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Recent posts by jeff bankes

We want to grow mealworms and we also fence off areas of weeds and let them eat that.

Here’s our fenced area.
1 year ago

Do know if this video link will work.

We hope to grow our little herd with this little buck.
I tried a cheap incubator “little giant “
It seemed to work pretty good.
1 year ago

I would like to learn about mushrooms. These are some on our property.
1 year ago
I tried poke weed for the time a while back. It was very good cooked with bacon.
1 year ago
Horse mint tea is good for cold and flu.
1 year ago
We are new to goats. Do these look like Nigerians ?

We had luck a couple years ago .
We made several loafs of banana nut bread.
2 years ago

jeff bankes wrote:We have one chicken with a cold. Foamy bubbling eyes. We put her in a different coop.

We read it could be a respritory infection that is very contagious. Don’t know if we should cull.
3 years ago