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Five acres, two little ones, one awesome husband, 12 ducks (give or take), and a bunch of fruit trees and garden beds. In her spare time, Nicole likes to knit, paint, draw, teach kids, philosophize, and read fantasy. She doesn't HAVE spare time, but does like to fantasize about it!
Pacific Northwest
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Recent posts by Nicole Alderman

You know you're a permie when it's past midnight, but you can't go to sleep because SEED CATALOGS.
13 hours ago
Go for it! I honestly don't even have a box of tissues to base such a structure off of! (We use TP and washable hankies for tissues )
17 hours ago

F Agricola wrote:Was that photo intentional - it looks like he's sitting on "Uncle Mud's Bun Heater"!

Suggestions (wanted or not):

1. a woven "Uncle Mud's Bun Heater"
2. an incandescent light bulb - to keep him warm and for those occasional 'light bulb' moments

I ran outside while my kids were playing inside and tried to take as many pictures as I could in less than 5 minutes (even taking 5 minutes away from the kids is a scary prospect!) Sticking Mini-Paul on the wheelbarrow was one of the last pictures I took before I ran back inside!

I might be able to make a little light-bulb. I figure anyone who wants Mini-Paul might be able to make their own silly accessories, too ,

Chris Kott wrote:What, no dormant volcano playset? No ant village? What about Basecamp with the 15 foot hugelbeet?

And maybe a Sepp action figure?


Tee-hee, well, Min-Paul took something like 6-8 hours to make. And, if I make all those thing you mentioned, he might be a might cost-prohibitive . That, and I'm really not good at building things. Maybe someone else can make those things . I admit it would be really fun to have all of them for Mini-Paul!

I'm currently making a set of fairies for Judith Brownings great-grands. After that, if I don't have any other orders, I'll really want to make a Jocelyn doll, so Paul and Jocelyn can be sold in a set.

After that, maybe I'll try my hand at Sepp, but I don't know if one should ask permission first before making a felt representation of them.....

A Bit about Myself:

I'm a mother of two little ones who grow too fast, a wife to an awesome guitar-playing vampire (he's a phlebotomist!), an avid reader of fantasy, a moderator here at permies, and a lover of drawing and fibre arts. I share my land with a bunch of pet fish, an axolotl, a salamander, a frog and some pet snails, as well as our ducks and cats. I love to teach and to help and I love to create. Oh, and I LOVE purple!

Why "Fairy Grove Creations":

I live on 5 acres that are simply magical. There's wetlands, a stream, an alder forest with bleeding hearts lining the paths; maples laden with moss and licorice ferns, beautiful open hemlock woods with huckleberries and salal in the understory, as well as hugels and food forests teeming with tasty treats. Everywhere I look, I feel like I'm in a fairy tale. And since I LOVE fantasy, it's not hard to imagine fairies under mushrooms and tucked into hollows of trees. And, having two little fae children of my own, I am constantly reminded of the wonder of childhood, nature, and life. With all these groves of trees that would fit right in a fairy tale, Fairy Grove Creations seemed just too perfect a name. And, well, you all helped me name it, too!

What Led Me to Make Fairies and Dragons:

Being an educator by trade, as well as heart, I love the teaching philosophy of Waldorf schooling. It captures the wonder and imagination of childhood, and relates it to learning, work, and reality. No mater what we do, it can be full of that feeling of magic--it need not be drudgery. I love the open-endedness of traditional Waldorf toys. They are simple and expressionless so you can make up your own story and interpretation of the character. I love how they are made with natural materials, both because they are non-toxic, and also because they help that melding of nature, imagination, and reality. This is so vital, I think, not only to the young mind, but to older ones as well. And, in a world of touch screens, cellphones and TV, it's harder and harder for children to find that mixture.

But, these toys are expensive. And, rightly so, as they are handmade from natural materials. But, that didn't stop the fact that I could not afford to buy such toys for my children. I thought, why not try making them! And so I did! And, since affordabilty is part of my drive for making them, I want them to be affordable for others, too. Thus my fairy+dragon combination.

When Do I Find Time To Craft:

I don't! Honestly, there's always so much to do, especially with my two little ones who always want to learn and need my help! I tend to squeeze in my work while I watch my kids. I usually do it all while standing up, because if I sit down, my kids instantly want me to read story after story after story after story after story to them! I also sometimes take my needle felting with me when I take the kids for walks. I felt as I walk and talk to them about nature.

What Colors of Felt/Roving Do I have:

Here are all the colors of roving I have available. It's what I make my needle-felted dragons and heads of my fairies/dolls out of. I have all the colors of the rainbow in felt (some is 100% wool, some is repourposed acrylic felt, some is a mix of fibres). I don't have pictures of all the felt I have, but if I don't have the color you want, I will buy it!

What All Do I Have for Sale:

  • Dragons (made-to-order, wool needle felted dragons. Perfect size for your fairy to ride!)

  • Fairies (made to order, Waldorf-style little fairies)

  • Paul Wheaton Voodoo Action Figure!

  • Child's fairy+dragon combination

  • Swords & Staffs made from holly (for your little fairy friend!)

  • Tiny Dragon (wool, bendable, needle-felted)

  • This exact red and black dragon

  • Small Pouch (made-to-order, wool felted bags perfect for marbles, dice and other trinkets)
  • I wasn't able to make it to the staff meeting where this was talked about, but this is what I heard back from those that were there:

    "At the staff meeting, Paul said what he would prefer is a shout out that goes to the community at vs naming him in particular.

    Especially nice would be something that says "This book would not exist if not for the warm support of the massive community at," or something like that.  Something to get across the idea that this community can really help a project like this get over the finish line."

    I don't know if they talked about the use of the pie image, but I'm 99.9% positive it would be okay. I'll try and get a definitive answer about that for you.

    And, I'm ecstatic that your kickstarter is doing so well!!! over 200% funded is SO AWESOME!!!
    Welcome to the Permies Digital Market

    This is a quick and easy system where you can sell ebooks, plans, videos and other downloads, as well as rent and sell access to streaming video. You can even to sell physical objects like books, DVDs or even felt dragons. The system has many great features, and was created to be easily understood and set up.

    The first step is to set up your account as a seller/affiliate account. Learn how in this thread. It's quick and painless.

    Once that is set up, you can proceed to setting up your first thread in the digital market. We call these 'premium threads.'

    What is a premium thread:

    This is new feature built into JForum (the software Permies runs on) that works as a replacement/alternative to other selling platforms, such as Scubbly, where Paul used to sell his stuff. Since they have closed their virtual doors, he decided to create this system for selling his stuff, and the stuff of any of our other Permies members. In a nutshell, you can create a thread in a way that some chosen parts of it would be visible only to people who purchase full access to that thread. Those chosen parts will be hidden from the people who haven't paid for access, and they would only see a black and periwinkle box with payment options to buy/rent full access to that thread.

    Here's How to Make a Digital Market Thread:


    Create a New Thread

    Create a new thread as you'd normally do. Type in the subject and type your post content as normal. Make sure the subject line contains a descriptive title. It could also include the type of product you offer - ebook download, streaming video, etc. - so people know what they're going to get before they open the thread.


    Put  PREMIUM Tags around the Content that's For Sale

    Write up a description of the product you are selling.

    In your post content, decide which part should be visible only to people with full access, and wrap that part in between [premium][/premium] tags. In other words, anything you put in between [premium][/premium] tags will be visible only to those who have paid for full access to that thread. In contrast, anything you put outside the [premium][/premium] tags, will be visible to everyone!

    Possible-use case: you want to embed a youtube video that should only be visible to people who have paid for the access. On the same post, you want to add a brief introduction above that video, which should be visible to everyone, that would entice people to buy access to watch that video.  Your post content would look something like this:

    Attachments such as e-books, podcasts, plans, etc. that people can pay to download:

    If you want to attach a file and make sure that only people who have paid are able to download that file, you can do so. Basically, if the post contains the [premium][/premium] tags ANYWHERE in the text, ALL the files attached to that post will be downloadable only for people who have paid for access.

    So, if we just attach a file to the above post in our example, since that post has premium tags already in the post, only people with full access to the thread will be able to download that attachment.

    For Physical Items and Attached Content:

  • For a physical item, just place the tags where you want the little pay-window to show up. No need to attach anything or have any hidden content.
  • What if you don't have anything like a video or any other 'secret' text to wrap between the premium tags, but just an attachment that needs to be available only to people who paid for the access? Just insert an empty [premium][/premium] tag anywhere to the post, attach your product (ebook, pdf, video, etc.), and you're done!

  • Step

    Set Your Prices

    Configure pricing. Click the "Paid Content" tab at the bottom, and check the "This thread can have paid-only content" checkbox.

    Doing this will make more options visible. Check the boxes that you want to apply to the thread. If you select a rent option for a video, don't forget to set how many days it will be available for viewing. This is also the place to set your affiliate fee. This is the fee others can earn if they have a link to your product on their own website or blog. (See below to learn where to get the affiliate link.)

    "Buy with Paypal, price $" - This is the price in USD people have to pay with Paypal to get forever access to all the premium content in this thread.
    "Buy with pie, number of slices" - People with pie can handover this amount of pie slices to get forever access to all the premium content in this thread.
    "Rent with Paypal, price $" - This is the price in USD people have to pay with Paypal to get one month access to all the premium content in this thread.
    "Rent with pie, number of slices" - People with pie can handover this amount of pie slices to get one month access to all the premium content in this thread.

    Pie Pie is something that Permies users can earn (or purchase) to be used for other things on the site. This is just an option, and you are not obliged to use it as a payment option. More about Pie will be added soon.

    If you are creating the thread for someone else's product, there is a box to click for that, too: "This thread is created on behalf of another user". When you check that box, you can then add in their seller code so that the payments go to them instead of you. Learn how to get a seller code at the bottom of this thread..

    When you have your content written, your video link placed between the [premium][/premium] tags, and all of your payment options selected, click the Submit button and you are done!

    Physical Objects:

    If you are selling a physical object that will be mailed, set the price of your item, as well as the total price when international or domestic shipping are applied.


    Wherever you put your [premium][/premium] tags in your post, will become the place for people to purchase your object.  It will look like this to potential buyers:


    Admire Your Thread

    After you create your premium thread with video, this is how it will look to people visiting the thread, before they pay:

    Double-check to make sure that "premium"/for sale content is not visible. You can also log out (or view the thread from a logged out browser), just to double check that hidden stuff is hidden.

    Note: because you are the creator, there will be a link at the bottom of the white area which would let you see your own content. Click that link, and the black area will be replaced with the actual content - emulating how it would be visible for someone has paid for the full access.

    At this point, there are three kinds of people who can see the actual content: you - the creator of the thread; people who have paid to get full access to your thread; and Master Stewards.

    It really is a little bit like magic. If you have any questions, please post them below and we'll do our best to lead you through the process if you're having troubles.

    Once the thread is set up, if you scroll down to below the post, you will see the affiliate link. If people want to help sell your product, and earn a little bit of money for it, this is the link they will use.


    Extra Tips for Creating Good Premium Threads

    • Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation will make your thread look more professional.
    • Using the tools at the top of the content window to bold text, increase size of headings, or making them colored, can make the thread more interesting.
    • Including images, or video trailers or teasers, can be very effective. Ensure that your images are sharp and attractive.
    • If you are selling access to a video on Youtube, remember to set the video to private on Youtube, so it can only be seen by people who have paid for the access link.
    • If you are selling a download or physical object, you can enclose a message between the tags. Maybe a Thank you message, or any information you feel they need.


    Images must be 700px wide or less, and 72 dpi. Please name your images before uploading, using all lower case text and using dashes between each word (NOT underscores). For example:

  • rocket-mass-heater-plans.jpg
  • best-elderberry-jam-cold-fighting-immune-system-boosting.jpg

  • Other tools on Permies to promote your stuff

  • Take a look at this thread about Thread Boost -
  • This thread on how to promote your stuff on permies for free -

  • If you have any other selling tips, please feel free to share them below.
    1 day ago
    Supposedly dwarfs are less-long-living and more prone to stress than larger trees. For that reason, I have some standards and some dwarf/semi-dwarf. If the dwarfs don't make it, hopefully the standards will!    
    1 day ago
    Now you can have your own Paul Wheaton Voodoo ACTION Figure Doll!

    Frustrated with Paul? Mad about how he runs his site? Take out your aggression on your own Mini-Paul!

    He comes with his own personal slice of pie and some nice sharp pointy things and a match. Let your imagination run wild! Let Paul run wild in his bare feet and overalls!


    You can take him with you as you build your hugels, pick your kale, stomp your cob, work in the garden, light your rocket mass heater. Give him to your child to play with, or even to your dog!


    He's made out of recycled fabric (my old jeans), wool roving, cotton pipe cleaners and cotton embroidery floss.

    If you want, you can separately buy this dragon (or a dragon of your choice) for him to ride valiantly to to battle bad guys by doing awesome stuff!