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Nathaniel Swasey wrote:I work in the tree industry. Fairly new at it, but I've noticed that I can easily point out poison ivy after seeing so much of it (and getting completely covered in it). What I have noticed, however, is that when I go to a property with wild grape vines growing in the trees, I hardly see any poison ivy. In fact, I can't remember a location that had grape vine and poison ivy growing in large amounts. I asked my co-workers if they recall grape vines and poison ivy growing together, they cannot recall.

I think the question is significant. Is it possible that grape vines and poison ivy share a common nutrient that they compete over?

Has anyone else noticed this?

Yes you are right. Worked in woods firewood, logging, hunting ,and hiking.
5 months ago
Wish that I had gotten to this thread earlier. But there is always next year.  We were losing many of our cucurbits to tunneling varmints. Of course we let our snakes have their way.  Have a pair of 6 foot black snakes and a pair of 4 foot garters.  Still no real hope of keeping up. Had an inspiration to try a ring of window screen, 18" ring and 4 to 6 inches deep. Works. Doing it for year two. Very happy with the results. We do clean the screen before storage.
5 months ago
Trying to get the best efficiency for my limited spray window.
Petal fall.
BT, + CalMag, + Fish emulsion.
Trying to get as much done in a short time. On a ridge in south central Virginia. Get a lot of wind. Have bees. And drive truck doing what is not wise to earn a living.  So get home once a week. Wife is already burdened with sizable garden and stand in swarm wrangling. So it is mine to do or it is not done...🐝🐝🍎🍏
8 months ago
Ok pro probably am butchering this response. But would make sure you get some good  organic fertilizer  around them. And mulch with shredded hardwood to mimic forest floor. Find other good Apple trees nearby and get some soil sample to transplant some symbiotic fungus. Keep looking at possibly getting some more calcium magnesium into the soil. Dolimite should help. A bit slow. But saving and soaking 30 egg shells in 1 gallon of water for a couple weeks until a bit cloudy. Then use 1 to 4 gallons of water a couple times a year.  See what you can do. Looks like they are starved and crying to me.

Angus Macaulay wrote:Hi,  new to the forum and looking for some advice wrt my two apple trees.  We just moved and on our yard are two very overgrown/ poorly kept apple trees.  One has very much out competed the other.  There is still a lot of clean  up to do on both trees and I'm still learning about appropriate care.  The big concern I have is in the pictures attached.  The smaller tree which is being out competed has a few large wounds.  I took off some dead branches that haven't seen much sunlight and there seems to be some healthy tree still there.  I'm trying to determine if the smaller tree can be saved.  If yes, then I'll take some more drastic action towards the bigger tree that is over growing it. If not, the smaller one will come out and we will be sad.
We are striking out with local arborists consultations (understandable with the covid) but would like to get a better idea of what we are dealing with.
Would greatly appreciate any advice.  



8 months ago
Many third world are getting free Facebook accounts. And are open. And noticed nothing new up on Paul's twitter acct. So until someone babysits it. I will make funny about Paul. Well not too nasty. Oh and see those first utubes on promo page for the book. Shoulda practiced. Gonna see how long it takes the peeps at LinkedIn to run me out.....
9 months ago
First time I hit the quote thingy.
Well Michigander. From north Saginaw Bay area originally. Like the growing season better in south central VA. But... Our trick was to take some of the black sandy loan soil we had and bake it for a bit on ol trays at 200° And yes it was inside  our kitchen oven an stunk up the house. Used (And still do) 4' florescent lights, 1 cool and 1 kitchen/bath bulb to get a decent spectrum of light. Wife is off the truck to keep her Lupus down and work on property. We give away bout 30% of our garden last year. Expanded garden this year. Got some gonzo local heirloom beans. Talked the neighbor into continuing his charity bean acre. He is 77.i tape to be able to take over for him soon. And switch to natural methods.
God bless.

Justin Gerardot wrote:Here in Michigan nurseries have been deemed nonessential, yet liquor stores and marijuana shops are still open. I would like it if steps were being made to encourage gardening. I guess they want people to continue to strain the grocery stores and supply chains. I guess you can see what brings in the most taxes.

Anyways, the info in this thread will be helpful for potential gardeners.
I think I will start extra veggies and try to give them away.

Sorry if I got too political for you.

9 months ago
Um. Was only in the market for 1 ebook currently. Where is that option? And yes I have been remiss about showing up here. But buried by projects in Grayson county, VA
9 months ago
Appreciated. I have a great need to visit more often. This is a great reminder. And will be making more of an effort to do so.
We just had an outsider with money drop a white elephant event center across the road. Since we (try to) organic garden. Plan on showcasing "How to" on my Facebook  hashtag#ElkCreekGardens, for the general public connection. They keep hollering out the window as they come outta the chute (aka driveway) "Nice garden".,And many other life thingys.
Too many irons in the fire.
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