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I got a pair of Darn Tough socks a few years ago, and not being able to try them on in the store, I bought in my shoe size based on their packaging.  When I got them home, they were far too tight, particularly in the calf.  I really don't like anything that is tight around my calf, and the top of the sock was a definite pressure point.  Even the foot was uncomfortably tight.  I ended up giving them to a kid.  I looked at their website and found that they stand by their sizing (I have seen a lot of complaints online about them fitting too tight based on the size), and apparently they do have diabetic "compression socks", but the important thing for circulation is to not have tight points.  Anything that comes mid-calf has to be loose enough to accommodate your muscles and circulation.  If it leaves a dent in your skin, it is too tight.  If I ever buy another pair, I will be more pushy about actually trying them on in the store before spending the money.  Based on their durability in your test, it sounds like the materials are generally worth the expenditure, especially with their replacement guarantee.  I'll try a size up from their recommendation and look for something with more give at the top next time.
2 weeks ago
The diagram about the length of the quick is very helpful.  I was wondering why my dog had such long quicks, and the vet mentioned that they were long, but didn't tell me why, and I do his nails myself but I'm scared to do it because he bleeds easily.  I'll have to be more diligent to get the blood supply to shrink.  Thank you for these tips!

Saw this tip a few days ago.

4 weeks ago

Deb Rebel wrote: Currently, I admit to Jaegermeister, I purchase it, and usually one doubleshot at a time (1.5 oz times two). It helps with some of my chronic pain and helps me sleep. I take it room temp and in company of real or virtual friends (chat).

I admit to the same!  My husband brews beer and I just can't stomach the stuff (carbonation has a terrible effect inside me), though I have learned a lot about it through him, helping to brew, and tasting and smelling but not drinking.  Wine gives me an instant hangover.  I don't drink much these days, unless someone offers me something socially.  I do love a frivolous mixed drink on occasion (like twice a year).

But, I will have a shot (or two) of Jager before bed for exactly the same reason as Deb.  Made with herbs and spices, it is supposed to be a respiratory and digestive tonic, and I consider it a medicinal nightcap with a very relaxing effect
1 month ago
For the cover picture.  finally figuring this out! :P
I can finally laugh now several years later :P
Do you mean bubbling like it's boiling, or the odd bubbles coming up?  Apparently because of the vacuum, boiling happens at a lower temperature, so if the jars are still very warm they could be still boiling inside?  I saw a post about this topic somewhere else - also happened to be about turkey, not sure if that has anything to do with it.  It must be taking a really long time for them to cool... do you have a thermometer gun, or stick-on thermometer, I'm curious what the actual temperature is if they are really still boiling.  

Rebecca - you have to pressure can meat.
1 month ago

This is a great site for sharing 3D printer plans

A quick search for "windmill blade" on Thingiverse brought these results

They also have a forum for help answering 3D printer questions

Hope you find what you're looking for!
1 month ago
Blackberries are not a plant I would have ever considered for a pot - is it possible for you to put them in the ground somewhere?  They look like they're just getting cooked in that small container, and the soil looks bone dry.

The bugs you're seeing could be springtails, but it's impossible to say without seeing them.  If it is them, they only eat decaying things and won't harm your plant.
1 month ago