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Recent posts by Anne Miller

I keep coming back to this thread to see if anyone has offered a suggestion.

It looks like Guava to me.  I keep looking at images of fruit, leaves, stems, etc.

Wikipedia says there are several varieties.
1 week ago
I have read several threads about folks using coconut oil or olive oil.  Here are some threads with recommendations:
1 week ago

Rufus Laggren wrote:. Can you see anything while the clothes are wet, or only after that have dried on the line?

Oh, and vinegar? What's with that?

Rufus, as for the vinegar ...  I read on the internet that one way to solve the lint problem was to wash the washer with 1 or 2 cups vinegar and very hot water using the wash cycle.

I also use the vinegar to wash my clothes because I only put them in the wash cycle and take them out before the rinse or spin cycle.  This was my solution to the problem and since I don't use the rinse cycle, I can't use soap.

And yes, I see the chalky smear as soon as I hang the items on the line, before they dry.  It just looks really sad when I put them on the bed and they look dirtier than before I washed them.

Judith, I think your are right.

Judith Browning wrote:I wonder if this could be caused by something as simple as filling the machine too full of clothes? 
There needs to be room for all of that lint to slosh around and leave with the water.

I grew up with a washing machine repair person and he was always reminding us to fill the washer with water first then add the clothes and not to just stuff them in there. 

I think the problem with big bulky items like the bedspread and sheets is the they are don't have space to let the lint float away.  Next time I wash, I will try washing them without the other clothes and see if this helps.

I think the problem with my clothes is that they are polyester and are a lint magnet when in the washer.  Unfortunately, they were bought when I had a job that I dealt with the public and had to look professional.  

1 week ago

Mike Barkley wrote:  So ... who can identify these items? One is a baby Seminole pumpkin. The other two are related.

Are they related to the squash?  I couldn't resist asking ...

Those black pieces look like something from a sprinkler system or the sprinkler kind of septic system.  The something I am referring to is the sprinkler heads and/or what the heads are attached to.

I will be real surprised if I am right.
1 week ago
Thank you, it is working now!  And I can see the Pie Forum.
I have not gotten any "gateway timeout notices".  Since you get the same message must be something going on.
I clicked on this thread:

It says: 

What, no PIE! This area is only for members who have PIE. Getting PIE is easy. Learn more here or just buy some now.

I looked at my Pie transactions and I have a piece of Pie.

Also I cannot find the Pie Forum??
Is it something like this:

Used as an expression of love, for example:  “I love you” or “I love this”.

1 week ago
I ran across this today and thought I would share.

Fifty ways to make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich:
1 week ago
So we have a winner!  Wayne and Peter!

I can imagine rich folks back in the 1800's sitting around in the parlor watching the Magic Lantern.

Here are some slides to give you an idea what they looked like:

Here is a box for one:

Here is what was in that box:

This might be the one I originally posted:

1 week ago