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You can make it round easily with bells (stratification chambers) instead of pipes for extracting heat.

One example is here:

It could be round like a cylinder or like a sphere or an egg. But some may be more difficult to build;-)
1 month ago
@hatten, do you have a link to those follow up videos? It seems like there has been some more info added...

As of video, it's a nice work...
There are oak shingles mentioned..but they seem to me like thin oak boards.. can anyone confirm this?
We make shingles by splitting spruce or larch. Boards are maid by sawing them. Shingles last much longer than boards ( larch can last up to 70 years but it really depends on local conditions)

Also, why burning method is not used on shingles? It would be a pain to burn them by hand but if one would make kind of "fire planer" that would be much easier...

Anyway, craftsmanship like this is great to watch..

4 months ago
Gosh, Donkey, that was fast!

Did you start writing reply prior to me writing the question ?!?

Thanks, much appreciated info!

6 months ago
Hi, Donkey.

I really like that one! But have some questions to understand the build better...

Do you have an approximate figure of effective inner surface area?

The front and back wall of the arch - you just filled it with bricks on side and then stuffed the gaps?

Did you use anything to compensate the outward force at the bottom of the arch? Or is it so steep that it doesn't matter?

Is the heat riser made from clay and perlite mix or is it something else? It looks to me like that you had some form inside but then you removed it...

How long is the firebox from the primary air gap to the last wall? How long firewood can you utilise?

Is there something that you would do differently if one says: "Please, make me something like that!"

What are the dimensions of the bricks that you are using?

Few years ago i did a casted 4" batchbox with p-channel. I had a feeling like that it is kinda too small of a sistem to work well. Maybe i should insulate around the 3cm casted firebox walls... Looking at your graphs it seems that yours is working well!

And i really like this kitchen utensil for the door! These doors  are the cherry on top! It looks like that the stove is saying to other heaters: "Look i can do it better with a casserole than you with a $$$ metal door!"

Thank you for sharing and i hope to hear more details about jamboree projects!

Best regards

6 months ago
My 139 page is empty, too. Appearance is the same as in above post. 140 page starts with "Within developing countries..."

Other wise it'sinteresting read...
11 months ago
Just watched the Cob part...
I think that many details of RMH cob style building are nicely shown... Nice work! And Ernie and Erica's new book is really a nice companion reading !

Thank you for this really nicely done DVD!

Can't wait to see other videos!

1 year ago
Oh, the link http://www.fornyetenrgi.dk/ on Kickstarter thank you message does not work. It may be a typo?!
2 years ago

It can be easily seen that you are passionate to this work. This is the best warranty for quality of work!
Beeing paid for this things is really great. In this way you don't have to bother about getting enough money in other way so that you can do the work that you are passionate about

I whish you that it stays that way even beyond the end of this project(s)!

2 years ago

Blendi Kraja wrote:@klemen urbanija

My sister is coming in person this summer, so I will redirect the book to her and she'll bring it to me. If you want, you can do the same and I'll let you know the shipping charges AL-SL.

I can't promise anything, but I'm planning a "beach-going" spree with my family this summer (if The Boss agrees , the kids are already on board) in both Adriatic and Ionian see rivieras. If so, I'll bring it to you in person for free in Slovenia.


Shipping from AL to SL will again be subject to VAT so this is not an option... Darn. I have been to AL 6 years ago but i don't plan of going there any time soon... . Don't bother, Blendi i am very happi with my current pledge for the book from UK!

Have a nice day,

2 years ago

I think the total within the EU comes out to $54 with shipping.
Much better than paying $70 plus VAT!

(Although if you would like to keep your pledge high to help us with our stretch goals, you can add the eBook to this item for $21, or other digital items by arrangement.)


This is great Erica - i have almost decided to stay with digital version, but now this UK option changed my mind! I am short on money, so i don't think that i will be adding 21$ but i did make sure to spread the word of this new EU option...

I really hope for you two to pass 35k$! (and for us to get Inovator's cookbook !

And to Albanian "neighbour"... Maybe i can get you a physical book and then send it to your place? Or you order it on my address in Slovenia? I can check postage to your country if you want...

2 years ago