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Don Stevens page is down.
Thanks to web.archive.org there is a snapshot of this page:


This website (web.archive.org) works because of donations.

1 month ago
We and 2 our neighbouring families managed a "preventative" approach. We have a 3 week cycle. On tuesday and thursday one family cooks for other two and delivers the goods to the door.
Every third week we cook for others and other 2/3rds of weeks they cook for us. This is 15 meals cooking at once, when the row is on us.

It works great, it was simple to implement (at first we tried only 1 day per week, but imediatelly after the first cycle we started with two days/week) and it is really a nice feeling when you cook for others. Also the feeling is great when others bring lunch to your door. Of course it is much less time consuming…
And three families got the privilege of eating rocket oven baked food, recently  

4 months ago
I have something to consider (maybe). I checked the rewards..
Pledging from non US countries woud probably add about 20$ for the postage? I guess i will not be the only one from those countries that will think of group buying...

And if there are 10 people in group buy with me + they are thinking of adding a book to others it suddenly gets over 12 copies.... Maybe a pledge for 24 copies?

This is my POV, and it might not be only mine...
Also, i dont think that having an accout on kickstarter is very widespread arround me - i imagine that many would rather like have me to order something online for them as to get themselves kickstarter + paypal account.

Still, i am in for those promotional links...

4 months ago
I made an addition to this oven...

As i have said in my previous reply, when i ope. The door all the air runs up and out from the oven chamber so it needs to be heated again upon closing it...

So i added ( with pop rivets) about half of a drum's bottom to inside the oven. Just inside from the door so that they can still close normally. Now i have this  hot air constriction  about 10cm /4" above baking surface. This is totally enough to put in pizza or baking tray. But if i want to bake a loaf of bread, i can open the flap for an easy access.

The constriction acts as a hot air trap so that it stays inside the ove when i open the door ( upper half of the air) .

This kind of addition is totally useful for my type of usage and it is not in my way... But i could also fix this to the barrel with some screws so that i could unmout it easily if i wanted it to..
There is something in my mind that is like a pop rivet with M thread inside that could be used instead of regular pop rivets...

I will see if the performance is better when i bake the next round of pizzas ;-). It should be.
4 months ago
It is doing well.
I like this oven and i can compare it side by side to a small masonry baking oven (with slightly large baking surface).
The rocket one is not totally finished ( tabs from outer barrel are still uncovered and insulation is still uncovered. Also the J tube (similar build to Walker's) has heat riser built with 3cm vermiculite board. It would be better to be twice as thick.

As for the build:
- Tyler's part of making the oven could hardly be better...
- Making a J-tube core could easily be more complete... I didnt have problems with making it as it was not my first core. But if it would be my first,  i certainly wouldnt be too sure if i am on the right path to finish it correctly.

As for usage:
Comparison with an electric oven:
boy oh boy, rocket oven wins. Controling the temperature is easy, heating it to the temperature is fast, about 18-20 minutes without fiddling to 200°C, with outside temperature just arround freezing and with beech hardwood ( probably about 18% humidity). If i would finish the build (seal the tabs, better insulation of heat riser) and have some dry softwood it would probably be signifficantly better.

Comparison with a masonry baking oven:
I built the masonry one 9 years ago (i have it outside also) But i didnt use it in the winter time because it takes so long to heat it (2hours of heating and you have to be there every 15 minutes to add more wood, otherwise it will become smoky...)
I do like the flames licking the vault in the masonry one but practicallity is much greater with rocket mass heater.
The rocket oven requires far less experience to operate it properly compared to masonry one... Obviously it requires far less wood, too :-)

when it comes to baking MANY pizzas, say 30 or so, i prefer the masonry oven.
When using rocket oven each time the door is openned the temperature goes down drastically because of no acummulation. MY opinion is that it is not possible to bake 2- 3 minute pizzas one after one after one. But hey, this oven is meant to win the electric one and it does it very well...

But some modification of  having the door much smaller (say 4"=10cm in height) might make this oven a beast even for many fast pizzas in a row.
I also used 2cm thick chamotte plate at the bottom to add some accumulation. After opening/closing the door the temperature recovers much faster.

Mind that many (was that all?) cons that i stated are not relevant in comparison to electric oven...

4 months ago
I am from EU and althoug it is said in the movie that we banned significantly more chemicals (to be used in products) than US i am far from feeling safe.

When i go to the store it became a habbit of first reading the ingredients in the microtext at the back of the package...
Sometimes reading the front shiny part of the package and then the microtext labelling feels like a joke :-).
A year ago i checked hazelnut spread (not exactly but the title suggested very firmly that it is maid from hazelnuts). Anyway the price didnt seem right - at the back i checked the text and it said that it contains mighty 0.1 grams of hazelnuts - come on, is there even one whole hazelnut in this glass. This is almost hazelnut in traces :-).

Anyway - in stores it helps to:
-first read the back text. (Or ONLY read the back text)
-if it feels like something  to good to be true, it probably is

They replied (from official Stink" movie website) and forwarded me to vimeo.


There i was able to get it!

Hi, Jocelyn...
I tried amazon prime, netflix, google play, vudu (theirs page doesnt load at all). I just contacted them via stinkmovie website to see if there are any possibilities...  will see