenger hunts minimized. If they finish the pioneer one, it minimizes and the Pollinator one maximizes. If they were to finish the Pollinator one, the Gardener scavenger hunt would maximize for them but every one who isn't a gardener/steward would just see their pollinator scavenger hunt. At least, that's what's supposed to happen. Once again, no one's completed the Pollinator scavenger hunt, so we don't really know for certain. It's a mystery!
Odd. I tried another video as a first post here: It also didn't seem to add to my tally. Maybe it's the forum it's posted in? I'm really perplexed here...
Testing to see if this video will tally on my Scavenger Hunt