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Should i.
Or should I knot?
Well maybe I could.
But only with a wood.
Can it bee?
A cure for SHB?

A transparent, red piece of acrylic shaped like a lid. It fits over a honey bee box hive, known professionally as a Langstroth hive, which almost looks like a small set of drawers. As sunlight shines through the acrylic, it creates red light inside the hive that disturbs small hive beetles and deters them away. He calls the product the Beetle Banisher.
5 days ago
I do have abundant root shoots that I could bench. Sounds interesting.  So I could cut some and place in a jar of water with a "type" of rooting aid? Am looking to graft my virgina beauty next spring, onto a larger shoot that came up a distance from a tree we removed for being tipped over by wind.
6 days ago
Had Ag extension look at ours. Identified as plumknot. Have finally gotten ahead of it.
Cut off dispose off property.
We landfilled ours. But would burning do the trick?
6 days ago
Great subject.
Been working on wildscaping parts of my property also with edibes. Especially round small orchard.
I live south Central Virginia so getting plant to you would be harder. How about some current seeds?
Working, Mints, clovers, camomile and others into my
Will be following and taking notes for sure.
6 days ago
From Mother Earth News
Both kinds of asparagus beetles can be easily handpicked. A beetle's instinct is to drop to the ground when it feels disturbed, so hold a container of water under the plant before gently shaking it, and the bugs will drop into the water. A sheet or newspaper or pizza box works well, too.
The best way I found to deal with asparagus beetles is to plant either tomatillos or ground cherries close by. In my garden they will go for those two and forget about the asparagus. I found out by chance. I am able to harvest asparagus and zero ground cherries. The tomatillos' production is reduced.

At the end of the season, remove all the fronds that have berries and clean up well.  The beetle larvae overwinter in the red fruits. 

6 days ago
Lil snots are hard to stay ahead of. Will put on surround with neem or insecticidal soap. Any other fun ideas?
1 week ago
Daughter who works for an apiary suggested lining the hive boxes with cedar. Captain Obvious has an A&B.
A. Would make inside of hives smaller.
B. Would have to build super boxes to accommodate a thint layer of aromatic cedar, 1/4".

Looking at B. Been bout 55 years since helped grandpa with his bees. Have a couple at church (Kathy teaches classes) that has enthused my wife to try them and since I have a few woodbutcher skills...
And noticed that the plans available and part manufacturered to fit do not match their "new and improved downsizing". Grrr.

Well onward after this informative side trip. Not finding a search thingy to jump to asparagus beetles, (OH Noooooo).
1 week ago
I do plan on contacting manufacturers. Now the Lite drywall compound has latex listed. And the wallboard might have air entraining chemicals.
Intended to added to small  apple orchard instead of landfill if possible. Needing to add calcium.
5 months ago
Simple question for starters.
Is the "light" drywall safe to use?
5 months ago