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Recent posts by Scott Davison

Happy Solstice Adam,

I’m really curious if Basalt Blossom could be a good fit for y’all. We are located in the Columbia gorge of Washington state.
The infrastructure of the property is established but finding someone passionate to take on the regenerative farm could be amazing.
If you and your son wanted to work trade for the summer and see how it felt here please let me know.

5 months ago
Hey there. I didn’t see anyone mention this but the Grundfos flex is the one I use and most people on a solar/wind/generator use. It can use almost any power source as well as a large range within that power source.

I hope that helps

5 months ago
Do you ever have that moment where you wonder...

just wonder what the next phase of life will look like and with whom?

My name is Scotty (he/him) and I come with a lot of baggage. Well to some its baggage and to others its dogs, pigs, goats and a 40 acre regenerative farm and retreat property. Its funny how we speak of baggage as a bad thing yet Ive never started an adventure without it. I mention this because at this point in my life I am looking for someone to who wants to live and dream into the space with myself and see and experience what we can co-create.

I live in the Columbia gorge in Washington near the town of Klickitat, just on the east side of the cascades

I am a builder, a creative. I imagine what can be and lean into that with all my heart. I am in the midst of building out a 40 acre regenerative farm and somatic integration retreat.

I love to adore another and be adored by another. I need connection of values and heart with a lover. I want a union that encompasses all forms of intimacy; spiritual, sexual, emotional, etc.

I work with students to cultivate spiritual curiosity and would love to someday host a farm/forest school as well as hospice work. Meeting people at all phases of life.

I am a person who works constantly to understand the shadow self and how that impacts my world and relationships. I fail as much as I succeed...and I keep getting up. Do you keep getting up and move heart forward in this world?

I’m as comfortable wearing glitter and dancing as I am driving a bulldozer and roofing a building. I don’t spend my weekends outdoors, my life is spent outdoors getting to know the land I am partnered with. I step out my door into mountains and rivers, canyon and forests. Could you do that? Would you join me for sunrise meditation overlooking a gorgeous canyon?

Im loyal and caring. I believe in changing the world through my actions.

Ive learned about myself recently that I really want a family. I want to raise children, your or ours on this beautiful piece of land I have the privilege to steward.

Things that open my heart:
*Small Humans
*My dog throwing sticks to herself

Who You Are:

A woman who doing her/their work, finding your voice and living out your truth.

You communicate clearly, with love and can do the work that conflict requires.

Grace & Peace

Feel free to Moosage me or email me

8 months ago
Hey Amanda,

Basalt Blossom is my farm just on the east side of the cascades in the gorge. I do offer opportunities for families to WWOOF/Work trade here. I believe deeply in engaging all ages in nature and have had some lovely families stay. Please reach out to me if you are interested because Im filling WWOOF spots as a write this.

Grace & Peace
8 months ago

Thanks for this post. I am looking into this topic right now at my property in the columbia gorge. Not only is and costs prohibitive but the infrastructure start up usually is as well. The beauty of a land ownership coop, especially using a non-profit model is that people can "own" what they have worked on. I know a lot of folks who spent years working on another persons property just to have them sell.  I also think it is a great way to have a multi-generational impact such as starting an environmental school and incorporating end of life work.

I hope we can have some serious dialogue around this.
11 months ago
There is absolutely precedence for slowing down creeks on the east and west sides of the state. The book Eager (I would really encourage it), is a book about Beavers and the geomorphology of waterways. The emphasis though is on the impact of slowing water down on the ecosystem. Working with local fisheries agencies I was able to get a grant to rebuild the watershed here on my land Basalt Blossom, which includes creating significant natural barriers using logs and boulders.

*In late spring I will be posting some workshop opportunities on building natural barriers and beaver damn analogues.

1 year ago
I use large bales 800-1000lbs for this purpose each year. I make a pen for the pigs in the fall and then mulch them in the spring. I tried this with small bales and they just pushed them over.
2 years ago

Thats actually what i am lookin to do. I mulch about 40-50 yds of debris each year from our forest (dead trees and such) and wanted to amend the mulch. I have ust read so many different viewpoints on the use of cardboard in that way. I was looking ot add maybe 10 tons to the mix.
2 years ago
Does anyone have experience chipping palleted cardboard boxes? It seems like the consensus from other posts is that this is not the best idea.

2 years ago
Hey Sally,

I’m also out here in The gorge outside Klickitat on 40 acres. The focus is regenerative/permaculture inspired. Feel free to give a shout if you want to connect.
2 years ago