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Recent posts by ana wynne

for those old mason jars with glass lids:

i have found some silicone gaskets at michaels before.  the old rubber seals were the best but cant seem to find them anymore.  (over a period of use, they dry rot).  i have found on amazon too.

the old jars with glass lids are hard to find too !!  i inherited several from an aunt who canned pickles.  they are huge !!  great for storing oats and flours !!
4 months ago
ive never salvaged fern before, but interesting.  i wonder if a clipping would root.  (i have rooted dead sticks before !!)  im mostly a seed collector.  when i see a plant i like, i make note where it is & monitor.  it takes a little patience.  once blooms are gone, i collect the seeds.  if you want mature plants, check into plant rescue.  often, if a site is going to be cleared for construction, they dont mind if you dig them out.  i got a beautiful winter honeysuckle that way. over 6 feet tall and 8 feet around.
5 months ago
i plan to research some things mentioned in this thread.  i have been making my own pit paste for several years.  i think it is important to mix essential oils in a carrier oil before mixing into dry ingredients.  they can burn your skin full strength.

i use bentonite clay in my "pit mask".
coconut oil
use vitamin e as a carrier oil to mix with essential oils & tea tree
corn starch or arrowroot powder
baking soda

i try to make it creamy.. but usually its more like paste.

i use body powder as well.  check out vera, wish i knew her    i make this as well and it is very easy !!  drop essential oils on cotton ball or fabric and place in jar of arrowroot or corn starch.

i dont usually smell bad, unless i sweat and cool down.. and sweat some more.  and its more odor on clothes.  however, i like smelling good, and do not want to offend (or be offended for that matter).  i use the above.  bathe and wash my clothes regularly.  AND... so happy i live in usa where this is the generally accepted practice !!  

5 months ago
im signed up !!  thanks.
5 months ago
i say platform.  it was a 2x8 pt board laying on top on rock base, just so i wouldnt twist my ankles.
5 months ago
of course. im not there digging, so easy for me to say.  but, if you got to rent a back hoe, i wd get it done.

i did a similar trench design, passive solar greenhouse along the side of a brick house.  i used a platform to create a french drain of sorts.  mine was only 8 ft long.  dug by hand, took me a while.
5 months ago
i would suggest at trench phase, go ahead and dig it down.  this way you could eliminate the earth berm stage & go straight to the oehler stage.
5 months ago
i wd like to donate to kickstarter.. im new, but no where am i reading how or where to donate.  btw paul, you got to tip the pizza guy at least $3 for him to remember you.
5 months ago
welcome !!  my favorite topic !! (wannabe certified herbalist)

i'm curious, have you studied medicinal herbs of US?  i've studied herbs of the east coast.  mostly folk remedies & native american indians.  i am part Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape.  i was fortunate to grow up in forests & swampy areas with wise people of the area that were more than willing to hand down knowledge.  they were very supportive & encouraged my learning.  i started early in life & is a life long journey.

can you share your background with us ?
5 months ago
it sure is attractive.
6 months ago