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3 years ago
hans, I wish I could bring him a couple!! If I could justify the trip it would be fun to see his operation!! He's given me some great advice in the past and I love his threads.

Jocelyn, we had really great luck at the beginning by walking our dogs around the property daily and enforcing boundaries even where there wasn't a fence. That did break down when our neighbors invited the dogs over to their property. Now we have some dogs that think the world is their oyster.

We have some friends who did the same thing with their LGD's and now even though the dogs CAN get through the fence, they only do it when they are let out(to chase off coyotes)!
3 years ago
Anyone looking for a farm/guardian dogs? Our Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees ladies made friends with the neighbor’s dogs. Now we’ve got just shy of a dozen bundles of hungry joy. We have two girls from the first litter that are ready now. The one being held by my son is the runt for someone who isn’t looking for an 80lbs. dog. The other girl is a fluffy giant getting ready to pounce on her sister.

The second litter will be ready on April 25. We have 4 boys and a single girl from the litter. All are currently living in our barn with pigs and chickens with no issues.

We can make sure they have their first shots unless you are opposed. We’ve been feeding them the Kirkland brand puppy chow with no issues.

PM for more info or to meet your new best friend!!!
3 years ago
do you have internet access available for any temporary amount of time? Like could you use the internet at a friend's house? You could get an older laptop and take it to the library possibly. then you could load all of the programs yourself and save the $500. An older used laptop can't be that terribly expensive, and many types of Linux are free and designed to run extremely well on older machines. I bet if you put a wanted ad on CL for older working computers/laptops you would be overrun with people who had something to just give away rather than throw away. I've had multiple PC's given to me or scrounged from a throwaway pile. with a little bit of googling you can get one running pretty quickly!

As a matter of fact, I have an older laptop that I haven't even tried to boot up in a few years that had linux on it. it wasn't the greatest thing, the battery woudn't connect any longer, so it always had to be plugged in. if you are interested in a non-portable latop, let me know and we'll see if I can't get it in usable shape for you!!
3 years ago
Tony, congrats on your success! I look forward to your report on the final, or at least 2.0 version. Do you have any projected costs or bill of materials planned out yet? I would love to build something similar for an unheated guest room and a very leaky un-insulated barn. I'm not expecting magic in the barn, but it would be nice to be able to keep water in its liquid state.

Are you planning a full production model similar to the Zen of Passive Solar Heat, or a more DIY-esque style?

On your prototype, what did you use for the fins? I tried to figure it out, but I'm not able to recognize them from the pictures.
3 years ago
I like that it allows some wiggle room for personal interests to drive how PEP works for me. I can get my straw badge in animal husbandry for instance and my other 12 sand badges will show how I can stack functions with my animals through landscape design, fiber harvesting, on farm economics, rotational grazing, green woodworking, etc. Now I might have the required covered, ive started to see the world through Pail’s Eyes, but I get to start to build the permaculture system of my dreams. Then I can move on to PEP 2 to grow my skills and uncover more interconnectedness.
3 years ago

Anne Miller wrote:
Sorry, I don't know what a npo is.

Non-Profit Organization
3 years ago
While I understand that using credit cards but paying the balance every month is technically debt free (I wouldn't even call it a grey area as long as you aren't carrying a balance month to month) I struggle to believe it is a good moral or permie choice to make. Credit card companies aren't npo's just looking to give everyone a free vacation for paying their bills on time. They make money from people who fail to pay their bill on time. They may so much money from people carrying over a balance that they are willing to share that with more responsible people for 2 reasons I believe. 1- A very small percentage actually get to use these benefits in any meaningful way, it is really just a marketing gimmick. 2- Even if you are paying your balance monthly, I imagine they are able to gain funding and investments based on total membership and credit allowances. Either way, they are making money off of you, and the"free vacations" are really paid for by someone who probably won't be able to afford a vacation ever. This isn't making the world a better place. It isn't thinking long term. Its just thinking longer term than the person carrying a balance. If every cardholder refused to carry a balance, there would be no perks and no credit card companies. I realize this come across overtly preachy and holier-than-thou, but it isn't meant to pass judgement. This is America, and I'm not your dad. You're free to do what you want. My living certainly isn't above reproach. Hearing (reading) someone talk about how easy it is to win with credit cards just gets me, like stepping on a thorn. It is only easy because it is so very hard for so very many other people. I'll step off my soapbox now...
4 years ago
Thomas, I’m planning on a skin on harvest. I would like to do a scald and scrape, but I will probably end up with a scorch since I already have a propane torch and farming has become an expensive hobby this first year. When I grow up I’m hoping to have some sort of mobile custom set-up ala Brandon Sheard.
4 years ago
What a great way to get the pigs comfortable with the truck. I may never have thought of this. like ever. Does your butcher skin or scrape the pigs? Off the 3 pigs, what percentage of weight do you think you will get back? I'm looking forward to doing our own butchering in another few weeks, and curious how it goes with a custom butcher shop.
4 years ago