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Recent posts by Joshua Rimmer

This is a fascinating concept! In my various construction projects are the property, insulation is always one of the biggest costs, as it can be difficult to locate recycled. I will be watching with great interest!

On a side note, how does one acquire those airline tubs? I can see many potential uses for something that size!
10 months ago
That answers my question perfectly, I'll jump on there and see if I want any addons enough to up my pledge!
1 year ago
That's what got me to look at it!
1 year ago
I backed, for the early access PDF. Where are the addons I see mentioned? Do I need to be at a higher level? I use the same name here and on Kickstarter.
1 year ago

Laura Rutherford wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:

Laura Rutherford wrote:Okay, ya got me. Sadly, no new nudity to report.
If you keep this up, I will have to boost my pledge. Just having a hard time getting over the shipping sticker shock - in our Monopoly money, that will work out to over 130 clams and I am not a rich woman. Barely solvent, actually. But I need at least one hard copy...

Did you see Mike's strategy?  Something about one order for $65 specifying the "virgin islands" thing.  And then a second order for a lessor amount to get exactly one physical book.

You wore me down - I bumped my pledge up, the only problem now is that it won't let me do the second order, it just changes my pledge from the higher to the lower. I need a hard copy!

If it's cheaper for you, I could send you one of mine. No idea what media mail costs from zipcode 40330 to Nova Scotia, I recently sent 5 pounds of tractor parts to PEI and it cost $55 US! I'm just going to get two hardcopies for my use, and give the rest to the Knights' who say free, so I don't mind getting one for you...
1 year ago

Zoran Jovanovic wrote:Yeah!

Congrats! I went ahead and upgraded anyway. I bet it feels good to know that you were the pledge that gave everybody the next stretch goal!
1 year ago
Just broke $85K! I wanted to be the one whose changed pledge did it, but I missed that by $8!
1 year ago
Great price! Water will be a big decider, western states have some strict riparian rights laws. But, a quick look at the local airport, Winnemucca Municipal, shows at least two cropduster planes, so there is definitely agricultural activity in the area.
1 year ago
I do functional mechanical 3d modelling on a daily basis. If someone could send me the original model or drawing, I would be happy to split it up into pieces that could be printed on the typical 200x200x200 printer. Purple Moosage for email addy!
1 year ago
Personally, if I had $5K for homestead tools, I'd be looking for an ATV and trailer, or the rarer but more useful garden tractor with loader. I am in my late 40's, abused my body before and during my military career, and would not be able to do many essential tasks without my "heavy stuff movers"!
1 year ago