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Recent posts by jordan barton

solacity has 350w longi panels for .66c a watt !!!

I believe its located in kemptville ontario.

3 weeks ago
Usually what happens is the email you used for supporting the kickstarter is different than the email used on permies.

On your profile you will find a tab to add a secondary email address. Try adding the email address you used for kickstarter to your permies account.
its listed under Email preferences.
Just listened to this video on oral micro biome. Quite interesting stuff. Also talks a bit about functional dentistry

1 month ago
I am still on the fence about lithium. What I do like is they can remain at whatever state of charge without damage, that is above about 20% state of charge. They also do not require a long absorption charge to be full. Living on the west coast, our solar irradiance is very low. some times we only get 1 1/2 hours of sunlight a day(if the clouds don't get in the way).... So with the lithiums this might be no problem. Currently our absorption charge takes 2 hours and 24 minutes...

Lead acids like to be full!
Lead acids claim to be 98 -100% recyclable, even the plastic case is reused.  
I can get one 6v 445amp FLA rolls royce battery for 579$CAD plus tax. I know the Lithium will be atleast twice that. So for a low income schmuck like me. I find lithium too rich for my blood.
I am still partial to rolls royce batteries. I have a friend who ran his rolls royce FLA batteries for 13 years!  Our current Deka Solar batteries are 8 years now! I even like the full on flooded lead acid. While it requires the work of filling it up and checking the specific gravity, they seem very forgiving if treated well. The thing with needing to check the FLA often, means that you are more likely to notice an issue with the batteries/wires.

I also have a lithium (lipo4) 72v battery for my electric scooter. It has needed the BMS replaced about 4 times now. This very well might be the quality of bms that the thing uses. However I have had a hell of a time trying to find someone who will work on it. I have been sent some replacement BMS, they require me to take off all of the balance wires and reattach the new ones because this new bms has different plugs/wires. Good lord.
1 month ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:I want to see a hamburger launched into orbit!

Remember the thing "Will it blend?" What about "Will it fly?"  

Do it Jordan, you know you want to...  :D

not quite a hamburger
1 month ago
From what I ve read you are best to go with similar panels. I believe how it works is the voltages can be different its the amps which need to be the same. otherwise the amperage from the lowest panel will be a bottle neck the larger panels. Meaning the larger amp panels will operate at the lowest amp panel.

if you had 5 panels at 10 amps and you have 1 panel at 4 amps. all of the 5 panels at 10 amps would operate at the 4 amp panels rating.

really I would try to find another use for those 2 -100 watt panels. I just bought 6 - 360watt panels

What I think you mean is a 1000watt 40 amp charge controller?

I think you will want more solar if you plan to use a microwave/freezer. I would advise doing an energy audit

What inverter are you wanting to use?
1 month ago
where I live sawdust is plentiful. What about covering the pipe with a 1 foot mound of sawdust? Its removable later on. It might need to be adjusted periodically. It will also decompose over time and need to be renewed.

some other ideas;
planting trees near it
protecting it from the open sky.
leaving it running ever so slightly when the weather is near freezing.
draining it when it will not be used. ( this might intale a shut off at your house up the hill. fill things up, than drain the line.) This is how our well pump functions currently.
another variation
design the hose near the bottom(lowest point) to have a "leak" So when its not in use it leaks slowly. You close the line off up at the house at say 8pm. The water line leaks empty. Turn the water on when you get up in the morning.
1 month ago
To me most of the value of this project will come from the lumber. In my opinion selling logs will not cover the costs of falling/bucking/moving them. Logs are heavy to move and require large equipment. Lumber can be moved by hand and all of that. Where I live excavator operators will move/stack logs. If you are already bringing them in for road work/clearing. I also believe that selling the lumber will be a way to recuperate the logging... not a way to gain anything.

I would be trying to find a local miller/sawyer who can process the logs on site, into lumber for sale. They might know someone who can fall and move logs to the jobsite on your property. Or they might do all the work for half the lumber...

To me if the small logs are not 10" in diameter they are better off turned into firewood/poles for building.

One thing you can do is get an app on your phone called sun's path and position. It will show you where the sun is in the summer and where it will be in the winter. This can be helpful in establishing which trees need to be taken down for a garden/house site.

here is the app

2 months ago
Hey community

So I am needing to spool up 1000 feet of 10/3 cable. Its left over from a failed wind turbine generator site(not enough wind)
The wire has been in the woods/forest for 15 years or so. Its all straight. The person I am doing this for wants it to be spooled up for storage. In return I get however much wire I need for our new east/west solar panel array.

I am hoping to roll it up in the forest but than I thought maybe someone has a good repurposed way to do this? Or maybe something I haven't even thought of?

I suspect the cable might be stiff? Its also summer so it might be more malleable than say doing it in the winter.

So what do you have? ideas? repurposed? spool the wire than take it off the spool? Homemade spool? Cable spool?
2 months ago