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Recent posts by Anne Miller

James Freyr wrote:It’s my understanding that PFC’s (perfluorinated chemicals, the whole family of chemically similar non-stick chemicals) like Teflon are no longer allowed in the production of cookware or other food related packaging like pizza boxes and microwave popcorn bags. Ever notice how the new ceramic non-stick and copper non-stick pots & pans all of a sudden surged onto the market in the last few years? They filled the void in the market created when PFC’s were banned in cookware.(

I don't understand this as Teflon Pans are still being sold in stores?

This article confirms what you are saying:

All my pans are stainless steel as I haven't wanted anything Teflon since the 1990"s.
7 hours ago
Hi, Will   Welcome to permies!

The pictures are not showing up for me.  You can add pictures stored on your computer by using the "Attachment" tab below.  Or use the "Img" tab above using "Copy Location".  That's all I can offer.  If needed I can point you to some threads on "How to".

Here are some threads you might enjoy:
9 hours ago
I have been adding coffee grounds to my caliche dirt. Within a short period of time the grey dirt is turning brown and I don't see any grounds.
10 hours ago
I can only recommend eating lots of bone broth/stock (the kind that gels), eating lots of cabbage, taking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (in a glass of water), and taking glucosamine with chondroitin.

I have heard good things about Alkaline-Diet

Also of interest might be:
10 hours ago
Sorry, I was just trying to be helpful.
1 day ago
Here is a study that might help:

Are any of these grasses available?

Guatemala grass (Tripsacum andersonii), Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum) and Tithonia shrub (Tithonia diversifolia), also referred to as wild sunflower, 

According to the study, the results indicate that Guatemala grass has a higher potential to reduce soil erosion rates by concentrated flow as compared to Napier grass or Tithonia shrub in the 0 - 0.4 m soil depth. 

1 day ago
While searching for something else I ran across this thread that might help:

Bryant RedHawk wrote:It sounds to me like it was a lime putty that you describe.

Lime putty can be made with hydrated lime, salt will act as a hardener. The recipe is simple, water, lime, sand, salt if desired. Mix the lime and water till you get a "loose batter" consistency then add sand to thicken, or you can simply use the lime putty with out any sand.
The salt would be added after you have the consistency you desire for spreading with a stucco knife, it doesn't take a lot of salt should you want to use it.

I never mix this stuff by measuring I put 2-3 gal of water in my wheelbarrow then start stirring in lime from the bag, when I start getting trails from the wood paddle I use I add sand until I can just see grit in the mix.
If I'm not able to spread it right then, I add water until the putty is covered, it will store like that for weeks if necessary.


1 day ago
I found this fascinating:

“From the 1880s to the 1940s, hobos were a part of American life, with up to 250,000 travelers on the road at one time. ...   Hobo signs were their secret language: They gave direction and advice to the savvy traveler including where to find food, water, a place to sleep and possibly work. Based on these signs, hobos could tell how they would be received by a home owner, the police, a community or even a dog. The meanings of hobo signs reflect all sides of the transient life, from the honorable to the unsavory. These signs also tell the story of what it took to survive as a hobo. Most importantly, this subculture was a significant part of American history that is worthy of remembrance.”

For more information on Hobo Signs:

1 day ago
The problem I see is that feeding poisonous plants could result in the loss of the sow not just abortion of the fetus.  While it is easy to find a list of plants ... it is just too risky.
1 day ago
As a kid I painted many a barn with whitewash.  Back then we took a bag of lime adding it to a bucket of water. 

Looking on the internet it appears that they are saying "Hydrated lime, also known as builders or masonry lime. Make sure you don’t get garden lime because this is a different substance.
Fine grade salt and water.

Maybe what you want is something else?
2 days ago