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Living off-grid 23 acre farm, with chickens.
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Recent posts by jordan barton

Most of those look like rolls batteries.

Have you read their very useful manual ?

They have a section on equalization. Mostly to only do it if the specific gravity of the cells deviate more than 0.25-.30 (Ex. 1.265, 1.235,
1.260, 1.210...)

I otherwise haven't equalized in a few years. specific gravity of the cells has always been consistent for me.

If you are charging the batteries according to rolls battery specifications. I am not sure you would need to equalize.
1 month ago
raw milk would probably be the best. Tons of what i believe can be found here.

i could say more but the website i linked to says it all. I have read the book twice.

I did start using a good bone support pill. I would open it up and pour it into my mouth. I would hold it in my mouth for 10 minutes or so while doing other things. sometimes i would lie down on one side and hold it on my left side of my mouth, than switch to the other side of my mouth. very powerful way to take supplements!!! about 10 minutes to enter the blood stream from oral absorption. While this website seems a little weak in information it atleast supports what i believe.

I basically have followed most of the advice in the book. Switched to tooth powder.
2 months ago
I recall milk being used on pink eye. I would think raw would be helpful. My recollection is a mother in nepal gave some breast milk for someones pink eye. It was over 10 years ago that this happened. Probably worth reading about more.
2 months ago

Tiffaney Dex wrote:
1) I saw a video where Matt explains what kinds of wood he burns and for what purposea he chooses that wood. But what size of wood does the stove burn? Is it small wood, like other rocket stoves, or more traditional cut wood?

2) In a video, Matt explains why it's important to make e the core out of insulated bricks. Is there a reason to use insulated bricks on the bottom of the cook stove? Or could regular bricks be used?

1) Personally a mix is best. If I have it. 8-10" stuff is good for in between the door and the secondary burn pipe. otherwise 14-16" works well. I would say 14" is easier. Being that the stove is ultra hot when opening the door, its nice if it will always fit, without manoeuvring the pieces around.

2) I used insulating bricks everywhere. it amounted to 50+ insulating bricks for the core of the stove. The insulating bricks are great to work with. I wonder if you are talking about under the core?

To see my build ....
3 months ago
since the rocket oven is our only oven. we cook it all in there. We are eating a parsnip/leak/nettles fritatta and a parsnip cake for dinner tonight

Christmas day we cooked a turkey in the oven. All 22 pounds!!
4 months ago
One of my favourite foods, it uses lemon juice despite the photo...

4 months ago

Andrés Bernal wrote:
I think we need more submissions to be able to show a full picture! & totally this is the best time to do it, anyone else wants to participate? If you have any questions or need guidance, please let us know :)

Do you want us to share all the details in the first post in the video? Or can that be submitted in written form? I am trying to figure out how long the video should be. One of just the stove running will be short. I haven't made many videos so I am hoping to make it a useful video.
I mean specifically  

The information needed:

 average temp (average high and average low) in December
      (example - Missoula is 33/19 - according to google)
 estimation of quality of insulation and square feet of your house
 story of heat and annual cost
 what sort of indoor temps do you maintain
 if burning wood, what are your December wood burning habits like (100% wood? Burn all day? Evening temp different than morning temp?)
 footage of the system in action, and maybe also of the outside during winter times

4 months ago