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Recent posts by Simon Johnson

I have something I could add to the list if you like.  I call it the "free superfoods nutrition and energitics chart".

I currently give it away for free on my website to capture emails.

Let me know if you are interested.

1 month ago
I was taken straight to paypal with no questions asked.  I am in Ontario Canada.
My kickstarter email (which I failed to update) is different from my permies one.  I added my kickstarter email as my secondary email on here. I click on the link to the forum and I am not able to get in.
Nice one Mary Beth!  Lambsquarter is the best!  So happy you found it out :)

We have been harvesting the lambsquarter so much this summer.  It's for sure one of my favourits.  Almost unbelievable how abundant it is and how nutritious.  I like to call it "wild spinach" to make it sound better and more appealing to folks who never heard about eating it before.  Way better of going out to the garden for some of this stuff then going to the super market and paying an arm and a leg for some sub par spinach.  They taste very similar in my opinion.  

We have been making some super tasty recipes with it, like a spanica pita type thing, omelettes, quiches, etc.  If anyone is interested we are having a little online wild food cooking class where we go over a bunch of recipes using wild plants and lambsquarter is on the menu.  It's a lot of fun.  The link is in my signature.

I like to harvest as much as possible when it's young and growing really well, then dry it and store it for the winter months to be used as a "superfood" powder in smoothings, soups and what not.  

9 months ago
This is a great little thread!

I love the wild black raspberries that grow all around my house.  They are just the best. They are pretty darn seedy, but man are they tasty!

If anyone is interested we are having a little online wild food cooking class where we go over a bunch of recipes using wild plants.  It's a lot of fun.  The link is in my signature.
9 months ago
Feeding the bees sugar was the first thing I noticed in the manual I received from my local "bee expert".  Then they go on to talk about pest management with pesticides because the bees are weak.  Leave the bees some of their liquid gold to eat over winter.  How is this not obvious to everyone?  It's a point of contention that can get me going

Can't wait to read Bee Keeping with a Smile
10 months ago
Good stuff guys!

I went out in the internet world and started searching.  I found a number of places that sell the food grade plastic mesh that comes with many dehydrators by the roll.  I also found the stuff in bulk if I want to build a ton of dehydrating space.

I think "food grade plastic mesh" was the most successful search.

The stainless stuff is just too expensive (I think) for the size of drying space I want to create.  
11 months ago
I am setting up my old camper trailer to function as a large space to dehydrate all the goodies I harvest this season.  I am looking to make large racks with screen material to set my produce on.  

The question is, what screen material do I use?  Ideally it would be stainless steel hardware cloth at about 1/8" holes.  Of course this kind of stuff is ridiculously expensive.  So what is the next best thing?  What are folks using in their dehydrator constructions?

The two options I see at the hardware store are fiberglass window screening and galvanized hardware cloth.  Neither of these seem like the ideal thing to place my nice organic food on to dry.   Any input on what to do here would be super appreciated.  Thank you!
11 months ago