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Just trying to figure it all out with the natural resources given.
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my bad, the dyed flowers are "Lemon Bee Balm"

they are annual and used for teas too.
4 months ago
I got a red solo cup

squirted in some artists blue acrylic paint(1 part) inside and added water (4-ish parts) to dilute it

dunked the flowers and hung to dry (x3)

then used them for the wreath.

hope that helps
4 months ago
Just did this today with my dried Lambs ear and blue dip-dyed Lemon Balm flowers. to refresh my grapevine wreath... really pleased with the results. I think I'm making more for xmas!

4 months ago

First, I think your use of English far exceeds that of my 8th-grade child's advanced classes, here in Texas. High-five to you on that achievement.

Also, the efforts you have made to improve your growing opportunities has been very inspirational. I too have young children in my suburban neighborhood that are showing a little interest in my permaculture ways. Their interest has not happened overnight but they are now part of the small population of US children to date that can point out specific food plants/trees correctly. They even help me to compost, collect leaves, and plant bulbs just like my old neighbor taught me as a kid.

Their parents took 1 year to come around to my "crazy ways" but they enjoy the food benefits I share with them and I see them using the permaculture techniques when a new agriculture project is attempted. It is slow but very encouraging.

Keep posting and letting us know how you are doing. I love seeing and hearing about your progress.
11 months ago
I have a few volunteer spuds popping up where there were some earlier this spring due to composted scraps. Because it's Fall/winter in North Texas, it seems unlikely they will grow.. but I know very little about potatoes... I've just been leaving them alone... I wonder if i might have an accidental potato patch.
1 year ago
I'm a graphic designer and marketing director by trade so using social media goes with my day-to-day life. That said, I'm an introverted extrovert. God forbid i leave the house... I'm too much of a home-body and freelance from home. So Social media is my form of socializing, sharing what i'm up to and seeing what is going on with my friends and family without having to spend time calling each one and being "tied" to my phone.

I spend more time reading the posts and messages on forums and social media than I do responding. I glean a wealth of information and sometimes manage to pass it on to a willing listener.

My life is richer for the digital tether to the real world and shared experiences I can tap into that 25 years ago was not possible.

Nich groups like this help to share knowledge and all of us win. yes, it can become stressful... if you let it. Think of it more as a tool and less as something required from you. I just mess around in forums, facebook, and Pinterest. I've dumped twitter, reddit, and google+.
1 year ago

wayne fajkus wrote:I have an unknown cherry tomato that comes back every year. Its an heirloom indeterminant. Enuff fall to the ground that they sprout the next year. Its been 6 years now without planting . The bulk of the harvest comes this time of year.

I have had no luck with strawberries.

I've had people tell me raspberries don't grow here or do well. But I've been eating a Fall Gold and Nova this past week. I think the trick will be finding the right micro-climate.

I forgot to add that I also have Malabar spinach and would love to get my hands on some perennial broccoli. I also planted a globe artichoke but it is limping along... then again, I never setup a water line to it. I think I will move it to the Hugel Hill this winter.

I've been trying to put as much of the long-term perennial stuff in so that it can get established while I slowly build a food forest. There is a fence line along the back of our yard where the neighbors can see into our backyard because they are at the top of the slope and I am at the bottom. I'm trying to do a 2 tree wide line down the length of it. All the trees had a mulch ring this spring and are due for more now. I signed up for chip drop so lets hope. i'd like to add some berry bushes all around, under the fruit trees. I'm thinking:

Goji Berry

sugar Cane

1 year ago
1 year ago (Summer 2016) I bought our house on a 1/4 acre of land, in an HOA, on the north side of Ft. Worth. The previous owner did absolutely nothing with the backyard so it was perfect for my lifelong experiment.

Here is what I put in the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017:

Apples - 3 granny, 1 Golden Delicious
Avacado - Cold Hardy (Potted)
Cherry - Minnie Royal
Citrus - Mexican lime, 2 Meyers lemon, kumquat, arctic frost, frost orange
Fig - Celeste
Kiwi - Hardy
Mulberry - Persian
Olive - Unknown Home Depot
Nectarines - 1 Smooth Zest One
Peaches - 2 Loring
Pear - Shinko Asian
Pecan - Unknown (donated by neighbor kid)
Plum - Methley, Santa Rosa
Pomegranate  - Unknown Home Depot

2 LadyFinger Seedless
2 Red Flame Seedless
2 Summer Royal Seedless
1 Thompson Seedless
1 Monukka Seedless
2 unknowns from home depot

BlackBerry - Natchez, Navaho
RaspBerry - Shortcake, Nova, Prelude, Anne, Brandywine, Fall Gold, Heritage

Spineless Prickly Pear
Peppers - Shishito, Banana (Hot and Sweet)

Green Beans - Blue Lake

Canna Root (lily)
Volunteer cherry tomatoes
Egyptian walking onions
day lilies

Problems, Plans, and Mishaps
- Lost the Keiffer pear tree (didn't include in the list above) this summer to fire blight. not too upset, dropped in a random olive tree
- Having to figure out how to protect 5 citrus trees (2 lemon, lime and the Arctic and frost satsumas) because I planted them in the ground on the south side of my all brick home, near the wall. I plan on getting a temporary greenhouse frame up around them before this weekend's frost.
- I have so much Texas white limestone in the ground it isn't even funny. On the bright side, I've managed to line the garden beds with the rock so that nothing is wasted.
- I've been lucky with the neighbors giving me their tree, grass and leaf materials for my hugel beds as I expand out my main veggie bed.
- I task myself with not using a single herbicide, fungicide, insecticide or fertilizer on anything this entire year. My reward is that I've seen several preying mantis and that's rare. I also had a swarm of ladybugs too. The SVB got to my summer squash and zucchini but I will prevail... just maybe with another variety of squash.
- I have been seed saving like a lunatic.
- I've lost weight
- I've gained muscle
- ran a perimeter wide irrigation system on a timer

- I'd like to start planting more perennial food items under the trees and other nitrogen fixers so that I don't have to fertilize.
- I'm trying to put more veggies in my diet than before. I grew up on meat and potatoes with the occasional canned veggie (corn or green beans) and would like to incorporate greens and squashes into my families diet.
- I've replaced my husbands store-bought herbal green tea(s) with mint infused water with a bit of raw honey. Any other ideas would be awesome.. I've heard you can use raspberry leaves
- I already eat a lot of deer, antelope and elk meat from my father's fall hunts. I'd like to add other protein sources when we tire of these.

- has anyone else successfully grown the cold hardy satsuma citrus in the ground in zone 8 or DFW? Everyone keeps telling me I can't but I'm not one to follow rules so here goes!
- I need recommendations for a tasty tomato(s) that is/are prolific and I'd like to perhaps start a landrace for plants better adapted to North Texas heat
- what would a good "plant it and forget it" strawberry be for this area, I'm thinking of interplanting with the asparagus.

1 year ago
I always see people dissuading children and adults new to gardening from planting their seeds from foods they ate. It annoys me because some of the coolest things that happen are from happy accidents... Said Bob Ross or something along those lines. Just think, if those people were encouraged instead of sent to the big box stores to get their graphed tree, we might have a 100 more varieties today
1 year ago