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Recent posts by klemen urbanija

Hi, people!

I will be designing Rocket oven from sheet metal - another larger version where i can accept 65x53cm trays (GN2/1). All the details will be available on the donkey32 forum:

Quick sketch (door are not sketched yet)

My previous (second one) lenghtier rocket oven that i made with steel drums performed very well for two years but now i need a larger one...
I do have a question regarding what burner should i use -i posted that in a donkey32 form that i posted a link just above.

Have a nice day,

2 months ago

Chad Johnson wrote:Has someone tried an adjustable bell (barrel) height to control the amount of rocket?

If you have a bell the exhaust to the chimney is at the bottom. Say that the system is 6x6 inches and exhaust to the chimney is square, too, you can try to make exhaust rectangular say 6in width and 12inch height. The upper 6inch height of exhaust can be closed with guillotine style doors ( so you can choose the exhaust to the chimney will be 6x12 or 6x6 or anything in between. The more it is open, the sooner this bell will "spill" gasses to the flue. How much difference this makes also depends on the bell horizontal surface size... But it should work. Imo this can work as a bypass and as a regulation of speed of glasses. Obviously the lower parts of the bell would receive less heat if the rectangle exhaust would be full open (6*12).
This option is not possible with flue-only systems...

If it doesn't make sense, I can draw
Soo, the new Rocket Oven with a lengthier inside and more powerful J-tube has been in use for two weeks of our Forrest Department Camps (you can see a sexy video of camps here, but site is not in English). If i compare it to last year (original version) of Rocket Oven, this one can bake much more food with much less fiddling of tiny twigs of firewood. Last year if i wanted to achieve the right temperatures with plenty of food baking inside, i had quite a  hard time adding lots of small twigs and pieces of wood (more burning surface in a moment gives more power)...This year this is soo much easier - I'M LOVIN' IT! This is the piece of camp kitchen i have been looking for!

Below are the photos of construction - the working oven will be in the following photos...

1 year ago
Hi, all.

I am at the beginning of making another rocket oven which has a longer oven inside. The original size that was introduced in Rocket Ovens DVD was abit short for our summer camps. Now i will make one that has 60cm (24") long compartment so that i can bake three pans that are 50cm (20") long.
Since the volume to be heated is larger and since the volume of baked food is larger i am thinking of coupling it to a larger J-tube system, probably 175mm (7"). Thoughts about that are welcome.

Yesterday i opened two drums. In the next days i will start making it..

Oh, some photos of my previous oven can be seen here:

And final appearance with metal sheet cover:

Have a nice day,

1 year ago
I have this rocket oven for about a year now. It works great. If you burn coniferous woods with high pitch content (and dry), it gets to the same temperature faster and the higher temperature is higher (compared to hardwoods).

Since I bake with it in summer camps, I will build another one that has a lengthier oven inside so that it can accommodate plates 50cm (20 inches) in length.... What I am concerned is....: I intend to make a 7 inch J-tube instead of 6inch to have enough power for a larger oven and because I will bake three large plates of lasagna, great, potato, etc, all at once. If I could this oven with a 7" inch J-tube I know that this gap behind should be larger. What about the 2" inch distance in between inner and outer barrel? Do you think that it should be slightly larger?
Also I think I will add another plate of metal on the inner drum on the place where flames hit it directly (bottom). I think this would add to longevity of this stove..

What do you think about these modifications? Is there anything you think that needs to be changed if a use a 7" J-tube?

Have a nice day,
1 year ago
Downloaded on Huawei Android pad.
It failed to open on Readera (unable to open document. Decoding error.)
It did open in Lithium... All is okay there, the front cover is shown in a nice red colour.

Just joking - it is green as it should be :-)

2 years ago
Don Stevens page is down.
Thanks to there is a snapshot of this page:

This website ( works because of donations.

2 years ago