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Thanks for the apples and pie, guys! Yummy!

This was what I was trying to describe earlier:

For many newbies who have not yet been bitten by the permies bug, they are very likely stumbling onto permies in their half-hearted attempt to relieve the boredom of their humdrum job and have mere moments before they go back to looking busy for the boss. The attention span is no better than a squirrel! 🐿

We want catch the squirrel before it escapes!

The first two pics are unclear to a newbie. When I see a green box that says ‘get for free’ I get excited and click on it (I’m not going to notice the fine print). And then *buzz kill* it’s not available, I cannot easily sign up from this page, I can’t even buy it from this page. That means I’m now disappointed AND I have to do more work to find the right link to sign up… oh look! here’s a different yummy acorn from some other website!…. And off goes my squirrel brain and I forget all about permies.

The second two pics are some suggestions to avoid buzz-killers and make it as easy as possible to sign up/or spend money/or both! I personally would get rid of the dead end page all together and keep it all on that one freebies page.
But this is just one option to consider, of course!

So here might be one... (sorry, I am not allowed to save screenshots from my work computer). Your current freebie options have workable links that lead to an email sign up. But your upcoming freebies have unlinked buttons. So an unwitting subscriber might scroll down to the bottom and choose one that is not yet available and end up at a dead-end link. Here was my process:

1) I made sure I was not logged in to my regular permies account, then clicked on the subscribe button, which led me here:


2) Awesome! I clicked on the big round button, which led me here:


3) I clicked on the 'get for free' button for the
introduction to welding movie in 47 minutes
which led me here:


...And that's where the trail meets a dead end. The link does not work. It does not bring me anywhere to sign up and there's nothing that says 'coming soon' or 'choose another option.' I tried a number of them and it seems to be just on the options listed under the 'More Premium Freebies' subtitle.

As a layman, I would not spend the time to click on multiple links to find one that works just to sign up for a newsletter. So perhaps it would help to clarify by replacing the 'get for free' button with a 'coming soon!' button on options that are not yet available.

Hope that helps!
INFP-T = The Turbulent Mediator... or "the Idealist"/Luke Skywalker

1 year ago
Sorry, I wasn’t following an actual recipe so there are no measurements. I just went by taste.
The Ingredients:
Butternut squash
Salt and pepper
Greek yogurt (swirled in at the end)
1 cup dry quinoa + 3 cups broth = 2 cups cooked quinoa
Used just hot water, vinegar, a scrubby, and mop.
2 years ago
I used my brother-in-law’s basic recipe and added oil for pizza crust. Toppings included leftover turkey, tomatoes, kale pesto, sliced mozzarella and grated Romano cheese.

Baking bread bb submission:
Fruit, grain and molasses bread: This is a dense bread that is moderately sweet (you can add more or less fruit and molasses to your liking).
My apologies! I was rushing to get this bb done and made some assumptions that I should have gotten clarification on. I also  should have described my process, especially since I appear to be the first one to try for this bb.

To Begin:

When I read "60 foot long', I assumed an equivalent amount of square footage based on standard minimum widths x lengths for driveways and pathways would work as well. If there is a reason that a driveway or walkway must always be 60' or longer, then I don't understand this bb and I will just move on to a different one.

Otherwise, please read on:

When surveying my drive and path, I did a quick visual estimate using my preset markers (explained below) but I will do the math and actually reference professional guidelines below:

* LandscapingNetwork.com is an independent resource for information about the landscaping industry.


Using guidelines from the LandscapingNetwork.com website, the minimum width of a foot path is 18". For our purposes, I will round that up to 24" to keep the math very simple. Also, because I am not just shoveling strolling paths through a garden, but functional, paved access paths to a house. 18" is not enough room to actually be functional (IMHO).

Minimum for a driveway/parking spot/single car turn-around is 10' x 20'.

Applying those width measurements to the badge bit requirements, minimum total square footage with 60' of length would be 720sqft.

My driveway measured at it's smallest width and length is 24'x40' (widening at the street- more on that later). My walkway is almost 3' when shoveled out. So let's be conservative and just say 2'x18'. That's a total of 996sqft.

So in terms of total square footage covered, that shouldn't be a problem.

I will go further:

Again, being mindful of accessibility, the path markers on our drive and path are not random. They are spaced a minimum of 10' apart going lengthwise to the street (see additional pics). They are set 25' across the width of the driveway except at the street entrance where they are set 28' apart. The little extra width at the street helps for turning and visibility.  The street plows do try to respect those guide markers and try not to plow us back in. But we are on a corner lot, and for a snow-load like yesterday (over 2'), we inevitably got plowed back in. The markers help me cut the snow back to keep the driveway open.

These markers are also to prevent 'shoveling drift' as I call it: the tendency for a path to become smaller and smaller the longer you shovel. I make a point to shovel past these markers every time to make sure we always have enough room to park side by side and comfortably open doors, walk around, etc.

Same goes for the foot path leading to the house. The 3' wide path has a slightly raised edge on each side. By shoveling all the way to that raised edge, it ensures that the pathway stays open and accessible.

I hope that clarifies my process. Thanks for your consideration.

Update: 1/31/21 @8am 2nd round of sanding pics added.
Update: 2/5/21 @8am 3rd round of sanding pics added.
2 years ago
Clean greasy dish without soap bb submission:
2 years ago