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Recent posts by Steven Rodenberg

If your citrus trees have fresh growth they need to stay frost free and above 32F and the fruit is destroyed below 28F.  My trees seem to do fine with 8 houres of daylight rain or shine.  
2 days ago
My tree is beginning to bud over its new growth and I have selected a main trunk and have tied it to a near vertical position.
2 days ago
My greenhouses work for me because I looked at all the negative and built to avoided them.  House serves as north wall.  West wall  r20 insulation no light from west.  East and south walls quadruple layer glass
5 days ago
this years greenhouses will provide shelter for my Fukushu kumquat for its 5 winter planted outside and in ground.  4th winter outside and in ground for my Nw Zealand lemonade on C35 rootstock.  3rd winter outside and in ground for my Valentine pomelo on US897 rootstock.  Last my Meiwa kumquat on kuharske citrange will see its 2 year outside and in ground.
1 week ago
I use a 3 ft tall fence to keep all animals out except raccoons and squirrels.  I use Victor brand rat snap traps. to rid the squirrels and grow non raccoon plants.
0nce the buds start growing they grow fast
1 week ago
11-21-2020 This is a follow up on 1 of the 6 grafts on New Zealand lemonade to Seville sour orange root stock.
2 weeks ago
I have grafted a Poncirus trifoliata to Seville sour orange to serve as an inter-stock since Meiwa kumquat can't be grafted onto sour orange
3 weeks ago
11-7-2020  Grafted Fukushu kumquats to Flying dragon rootstock
3 weeks ago
Grafted tree is outside with the main trunk broken over but alive.  The main trunks foliage is in full sun as well as the new grafted shoot.  the shoot takes dominance because it is the highest part of the tree and the main trunk is badly injured but still producing food for the whole tree.
1 month ago