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Well done!
2 years ago
I don't think it's something you can teach. I was in SAR for 10 years and taught GPS, map and compass along with many other skills. Orientation was tough, maybe 1/10 of the people took to instinctively, maybe 50% were very comfortable with their learned skills and the rest just nod and  really shouldn't leave camp without a buddy.

Direction sense is different tho, I can point out what I see and even talk about how it effects me but my wife and kids don't get it, I've tried multiple times. They ask me what time it is when they have watches or cell phones, then check their devices and just shake their heads when I'm a few minutes off.
5 years ago
I too have a gift for direction, I can walk into a forest or a mall and maintain north within 10 or so degrees. My first day in Berlin we took a subway and got out and I found my place on a map, we walked for several hours and my buddy got worried we should head back. We were less than 2 blocks away, I just figured he knew were were heading back to the hostel.

Time works in a similar way for me if I can keep track of the light, I'm usually within 10 minutes without a watch or cellphone (2 years free of a phone!)
5 years ago
Sometimes your garden will grow things other than vegetables, they shouldn't be dissuaded rather encouraged. It might take a different person to harvest protein but it often grows in the same garden.
6 years ago
Shiplap is great, though I prefer t&g (2") or double t&g (3") if I'm in control of the build (and costs aren't an issue). Shiplap is perfect if the structure isn't as straight/square as would be ideal, like a wofati. It works well on curved structures and if you're packing the gap, but it must rest on the edges or you're better off just buying #2 kd and tacking it together.

7 years ago
I heard the cards are small with much detail, can someone give me the physical dimensions of the cards? I want to buy some fresnel lenses to include with the half-dozen I just bought for Christmas. If you have time to include the dimensions of the case that would be nice too, I want to sew up a leather pouch as well.

Thanks - Rick
I honestly believe that our passion can touch 1 in 10 to some degree. 1 in 20,000 are those who will be "PITS" 'Paul's in training'. Everyone of them will teach, train and pass on information to others in some way. It may never be published or seen in the community but it will have local effect. Maybe %0.1 can push things forward, 20 people with Paul's commitment could change the world.

There are new people moving into this concept daily, to keep them excited they should have: base information/starter videos/web pages/links/amazon purchase pages, that are current and updated. A dead link is a killjoy for a geek that can search more, it's death for a novice.
7 years ago
I'm in Yamhill county.

The corn we grow locally is primarily for fresh eating and is usually at it's peak at Labor day(4-8/$), while most people don't grow grain corn it shouldn't be an issue to complete, I get popcorn easily every year when I try it. Most grains have an issue with pulling an element from the soil. I do like the idea of growing legumes below corn to balance the cycle.
8 years ago
Meet for lunch or hit some events together?
8 years ago
My degree is in mechanical design. I do heating, cooling, electrical, and air movement. I'm a computer geek and do wired and wireless networking, How can I help? I have completed Geoff Lawton's online permaculture class. I believe in the concepts of permaculture.

Let's rock this town.

I have 20 years of design experience, mainly in restaurants but the CAD experience is valuable and super accurate, within inches. Nobody can build as tight as I can design.