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since Apr 19, 2014
Herbal educator, free superfood specialist, permaculture practitioner, herbal tea toter, forest garden fanatic
SW Ontario, Zone 5
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Recent posts by Simon Johnson

I'm am really loving this design Matt!

I am setting up an off grid camper trailer to live in as I build and this stove might be the thing for me to keep warm in the winter and cook on.  

So with that, I'm looking to keep the weight down of course.  I won't be towing the trailer around though and will support the floor.  

Any thoughts on tweaking things things here and there in the design to keep it as small as possible?  

It's a fine line to balance the weight issue in a trailer with having a nice mass to keep the heat in over the night.  I wonder where that line might be when installing this kind of stove in a camper trailer?  I certainly can't be running the propane furnace all winter in Ontario to stay warm and cook with...

Any way.  Great stuff here Matt.  I'll post my build if I do end up putting this design in the trailer.  Thanks for the videos, they are super helpful!
4 months ago

I am totally new to this idea, but am quite interested.

Is the basic concept that different types of nuts and seeds will come up with different kinds of "cheeses"?

Is there a certain type of nut/seed which is very versatile and can make many different types?

Does anyone have a favourite type of nut/seed to use?

I've so far tried seed cheese once with sunflower seeds and it turned out ok.  I imagine it takes some practice to get it right.

1 year ago
I am wondering which crops would work out best in a zone 4/5/6 type areas, in terms of profitability vs area and time needed to grow them?

In a permaculture way of course.

1 year ago
Hi guys,

So I guess Geoff is trying something different this year with his online pdc.  He is running this one on a referral basis.  He has given out links to folks who have completed one of his earlier pdc (like me) and we are allowed to refer our friends and family.

So you guys at permies are my friends and I am going to give out the invite here for anyone looking to sign up.  This link is only good for a limited time, so if you are interested in participating in this pdc, you better act sooner rather than later.  Apparently this pdc is going to be  bigger and better than the previous ones and he wants to give his full attention to the folks signing up.  Thus he doesn't want a million people signing up.

Anyway here is the link to sign up for the 2016 Geoff Lawton PDC.  Get it while it's here.

Seems to be fine.  No further issues from my end.

You are welcome Paul!
For the record, I now no longer have the warning symbol in my address bar and the security certificate is now verified. Some funny business going on.
Here they are. The ones I opened.  I clicked on them both and they opened in separate tabs both with the security warning.  Then I added the exceptions, but I still see the little warning symbol in the address bar.
Hi guys,

I went to follow some links from the dailyish today and got a warning from firefox that this site was not trusted and I should not be here.  The security certificate was not right in some way or another.  Of course I added the exception and continued on, but not so good for regular folks.

Anyway, just a heads up.
Hi Shaun,

As far as places where the local farmers gather, I'm not sure.  They have community events, like bingo, cards, and fundraising dinners at the legion, but different people show up to different events.  There are the churches in town as well, which many people attend. This would probably be a good place to meet and chat with folks.  We basically told everyone we met that we were looking for a place and if they knew of anything to let us know.  But that requires spending significant amounts of time in the area.  There are a few rich people there who own a significant amount of different properties who you could track down and ask if they might sell something.

I don't know what your situation is, but it would be good if you could get up there and spend time talking to folks.  It's best to do that when all the cottagers aren't there, so after labour day or before July.

I think the group you had contact with, who are looking to buy a very large piece of land and create an intentional community on, are farther south into the bush from South River off highway 11.  That is a different area from where we are looking.  The people I was referring to are just random folks who have moved to the area and purchased their own respective properties and are doing their own thing, but still getting together and trading, talking, making community.  Port Loring is on highway 522, north more, closer to North Bay.  Google map it.  It is still part of the same large section of unorganized area that the other folks are looking to purchase in, but it is more in the "middle of nowhere".

For income we are going to be running our herbal tea business at local area markets in the summer and selling online all year.  We are also going to be farming/gardening to provide ourselves with food and sell some down the road.  We are also going to be setting up an education space where we will teach about herbalism, permaculture, wild plants/foraging, all that good stuff.  There is a group of us who have just formed an organization to get some government funding to get some cool things going, focused on, arts, history, environment, and recreation, so this may lead to other income streams.  

We are looking for a smaller scale set up, around 10 acres, probably with a home already built, so we can jump right in a get the things going we want to see happen.  

Are you in a position to be able to go spend some time in the area talking to folks?  I still think knocking on doors is a good idea.  If not knocking, then driving by and looking for farmers who are outside and then walking up and talking to them.  They are really quite friendly in the area and do like to talk.
2 years ago