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We manage a 40 acre wildlife area of the Texas Hill Country in the Edwards Plateau at about 3030 ft above sea level. The region is notable for its karst topography and tall rugged hills of limestone. The terrain throughout the region is punctuated by a thin layer of topsoil and a large number of exposed rocks and boulders, making the region very dry and prone to flash flooding. Native vegetation in the region includes various yucca, prickly pear cactus, native grasses and wildflowers. The predominant trees in the region are Ashe Juniper, Shin Oak and Texas Live Oak. Soil is alkaline consisting of caliche and clay.
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Recent posts by Anne Miller

Did you test your yeast?

That would be my guess that the yeast did not work.

For others who might want to try the polydough:
11 hours ago
We had a pretty pink pig for our daughter's 4H Project.

That pretty pink pig cleaned its house every day.

It began with taking the hay out of the house then rooting around (looked like cleaning) then putting the hay back in.

I guess after that project the pig just laid around in the sun for the rest of the day.  That was a long time ago ...
12 hours ago

Anita Martin wrote:(The saltines appear to contain soybean oil and cottonseed oil which I avoid)

Avoiding those oils I can understand.

In the past, I have found a lot of brands of saltine crackers that go rancid before we use them up so I only buy Nabisco Premium Cracker with Canola oil and Palm oil.  Which also many people want to avoid.

A lot of the recipes also use Ritz Crackers in place of the Saltine Cracker though these probably still have oils that people want to avoid.

I found this recipe at King Arthur Baking for a soda cracker that I think is the same thing.  The picture is a different cracker though the instructions say:

Cut into squares, circles, or whatever shape you'd like.

I also found this recipe on Pinterest that is a different twist for dressing up crackers:


I also found this "12 Irresistible Recipes with Saltines":

Cracker Pizza{/b]


[b]Saltine Cracker Pie Crust


Saltine Cracker Pudding

12 hours ago
What are you asking for in return for the house, showers and laundry?

Is this free rent for something or paying rent?

Percentage of the harvest?
12 hours ago
For a 1980 Mobilehome, your needs would be more than for an RV because RVs are made with 25amp or 50 amp systems.

RVs use propane appliances for cooking, heat and refrigeration.

Something that could be done since you are doing a renovation, it might be easy to change over to an RV system so that RV appliances could be used.

That way your solar needs would be less.

We use the on demand type waster heaters.

14 hours ago
I looked up "ateliers" which are studios of workshops.

My suggestion would be to find the land first as you might be able to find something that already has a studio or workshop.

Then once you have the land if you need a dwelling then design what you want and decide what type of construction that you want.

Here are some threads that you or others might find interesting:
14 hours ago
For pest repellant, I like to recommend French Marigolds.  If you have four-legged pests the herb rosemary works well.

For pollinators, I could name a lot for 8a though I don't know about Utah.

Here are some threads that you or others might find some suggestions:
14 hours ago
During winter and actually any time of year I like to suggest microgreens for chickens, ducks, rabbits, and other animals.

What plants do your chickens, ducks, and rabbits like to eat?

Probably any vegetable seeds that you might have would work.

I would also suggest planting some perennials that are native to your area that your chickens, ducks, and rabbits might like to eat.

Here are some threads that you or others might find helpful:

15 hours ago
Since it is winter here I like to suggest growing microgreens for animals.

Since you mentioned that you have goats, what do the goats like to eat that would be good for microgreens?

Actually, any seeds for veggies that you have might be loved by goats and other livestock.

Here are some threads that might give you or others some suggestions:
15 hours ago