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Five acres, two little ones, one awesome husband, 12 ducks (give or take), and a bunch of fruit trees and garden beds. In her spare time, Nicole likes to knit, paint, draw, teach kids, philosophize, and read fantasy. She doesn't HAVE spare time, but does like to fantasize about it!
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Thank you to Jarret Hynd and Stephen Lowe for smacking down some spam!
It's totally not me! I wish I could sing and play a hurdy gurdy, but alas, I cannot. I just needed a video to post, LOL!

Judith Browning wrote:This is confusing but I think I've got a grip on part of it...

I'm attaching a couple snips to this post ...the first is mine and it shows I am working at the pioneer the top it shows -pioneer.

The second is Nicole's and it shows that she has completed the 'pioneer' level shown as the '+pioneer' at the bottom and is beginning the '-pollinator' level as shown at the top.

I think I understand the numbers after each bit to check off to mean how many out of how many necessary to get a check? The first number is how many we did and the second, after the slash is how many we need to do?

I think it's all a little hazy...

Anne's level went to 'pollinator' as soon as she 'passed' the 'pioneer' level.... ?

I'm not sure I've explained what I'm thinking, except I see that Nicole leveled up and now has more to do for the 'pollinator' level?

So does that mean that everyone started at the same 'pioneer' level?  even staff?

I think things are working as intended...just a bit unclear how and when they are happening

So, every title comes with a scavenger hunt. There's a pioneer one for non-titled members. Pollinators have both a Pioneer scavenger hunt, and a Pioneer Scavenger Hunt. The pollinator one is mininmized until they complete the pioneer one, but they can still see all the things in the pollinator one. Once they finish the pioneer one, it gets minimized and the Pollinator one is maximized. If they finish the Pollinator one that should be it--no more scavenger hunts should least I think so. No one has been able to finish that one because the "Book Review" one doesn't work yet.

A Gardener starts out with a Pioneer scavenger hunt maximized, and a Pollinator and Gardner scavenger hunts minimized. If they finish the pioneer one, it minimizes and the Pollinator one maximizes. If they were to finish the Pollinator one, the Gardener scavenger hunt would maximize for them but every one who isn't a gardener/steward would just see their pollinator scavenger hunt. At least, that's what's supposed to happen. Once again, no one's completed the Pollinator scavenger hunt, so we don't really know for certain. It's a mystery!
Odd. I tried another video as a first post here: It also didn't seem to add to my tally. Maybe it's the forum it's posted in? I'm really perplexed here...
Testing to see if this video will tally on my Scavenger Hunt
Testing to see if a video posted as a first post will contribute to the scavenger hunt, because videos posted as replies don't seem to contriubte to the scavenger hunt.

Ah-ha! So, I posted that, and it did not tally on my scavenger hunt. Now I'll go and start a thread with a video and see if that tallies.

Edit: I started a thread here:, but it didn't tally. Interesting....
Here's a test to see if this will tally toward my scavenger hunt. Mine currently shows 4/1 videos.

I found mine in various places. A lot I sourced from other people's yard, some from the local conservation district plant sale, and some were weeds that were growing here. I'll go through them one by one with where to find them

  • Wood/Wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca): Local conservation district plant sale, or dig up a plant from a park or a  friend's yard. You can also find seeds for these at quite a few seed companies. I'm pretty sure High Mowing &/or Territorial had them
  • Wild violet (Viola odorata): Not sure where to find these. I saw them growing in my woods once, but not since. Normal pansies or JOhny-jump-ups would also fit in this nitch
  • Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis) I got mine at a local conservation district plant sale
  • Wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella): My had some that she dug from her parents place, and I took some from her. You can probably find them in large nurseries right now, as they probably sell them as "shamrocks"
  • Sheep sorrel(Rumex acetosella): I ended up getting these as hitch-hikcers when I grabbed some free strawberry plants off the side of the road. These are weeds. Check neightbor's and friends lawns and the sides of roads
  • Miner's Lettuce (Claytonia perfoliata): Either Territorial or High Mowing has these for sale as seeds. You can also check local woods/parks and take home one plant to start your own patch.
  • Siberian Miner's Lettuce (Claytonia sibirica): I don't know if these are sold anywhere. I found them on my property. Mine taste like dirt. So, if your taking a plant from the woods to start your own patch, taste a leaf first!
  • Hostas (Hosta): Most any nursery sells these. There's lots of varieties. Supposedly some taste a little better than others, though mine aren't big enough to eat. You could also see if any friends/family/nieghbors have some that they wouldn't mind letting you have a division of
  • Ramps(Allium tricoccum) There's some online nurseries that sell them, but they're pretty expensive, especially if you factor in shipping. I still haven't located any
  • Ramsons/Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum) I'm still looking for these, too
  • Mint: Pretty easy to find these! has a lot of nifty varieties that I'm really tempted by

  • Another place to look for plants isNative Foods Nursery there's a thread about them here:
    1 day ago
    It looks like only embedded images currently count toward the scavenger hunt, not attached images. Chris (or anyone else) want to try embedding an image and see if that will check off the "Create a post with an image" portion of the scavenger hunt?