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Currently live in the middle of the desert where a RMH is not needed but that doesn't stop me from helping others create their own Dragons.
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Recent posts by Gerry Parent

Thank you for the clarification Peter.
Appreciate all your research into further developing the Batchbox into yet another flavor of burning wood that any DIYer can build with confidence because of your efforts.
1 month ago

 I decided to do a refill test, so after an hour or so it was down enough. I shove the coals to the back and added the pieces against it, not directly on top. It catched fire within a minute and produced one of the most beautiful fires I've seen so far in this development model

Is this how you recommended refueling a batchbox Peter?
When I had mine, I would just lay the pieces of wood on top of the coals.
1 month ago
A 40-pound bag of softwood pellets has about 8,000 BTU's/lb- 320,000 BTUs per bag.
3 months ago
Like Glenn, I too am excited to have received my copy of the Batchbox Door Building Instructions book in the mail today.
Unlike the final version however, my copy is a part of the rare collectors edition... bound by a staple, no page numbers and possess a slight sweet smokey scent as you flip through the pages. Nice touch Tom!

I'm very impressed with how much work that has been put into the creation of this door.
Although I admit, it's not a beginners build, Tom has kept the information very concise and with the help of Glenn, organized it in a way that makes each step very understandable and doable.

So once a person has made themselves a door out of these plans, I guess the next logical step is to build a batchbox right? (Or should that have been the other way around)?
Either way, Toms next upcoming book on basic batchbox design and construction (expected to be released in February 2024) should help to fill in the gaps and answer a lot of commonly asked questions that help guide a person to build their own from a thoroughly tested design based on Peter van den Bergs hard work.

3 months ago
Hi Jennifer,
Yes, this is most likely a sign made by a moose. I have seen it often on trees growing up in moose country. Winter doesn't provide much food so they go seeking nourishment from the inner cambium of various tree species. Scroll down to #3 in the link to view pictures and a description of what your seeing.

incisor scraping
3 months ago
Thanks Burra.
Amazing what a person can learn while sick at home.
3 months ago
Good one!
Can't figure out what the little house in the bottom left corner is used for though?
3 months ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:Gerry, if you are talking about the most recent photo, that is the underground exhaust leading to the outdoor chimney.

Glenn....This picture here:

3 months ago
Hi Chris,
Hard to tell from your picture, but the manifold (transition area where the horizontal exhaust pipe meets the base of the barrel) looks like a pinch point to me. The larger it is the better.
3 months ago