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Recent posts by Steven Rodenberg

There is enough growth on both of my new Fukushu kumquat shoots to cut all of my non kumquat twigs.  This leaves me with 2 clearly visible Fukushu kumquat trunks with leaves.
2 days ago
At this time it is probably safe to say that the grafts are successful.
2 weeks ago
Matthew;  I understand.  I am finding that it take a lot of money to go off the grid.  More than I ever had.  I ended up buying an inner city house and live very simply and grow a lot of my own food.  I use little water or utillities.  It is interesting that the closest I could be to a permies person was to live in the inner city.  Everything else was way to costly and by far beyond my meens.  Best of luck to you.
3 weeks ago
Both Fukushu bud grafted buds are now growing.  I Have broken the stems above the grafted buds over to encourage the tree to push its new buds.Once the new growth has enough leaves to support the entire tree's food needs I will remove the original Flying dragon rootstock growth above the new grafts.
1 month ago
Does NEPA stand for north east Pennsylvania.  I could not think of anything else.
3 months ago
The Poncirus Trifoliata grafted to Seville sour orange has produced many trunks of which 2 are big enough to T-Bud graft a fukushu kumquat onto.  The Seville sour grows more vigorously and larger than the Poncirus trifoliata.  The growing of 2 trunks of Poncirus will balance out the Seville's faster growth.  The Poncirus and Fukushu trees' growth rates match each other closely.  The combination of all 3 should result in a balanced tree.  Once the Fukushu buds grow the tops of the Poncirus Trifoliata will be trimmed so the Fukushu become the fruiting tree.
T-Budding thread with pictures show step by step how to graft'
3 months ago
"But never had the resources to get started on a place of my own"  I heard that before coming out my own mouth.  I never secured the needed money to be off grid and at 72 I am not looking to anymore.  I wish you luck on your endeavors.
3 months ago