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Sara Rosenberg

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since May 25, 2017
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Just trying to figure it all out with the natural resources given.
Fort Worth, TX 76179
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I definitely get the health issues.

I had a major episode in my 20s (I'm 39 now) with inflammation and depleted vitamins in addition to migraine auras. I was treated with injections, pills, and whatnot for a year to get me back to somewhat normal.

In hindsight, I noticed that my issues all seemed to stem from a crap diet: lots of processed foods, little to no raw ingredients.

Nowadays I avoid anything that comes from a box or has preservatives that read like chemistry ingredients. Sure, I still have my occasional sugar fix but now when I donate blood (my cheap way to check my vitamin levels) they say my blood looks great!

I attribute that to eating organic as much as possible. I'm upping my food forest volume and converting my backyard to less grass and much more food plots. I don't really eat anything deep fat fried anymore and I avoid bread items unless it's cake or pie.... nom!

I've replaced my white sugar with local raw honey in my coffee and noticed allergies have decreased. We also eat at least once a week deer/elk/antelope from our fall/winter hunts with dad.

Things we have converted to self-reliance:
- Onions (Reds, yellows, whites and green; haven't bought in 1 year)
- Peppermint (Plenty in the raspberry patches, husband drinks tea from it daily)
- Rosemary (several varieties thriving)
- Oregano (dried and gift many a bottle over the course of a year)
- Asparagus (one patch is 3 years old and finally producing reliably. I put in another patch last fall and have another 2 years to wait on that output.)
- Okra (tried for the first time and still have 1 bag left in the freezer.

Items ~50% self-reliant:
- Garlic (almost 100% reliant, working on growing up the patch in numbers)
- Hosta (have 6 plants and just bought 10 more so that We can seasonally eat them in the future)
- Peppers (previously giving them away due to not preserving in the freezer, learned that they work great frozen in halves for the majority of our needs, will correct that behavior this year.)

Items I want to learn to preserve/can
2 weeks ago
Last year I enlisted the help of the neighborhood lawn guy. Told him i'll take all the leaves I can get in fall and grass clippings in the summer (so long as the people don't spray their lawns).

He saves money of brown bags to dispose of grass/leaves and I get great materials to build up some nice soil when i'm removing all the native limestone rocks from the dirt and making border & walls out of them.

Of course i also make sure to gift him produce each time he comes by if i have some at the time.
2 weeks ago

Stephanie Meyer wrote:

Sara Rosenberg wrote:well, if your climate favors hosta, they are super tasty!!!

I just sauteed some up in bacon grease and they were amazing... definitely want more of them now.

I had no idea about this and a ton of hostas, do you just pick the newer leaves or what?

nope, check out this link.

Site with info on what to harvest
well, if your climate favors hosta, they are super tasty!!!

I just sauteed some up in bacon grease and they were amazing... definitely want more of them now.
My 2019 Goals

- Put 2K in my savings (Checked off)
- Complete SMU Digital Marketing Certification (2 of 6 courses done)
- Garden tasks
   - Succeed in another full year of NOT buying onions at the store
   - Succeed in a successful year of pepper harvests to be self-reliant
   - Plant and grow a successful crop of open pollination tomatoes in Texas heat, save seeds from the most prolific plant in our hot summers.
- Crafts
   - Make sure to complete 2019 xmas card fox drawing for holiday card mail-out
   - Finish crochet blanket for sister's new baby Due Aug (more than halfway done)
   - Make felt beaded and sequined xmas stocking for Sister's new baby (not started, pending baby gender)
- House tasks
   - Finish hot tub installation
   - Get chimney expert to help me locate and install new middle connection tube and crown/collar components.
   - Pour concrete garden border
   - Design and install removable greenhouse panes to protect my citrus trees
3 weeks ago
I'm having issues with my apples. Granny and golden delicious are hit with borers. Any suggestions? I have two yet to be affected. Any suggestions?
1 month ago
I actively protect my existing trees in winter but really love the spring blooms so regardless of fruit, I want the trees.
1 month ago
Growing up, my parents would send us back to our grandmother's Southern MN acreage. She had about 8 acres, complete with abandoned farm buildings, grove and burn pit. Add to the mix firearms, corn fields, fireworks, tornados and random fruits growing in the most unlikely places and you'd be imagining my summer childhood.

It wasn't unusual to roll up the dirt road, road weary from the long drive from TX and Grandma would greet you with either a warm meal on the table or a stroll to show you her latest find on the property. Stretching the legs was always a win after that 16-hour car ride. Those are some of the best summers of my childhood I spent with my siblings and cousins at Grandma's place:
-climbing into the barn lofts (and swinging from them)
-discovering barn cats and their kittens
-turning the granary into a clubhouse
-chasing lightning bugs at dusk
-Swimming lessons at the YMCA
-Free access to the shotgun and had guns grandma kept in her kitchen with the warning "don't shoot the songbirds!"
-Shooting gofers, rabbits, and numerous water-filled milk jugs
-burning fallen branches in the burn pit and toasting marshmallows
-shooting off fireworks
-Driving her riding-lawnmower
-picking raspberries
-pilfering the strawberry patch
-eating fresh sweet corn
-racing tornados home
-turning any chore into a blast because grandma knew how to make anything fun

However, the common thread I share with my grandmother and her son (my dad) is our love of discovering and uncovering nature's secrets.

My past summers matured into a strong desire to recreate at least some of that childhood magic for myself and my own family. So, here I am, building my own little food forest, teaching my son about the wonders of nature, showing the neighbor kids what their food looks like before it hits the grocery store.

The best part is laying in my hammock after a long weekend of gardening work and stare at my haven as the soft peach of evening leaves a rosy glow and fades to the lavenders of yesteryears dreams. Royal blue deepens to navy nights and the stars share in the twinkling of the white incandescent xmas lights.  The day has come to a close. My son or husband usually flips on the porch light and asks "what are you doing...?" to which I respond " just... looking" I sometimes get an "oooooohkayyyyyy" from my son or my husband's "she's crazy but hey, if it makes her happy" face.

They don't get it really but I think my son has a touch of the garden bug as he's requested his own plot this year.

It makes me feel good to be in the dirt, to feel the sun, to chug water and eat my own fruits after an honest day's sweat. Nothing better.
I live for my weekends, for my time to feed my desire to grow and nurture life.
1 month ago
With the past 3 days of 20s for temps... i'm a little concerned, guess time will tell.
1 month ago