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Five acres, two little ones, one awesome husband, 12 ducks (give or take), and a bunch of fruit trees and garden beds. In her spare time, Nicole likes to knit, paint, draw, teach kids, philosophize, and read fantasy. She doesn't HAVE spare time, but does like to fantasize about it!
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Recent posts by Nicole Alderman

Tee-hee, this reminds me of all the creative ways my grandmother would give us cash for our birthdays/Christmas. I asked for dishes one year, and she put the cash in an extra cup she had; one year she tucked money into into a brick for my brother; put money in a CD case; decorated a box to look like a treasure chest when my husband wanted money for his aquarium hobby; put it in a book, etc. Every year she has some clever way to give us money.

We've kind of taken on that tradition: I'd wanted a video game one year, and my brother made a mock case of it and put money it it; my husband wanted aviator glasses, so my brother made origami sunglasses and put money in them; instead of buying my mom a book, he made her a tiny pretend book with the cover of the book she wanted with money inside it; etc. One year, my brother asked for a "foam exercise matt"--spelled just like that. So, I got a chunk of foam that we had lying around, cut it into to the shape of a man, drew exercise clothes with a sharpie on it, and gave it to to my brother with a little card saying it was Foam Exercise Matt .

I can imagine my family giving an "I pad" like that (if such things had been around when I was younger), and just tucking a few dollars inside the pad. If we didn't check the inside of the pad, it would be our loss!
6 hours ago
Kind of off topic, but I've always wondered, is there a way to easily spin the yarn to fade from one color to another and then back? In the store, they call it "painted yard" and I generally love making scarves/hats with it because I don't have to worry about switching from one color to another. But, often painted yarns are made in--what seems to me--really weird color combinations. And, they're usually made from non-natural fibers.
14 hours ago
I'm thinking that if you did the first picture (the bag of yarn) in the lightbox with a white background, it would pop better. If you have any other colors of the corriedale wool spun, you could mix those in there so people know that it's not just natural colors, but all sort of colors.

I'm looking at getting some more hair clips for my daughter. I like how the etsy owner (Cupcake Clip Shop) arranged the clips in a circle. Even though all 110 colors aren't picture, you can tell there's A LOT of variety in colors.
14 hours ago

r ranson wrote:What you say about selling more at a lower price makes sense.  It corresponds to everything I've read... and yet, I wonder.  Quality and perceived quality have more influence on my sales than lower prices.

When I sell yarn, I started at a low price.  It didn't sell.  I was told to increase my price.  At a higher price, I sell a lot more yarn than I did at a lower price.  This makes sense since as a customer, I often avoid lower priced artisanal goods because the perception is lower price = lower quality. 

I wonder if you could get the best of both worlds if you priced you yarn high, but had seasonal sales during those times when Travis suggests to price things lower. This way, you might (1) sell more (2) still tell people your product is a high-quality one and reap the sale benefits from that, and (3) make them feel really good that they managed to get a high-quality for a low price. Most people LOVE a good sale. I know I do. I know when I get something on sale, I feel like I WON and that I'm smart. It generally boosts my self esteem, and makes me happy, and those happy emotions get tied to the company like Pavlov's bell to dogs' hunger.

It goes something like this:
I get sale -> makes me feel good -> feeling good is tied to the company -> I want to buy more from them because they seem nice and made me feel happy, even on a subconscious level.

Even just seeing that a company offers sales and rebates makes me like them, even if I don't take them up on it because it's not in my budget at the time. When I do have money to buy the item, I will think of them, and probably buy from them, because they offered sales and I got good deals from them in the past and so I like them.
1 day ago
What type of sheep is your son's sheep that's going with the goats?

Su Ba wrote:

Ive seen this work in young puppies and bring a lifelong cure. The older the pup or dog, the longer it takes to effect. Just as with people, fecal transplanting in older dogs often needs to be repeated twice a year or so.

Don't know if your sister would be willing to try this old time remedy, but it surely wouldn't hurt.

Fecal transplants are used for humans, too, to cure C diff, and even Crohn's. This seems like a fantastic idea, Su!
3 days ago
My husband has Crohn's and takes Saccharomyces Boulardii. It's used to treat C diff all around the world in humans. Maybe try adding some pills to hotdogs, or just opening the capsule and adding it to the water or other liquid. Here's the ones we use: It's the cheapest with the least additives. You can also pick up Florastor at most big grocery stores (Target, Fred Meyer, Walmart). It's more expensive, but you don't have to wait to have it shipped.

I'd also make sure the dog is on a all-meat diet--no starches/binders/etc. Those often mess with those who have Crohn's/IBS, as they feed the wrong bacteria.
3 days ago
Hi Sam, I'd love to add this to one of our regional forums. Could you tell me which one/ones fit best? Thanks!
I'm probably not the only one that's annoyed at the extreemly minor inconvience of having to take my hands off my keyboard to select the little bold button to bold some words in a text. Or to push the button for italics or underline.

Just now I stumbled upon the merry discover that holding down the ALT key and pushing B pops up the little window to input your words in bold. SO COOL! It looks like the same applies for italics and underline, too!

Bold Alt and B pressed at the same time
UnderlineAlt and U pressed at the same time
Italics Alt and I pressed at the same time

Weirdly, it pops up one window to type in, and then another. But, that's not much of a problem as I can just TAB over to the cancel button on the second window. I'm just so pleased I can keep my hands on my keyboard when typing! (My daughter is usually asleep in my lap when I'm on permies, and I'm typing over her, so if I move my arms too much, she wakes up. Sometimes I can't type at all because she's too restless, but that's another problem that even permies can't solve, LOL!)