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I live in a similar situation and did lots of research on human powered shredders. Came up with nothing. I did find an old pair of grass shears at an estate sale and find that they fit down into a 5 gallon bucket quite well. Fill the bucket 3/4 full of leaves, put the blades of the shears down into the bucket and cut vigorously,  stopping to mix up the leaves occasionally. Takes 2 minutes. Works well on dry leaves...damp leaves not so much. You can still buy grass shears new but the older style seems to be better made. Good Luck!
5 months ago
Dear Easter Bunny,
Instead of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks could you please bring me some silver fox rabbits and dominique chickens? Everywhere seems to be sold out. I shared lots of greens with your wild relatives this winter. And I will help with some of the requests made by other folks on this forum!
Jay, strictly medicinal seeds sells sea buckthorn seeds. They are super easy to germinate and you should get lots of female company for your lonely fella.
Greg, I was having trouble getting some different alliums to germinate and tried cold stratifying them 1st. Some only needed 2 weeks, some did better with 4.
Thank you Mr Easter Bunny!
6 months ago
I would be interested in how the Drs in question deal with herbs that are highly resinous and don't really extract well in anything except alcohol. Maybe vinegar instead? I'm not fond of glycerites for the exact reasons stated by Dr. T. One too many has gone bad too quickly! Obviously a practitioner might need alternatives for someone who has an allergy to alcohol or who is in recovery.
9 months ago
I don't know if beautyberry grows in your area but the Native Americans here in the south used it to treat what they called 'snakeskin' which is itchy skin with no obvious cause. A decoction of the leaves is rubbed into the skin. It's also a marvelous mosquito repellent!
9 months ago
Welcome Dr Tilgner! Your books look very impressive. I have been dabbling with herbal medicine for 25 years and find most books on the market too elementary. Yours look so thorough and practical that I immediately put them on my gift list!  I am looking forward to seeing what you have to say in the forums this week. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
9 months ago

I'd LOVE the correct pronunciation, please? Hubs And I are both of Scots/Irish descent, so I'm always curious. The last word looks (to me) like it might be pronounced 'Avynn', or similarly...?

Ee-nah bprah-shook ee-yah-vyn
(We named our dog in Gaelic too which is cause for hilarity when the vet tries to pronounce it!)
10 months ago
I love my Meadow Creature! We don't have rocks, but we do have roots that may as well be! I can use the broadfork to pull them up closer to the surface to get cut with a pruner or the grub hoe so they can get pulled out in pieces. Before the Creature we had to prep new planting areas with a pickaxe! This is much easier...and more fun
10 months ago
I am loving reading other people's clever names and fun storied. The name of our little homestead is 'Ina Bpraiseach Aoibhinn' which is Gaelic for 'In a Beautiful Mess' (Talk about folk not knowing how to pronounce it!) We are both heavy on the Irish and Scottish ancestry and well our land was (and is) rather a mess...no neat raised beds or straight rows here! Most folk, even our other homesteading friends, seem to want to tidy the place up. But she is lovely and productive and we feel blessed in our beautiful mess whether other people 'get it' or not.
10 months ago
I live in zone 9a and have successfully grown lots of baby avocado trees from pits as well as scoring 2 mexicola grande saplings on clearance at the local co-op. (But even here we have to protect the babies from frost for several years!) Several of my trees flowered for the 1st time and then succumbed to the dreaded laurel wilt! If you have this fungus in your area your avocado trees will die sooner or later. But hopefully you will get some fruit 1st!!! I haven't given up...I keep hoping one of my seed grown babies will show resistance. Anybody have any info on a variety that is both cold hardy and wilt resistant?  Anybody in the north Florida /coastal Alabama area interested in a cooperative effort to breed laurel wilt resistant trees?
1 year ago
This thread is hilarious!  Thank you Paul for not being squeamish.
Firmly in camp B! Although most of my friends think I'm crazy...
Some things we've done here on the homestead to make things easier
Willow coppices in mulch basins make a great place to go with no splashing...good for folk who are visiting and you don't know if they are healthy or medicated...we made woven wood screens for privacy...from willow no less!
Multiple small compost piles...great for dumping the chamber pot from overnight and a quick place to drop your tp...cover over the winter to mellow and plant squash or melons in the spring.
Outdoor bucket sink...the "dirty" water gets thrown in the above mentioned willow coppices and it's operated by foot pump so clean hands before or after is a breeze.
We have a BSF composting setup for humanure.
Tried a "go girl" thing, more trouble than it's worth! I keep a large mouthed mason jar in the vehicle for real emergencies.
I have to say I am quite jealous of you other ladies who can pee standing up without making a mess! I've never gotten the hang of it...

2 years ago