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Former city slicker trying to grow SOMETHING in a land of rock.
Boise, Idaho
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A buddy is buying 40 acres in Sweet, Idaho 50 miles north of Boise. Currently it’s horse and cattle grazing, wheel line irrigated off a main irrigation ditch. Plans to put in a tiny home and deck for a porch. Looking for someone to live on the land and develop the land into an example of permaculture living.  The local community, and over the hill in the Boise valley, is ripe for moving toward sustainable living - so this would be a great opportunity for raising and selling crops, animals and meat, and contracting to build rocket heaters, solar dehydrators, etc., and consult on other properties. Landowner is flexible on implementation and partnership arrangements (business partners, share cropping, etc.). This would be really cool. Winters are fairly mild; brand new Restaurant and butcher shop just opened within walking distance (in the middle of 30 acres) that will be hosting a farmers market.
6 months ago
I would like to be a spiffy link recipient, please.
6 months ago
Good timing on your post, Tyrone.   I have the same problem tossing peach and apricot pits in the compost - so I have a large bag of both and have wondered about sprouting them.  
A couple years ago I gathered bags of acorns and made acorn flour (it's a lot of work, but tastes great).  You have to put the acorns in water to determine keepers - the ones that float are bad.  A bunch of the acorns I soaked I didn't have room or time to process, so I just stuck them in the refrigerator and forgot about them.  Cleaning it out in the spring, I found about half had sprouted in the bag!  So I planted them and gave the away a bunch. (Lesson:  grasshoppers ate every one I planted - but neighbors with chickens still have theirs).   I'm guessing it'll be similar with the peaches, and I'm anxious to try it.  Thanks for the encouragement.
2 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:Jane,

What might we put in a $100 reward?

Ooooh!  Fun question!

First off, list the waiving of the $100 gapper fee.  But perhaps adding some of the recipes you taunted us all with from your stretch goal idea list.
Those together just might get some people to stretch to a higher commit level.  It's a thought anyway....

2 years ago
Thanks Paul and  Kenneth. Guess I assumed that since Paul's email referenced a $100 amount, there was a reward amount to match.

Paul, if you were to add a $100 reward at this late date, with web and email pizazz to create renewed gusto, it might generate competition amongst the current Kickstarter supporters to make it to the pizza party.   Not sure if it would be worth the extra effort, but it is something you could use if you want to do a "Look Again - we're doing even more" email.
2 years ago
Glancing at the Kickstarter page, I don't see a $100 level (gapper fee) listed.  With the pizza party coming up, that'd be a good level to upgrade to - so you might want to check on it.

Maybe I'm just missing something (I have really slow internet) - but I looked at the bottom of the page to see if the slots at that level were "All Gone" and didn't see it.
2 years ago
Paul - I love that I get to help keep you busy permie-izing the world in such a fun way!

My vote on added stretch goals would be:
1. the tour of all 12 rocket mass heaters (because this kickstarter shows that there is a huge interest in this science, but most of us need all the encouragement and assistance we can get).
2. the skiddable structures video (because I need some of these)
3. Whichever cookbook or video would be the most fun for Jocelyn to make.

In the end, I'd love access to all of these, so let's just get the kickstarter to explode!
2 years ago
Your instant gratification download for posting on Facebook worked flawlessly!
2 years ago
Thank you both (William and Kyle).  Really looking forward to using the worm castings.  I'll have to experiment a bit with sprouting things.
2 years ago
Started a worm bin about a month ago, and while adding some kitchen scraps yesterday I noticed two sprouts of something coming up.  Made me wonder if a worm bin could be used to start seeds.  Anyone out there ever try this?
2 years ago