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Recent posts by Steven Rodenberg

My greenhouses have been removed and put away.  The trees will enjoy 5 months in direct sunlight
4 weeks ago
Thanks Denise.  I live in Cincinnati Ohio.  I place the seeds in a napkin and fold it over.  After dampening it I place it in a plastic baggy and put it in the south window.  After root pokes from seed I plant it in sterile potting soil.  Kumquat are very prone to  damp-off so water in the morning when sun can dry soil surface out.  When the tree is about 4 inches tall I lift the tree to expose about a third inch of root.  This reduces the risk of damp-off greatly
1 month ago
Sour cherries grown from seed produce excellent fruit.  My montmorency will produce its first 'large' crop of cherries in about a month.  It just started its 6th year.  Peaches are great from seed.  I have 12 red havens.  1 strawbery plant will fill a 10 by 10 foot bed in 2 years and leave you freezing fresh berries.  Meiwa and Fukushu kumquats come true from seed and produce nicely in 3-5 years.  Alpine strawberries did well for me from seed.
1 month ago
My grafted Meiwa kumquat has spent its first winter outside in ground without heat under glass and has survived and looking good
3 months ago
My favorite coaster was misinterpreted
4 months ago
Does the New Zealand lemonade tree count as a lemon tree.  If so I have one in ground entering its 3 winter.
I have a 3 year old Newzealand lemonade on US897 rootsock in an 8 gallon pot
My 2 year old New Zezlznd lemonade on Seville sour rootstock in a 7 gallon bucket
7 months ago
This 2 year 10.5 month old seed grown meiwa kumquat will be going in ground outside next spring
7 months ago
These compact Florescent bulbs put out a lot more light per watt and thus gives me the additional light needed in the winter that the incandescent bulbs can't without over heating the tree.  These last 10,000 hours vs 1000 and the risk of loosing a tree do to bulb failure is a lot lower.  I also get CFL's free when my customers upgrade there CFL's to LED's.  Last my CFL's are daylight rated.
 My New Zealand lemonade will get a horizontal light bar of 8 LED's over top in a week or 2
7 months ago
Fukushu and valentine now in glass encloseurs each have a 4 bulb heating/light strip
7 months ago