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Living off-grid 20 acre farm, with goats, chickens and pigs.
USDA Zone 8-9
Coastal Salish Sea area, British Columbia - USDA zone 8-9
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Recent posts by jordan barton

Hopefully sawdust counts

i needed to clean the mill out. here it is before i cleaned it out


Picture of me in the machine

First dump

Second dump

Third dump

The next log to go on

The log on the mill
3 days ago
I love working with red cedar. It takes so nicely to hand saws!

I have used it to make a bunch of small structures. Movable chicken tractors, chicken coop on a trailer, gates, garden stakes!. The outside of our house is covered with cedar 1x8s. Our deck was made from 100% cedar, which i milled.

I really enjoy the smell of the wood.

I have covered the roof of a hay shed with cedar shakes.

All of our wooden fences posts are cedar.

How healthy are the trees? Do they have a bunch of branches or are they clear in some sections? What are the conditions the trees are growing in? Is it growing on a rocky bluff, or in a swamp/area with sufficient water?

Around here red cedar sells for quite alot of money. I have heard 3$ a board foot. And i have even heard up to 17$ a board foot for clear edge grain wood.

I have used the boughs in baths. I find it cleansing.

The branches can be woven to make a wall lattice to put cob onto/around.

I am sure there are more uses!!
4 days ago

Gary Numan wrote:
Hi Jordan, is Hisaishi a favorite of yours?  I'm assuming so, since you used him as an example.  Thanks for introducing him to me, I'm going to go find more of his pieces.

I see his career path is similar to a favorite of mine, Ryuichi Sakamoto -- are you familiar with him?

He is one of them. I first heard of his music from the movie

I am not familiar. I will check ryuichi out. thanks!
1 week ago
So as someone who continuously listens to songs i like. Often hitting repeat multiple times. And Also being someone who is on a limited data plan for our internet. I have found a way to continue to play youtube songs without having to reload them every single time. This can be done without having the internet on!

So right click on the screen. and than check on loop. see photo.

Another way i have done this. Is by not clicking on the replay button. But by clicking on the red bar and moving the timer to 0:02. This works while offline as well.
I have found if you click on the replay button while not online, the page tries to reload and than you lose the chance to play the song while offline.

This does not appear to work with songs which are 20 minutes long however.

Here is a song to try this out on.
1 week ago
Here is what i started with. About 125 pounds of pork, one half and another half minus the front shoulder

Here is the front shoulder on the table before it was processed.

Here is the stomach section before it gets processed into bacon/ rib chops mmmm

Here is the back leg portion, also shown is the belly bacon, some bones for stock, some fat pieces for sausage, and some skin/fat pieces for beans.

Here is some of the meat labelled and packaged up. That is a banana box the meat is in.

So this process took me about 5 hours, this does include cutting up the hams and turning it into loose sausage. The sausage weighted about 17 pounds. All of this except the head and the belly/loin went into the freezer. The tools i use were;
Boning knife
long knife for larger cuts
hand saw for cutting bones
many cutting boards and containers for moving the meat inside for packaging.

Here is the video i used!

I would have taken more photos however having pork lard hands makes it difficult.

1 week ago

ann kat wrote:
Lot 2 available: wooded (hardwoods), some trees are mature, a foot or more in diameter, but a lot of very thin trees too (most trees are quite young), underneath them are just dry leaves, rolling terrain with a small area of grassy flat land near the road.
I would need to clear at least a couple of acres for pasture. How long would it take to convert the woods into pasture?
Would I need to pull out stamps, really?
I don't want to clear cut all and want to keep few bigger trees that look nice, but logging company would probably require clear cut if I want it done for free - ?
Realtor mentioned something about mulching.
Does bulldozing destroy the soil? I read about logging companies stripping topsoil.
And basically how long would it take to get pasture grass growing there and what's the fastest way?

Welcome to Permies!!

I would suggest choosing lot 2.
My reasons would be;
-Clearing areas for pasture would not be terribly hard. You can always do a section at a time, and than fence it as you go.
-Having growing forest around you is a great value, various materials to be had. Potential protection from wind. The trees will keep growing and become more usable over time. Whether for house heat or lumber making or hugulekulture , among other uses.
-In my opinion there would not need to be a need for a logging company to come in. Everything can happen slow and steady
- Leave the stumps in my opinion. They will just do there thing, trees/shrubs will grow out of them. Maybe removing stumps around your house perhaps.?

i am not 100% sure on the turn around time for the pasture. I imagine the goats would love eating in shrubby small tree land. Unless your goats are afraid of eating shrubs? and only want to eat grass? My goats love eating shrubs which are at head height. Completely stepping over any grass.

I would be hesitant to pursue the logging company route. From your description, the trees are small. It sounds like a small cordless electric chainsaw would do most of what you require.

I would love to be in your situation. My goats would love it how it is. The goats can clear the underbrush, than be moved and than you can come in and open up the area to allow more shrubs to grow.

anyways i need to go milk my goat.

Good luck.
1 week ago
How would someone complete this bb without having a conventional bathroom?

We use a sawdust bucket toilet which is outside in our shed. rock floor. i could clean the bucket, i suppose.

We have only one mirror, its upstairs in the house. it is not used regularly lol. Right now it is leaning against a wall on the floor.

Our only sink is in the kitchen. i guess i could clean the kitchen sink...

Right now our shower is outside. It sprays onto the lawn.... Same with our "tub" it is just outside on a pallet. fills with a hose from the house and drains onto the grass.

I could clean the floor of our kitchen?

1 week ago
This is maybe more of a nasal pressure headache. However a netti pot has helped me tremendously. Whenever i am getting a slight ache in my head. Using the netti pot always helps cool my head and the salt in the water helps remove phloem. I am always able to breath better and feel relieved.

This took many years to figure out. Now this is what i used.
1 week ago

To show you've completed this Badge Bit, you must provide:
A before photos of all of your equipment and ingredients
Your recipe of choice
A photo of you filling the jars to the proper 'head' height
A photo of the jars in the water bath
A photo of your finished product! (Including a photo of the sealed lid and appropriate label)

Here is the plums i began with. They were previously frozen and halved.

So for the recipe. I spent about 30 minutes trying to find one.( Joy of cooking, change of heart, mother earth news, etc) and in the end i noticed the plums had quite a lot of juice in them. So what i did was i just added honey to taste. I put about 1 1/2 cups of honey into the plums. I used my own taste buds!

pressure canner plus metal disk separator  and the equipment

Sterilizing the jars on the wood stove and spacer of 1/2 inch for head space

8 pint jars fit in the canner waiting to boil and second round of canning/filling jars

3 jars waiting to boil and sealed labeled plums ( eleven pint jars)
so this has helped me in a pinch.

Licking the wound, continue periodically licking it until it begins to clot. Than apply douglas fir pitch/sap to the wound. try and put a bandage on it. tape seems to help it stay on.

Leave it like this for a few days and after about 3 days it seems to be well on its way to healing! Now remove the bandage/tape and inspect it. reapply clean bandage/tape as necessary.
2 weeks ago