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Just trying to figure it all out with the natural resources given.
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Recent posts by Sara Rosenberg

I have been growing citrus outside in zone 8 for about 3 years (winters) now.

Here are some pics and a video of how i did it.

9 months ago

Steven A Smith wrote:
I was heartened to find this Victory Garden thread.  My parents came of age during WWII (my father joined/served only in the last few months of the war) and grew some kind of garden all their lives... passing the basics on to me.

I have been thinking alot about victory gardens and truely hoped they would make a comeback. time will tell.
10 months ago
I'm growing some extra leafy greens in response to this dilemma and using fish emulsion more than i had previous years because I very well might need the crop foods depending on how this pans out. If i end up with extra, i can help feed others.

It currently looks like I have many lemons and kumquats setting fruit as well as plums and peaches. My apples have yet to wake up.

I've been harvesting the asparagus, mint, and broccoli too. I have green onions for days and garlic to spare. Plus I'm still getting some oyster mushrooms too. Fingers crossed everything else does very well.
10 months ago
Steve, I wish I was in the country but budget, work, and our child's school keeps me close to the downtown area. I thought I was doing good getting a 1/4 acre in an HOA. I do dream of 2+ acres without an HOA and less rocky soil.

It takes me a full day to dig holes for blackberry starts because of the limestone deposits. there is an old abandoned limestone quarry ~1 mile away.
11 months ago
I'm trying to convert my backyard into its own food forest on the low down without the HOA knowing. My place is like a mullet, business up front and party in the back.

Gotta keep that HOA in the dark and my nose clean
1 year ago
think they would grow in north texas? I'd love it if they did/
1 year ago

Steve Thorn wrote:

Sara Rosenberg wrote:My citrus wall today.

Great looking citrus wall Sara!

I'd like to set up one of these soon!

Winterized Protection and picked about 10 lemons, 1 orange, 1 grapefruit and several kumkuats.

1 year ago
I like to push Citrus because people say I can't. Zone 8, North Texas.

This year (my 3rd winter messing with inground Citrus). I did more than just toss Plastic and lights over my babies.
Babies include: red grapefruit, kumkuat, mexican lime, Meyer lemon, cara cara, , blood orange, lemon grass, miho mandarin, and ice cream banana

on the side of the house not show are frost orange and arctic frost + a mandarin and extra Meyer lemon.

1 year ago
I actually just bagged up a gallon bag of halved bells and tossed them in the freezer for use in fajitas and chili.

Last year 2018, I grew them from store-bought peppers (red and yellow). This year, I used the seeds from my 2018 harvest and had several that did very well. I'm in the DFW area. I had some competition from a rat but otherwise, the plants stayed loaded. I also grew some thin-skinned Shishitos because they are prolific and sweet, a very good substitute for a bell in most situations.

My shishitos are also in their 3rd year of seed saving and did amazing. I also have a gallon bag I halved and tossed in the freezer today.

The key may just be growing your own strain year after year until it is perfectly acclimated to your region.
1 year ago
I save seeds because of Joseph Lofthouse.

I originally thought that seed saving was only done in order to save money (win)! However, the development of a plant more suited to my soil conditions was incredibly appealing and letting cross-breeding happen in order to have the chance to get new, tastier happy accidents happen is appealing. Plus, I like knowing that the seeds also came out of my own plants that have 0 poisons dumped on them.
1 year ago