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Living off-grid 23 acre farm, with goats, chickens and pigs.
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Recent posts by jordan barton

I am currently reading the second dune book. I am not sure if i will switch to the third one or read some of the books i recently took out from the library

Here is the list. Not all of them will arrive right away as some of them have 50+ people waiting to read them.
10 hours ago
ill admit i have noticed this recently. It says i am allowed max limit of 4096 characters. Than it goes on to say no more than two lines.

I appear to not be able to do anything to my current signature. cannot add a space or any character. I can only delete. I found this odd!
lots of new skills learned here.

It seems for me soaking the red clay bricks than applying the mortar( which is just local soil sifted, mixed with some wood stove ash) to the wall first and than placing the brick on the wall works much better. As aposed to buttering the brick first and than putting it on the wall.

As far as putting the full sized fire bricks i found today that not making them wet at all and just using fireclay(clay slip) resulted in the best results.

I am super stoked to get this sealed up! I am excited to use it! Enjoying building and learning new skills.

John C Daley wrote:Does the wooden floor need strengthening?

please see my thread here
3 days ago
I believe you will be looking for a MPPT charge controller.

AS far as i am aware. they accept various voltages and convert them to different voltages so they can get the best charging possible with the given amount of solar coming in.

So i believe the panels being 36v is normal. I know when our charge controller is working on a cloudy day it can show 110v coming in with a low amount of current.

So yea they will work with 12 volt. Personally i would go with a reputable brand.
Check out this site. they seem to carry good brands

AS far as inverter. It will depend on what kind of power you are wanting to use? Do you want to be able to use your chop saw? or do you only want to grind your coffee and charge a laptop? I would suggest a pure sine wave inverter. Try the industrial pure sine wave samlex inverters. Here is the 1000 w one
5 days ago
After mr.barton finished taking his apple pie out of his electric oven. He put the pie over near the window to cool down. Next he turns around and grabs something out of the oven.

Well what do you know it is his fashionable brick shoes. straight from the oven! He turns to me and says.
"Martha, there is nothing like a freshly baked apple pie, however the ways me feets feels after wearing my brick shoes makes me warm and fuzzy all over!"

Next thing he dons the brick shoes!

Ooooh Mr. barton what will he think of next.

1 week ago
Hello folks

I have finally begun building my masonry heater. It is based off of matt walker's riserless core. The parts have been mostly scrounged or free. What i have spent money on is the white IFB bricks, secondary air tube, wood feed door, the superwool, and fire clay.

Here is a link to  Matt Walker's riserless core

Here is where i purchased the door/secondary feed tube.  Dragon tech RMH!

I want to start out by saying i have not done any masonry work before. Having erica/ernie's book here has been tremendous help. Also having the tremendous support of pemies has been fantastic so thank you to everyone who has asked question on here. And thank you to those who have help answer those questions.

Today i spent my time stacking the riserless core and began trying to figure out the transition to the heavy mass storage. Is there any issues with using a 4.5" x 9" channel for my air path in the mass storage area? The CSA is @ 40 with the 4.5 x 9.

The stove is going to have a double skin. I will be putting up red clay bricks around the outside.

1 week ago
Has anyone used superwool as the base layer to their masonry heater? I am attempting to however it seems to be quite annoying because the bricks want to move around.

I am starting to think it is not a good idea?

The reason i wanted to put in on the base layer, is because i figured it would help with cracking because my masonry heater will be going onto a wood floor. I figured having a flexible base might make it easier on the cracks.

I did stack some bricks on it. Once it had some weight on it it seemed much better than the first course. However it still seems questionable... to me.
1 week ago
If you want to help someone working around the homestead, please learn their habits and their flows. Please spend time looking at how you can help and where the weaknesses are. Please try to be an asset and blend in.
2 weeks ago
Hey folks

I am currently needing to figure out how to do some brick work for my tiny house masonry heater. Figured i would just go at it and than realized that might have been a mistake. Spent a few days watching videos by a guy named Honest mike.

Here is the channel -

Much more can be found on Honest Mike's Channel. I really enjoyed the videos and the knowledge that mike passed on through them.

Here is the playlist about brick laying
2 weeks ago