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Recent posts by Jeff James

Hi Sarah,

I've always wanted to build a log home but haven't ever got round to it- I'm too much of a dreamer at this point  

However, I have researched for a while and found a few good websites which might help. As for plans the best I found was this:

How far into the project are you?


Miles Flansburg wrote:Howdy Jeff, lets see what you have been doing !

Thanks Miles!

I've learnt a lot I'm caught in two minds how to document it for everyone.

I really love Becky's Homestead where she videos it ( or Jill Winger's the prairie homestead where she writes about it all (

Any preferences for which style to do ??

3 years ago

Destiny Hagest wrote:ahaha! I am loving this thread - all too often I forget how nice it is to just laugh at something absurd. Keep 'em comin' you guys!

So true! I love the shark week cat meme  

3 years ago
Hi Everyone,

Longtime lurker here!

I've learnt so much over the years through permies, I thought its finally time I joined and try to share some of the knowledge I've gained

3 years ago