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Recent posts by Richard Mak

Hey Hans, how did those pecan trees turn out? Any luck?
I'm also in W. Washington, and I'm considering planting some pecans.
2 months ago
This was a great 3-part podcast series.
Thank you Paul, pod team, and Alexia for the great content!

Mike Haasl wrote:How long has it "steeped"?  Are you going to leave the petals in it?  The BB is asking for a pic of it in the oil and the "finished" oil labelled.  You have one photo so that's why I'm asking...

Hey Mike,
Here's the supplemental picture of the finished product for my submission.
Also, I steeped the calendula petals from 7/10 - 7/22. I strained out the petals today.

4 months ago
This was a fun activity to grow Calendula from seed to flower to oil infusion.

Here's my PEP BB submission for make a calendula infused oil:
4 months ago

Hi Woodworking friends,
What are the "rules to live by" when woodworking to avoid contact with "toxic gick"?
Goal: Minimize exposure to chemical hazards to humans while enjoying this great hobby of working with wood.

For example, I only use 100% natural oils when finishing my wood projects (walnut, tung, or raw linseed oil), but can I be sure that even those are not toxic to humans?
I enjoy hand-tool woodworking especially for bow-making. However, some projects require wood glues or hide glues.
How do you minimize exposure to VOCs of liquid products like glues or finishes?
In another case, I have some pieces of Yew wood that I'd like to work for my new bow build project, but the idea of Yew's toxicity holds me back from continuing the project.
Another, I hear certain woods like cedar can be allergenic or extended use of cedar overtime can create an allergy to it.
Lastly, a general rule I follow is , avoid using pressure treated lumber due to chemicals in the processing.

Can you share some guidelines that you set for yourself when woodworking?

I'm mainly asking about avoiding any toxicity, as opposed to woodworking safety precautions like how to use certain power tools.
I welcome your tips and tricks!
4 months ago
Very cool, Scott! Thanks for sharing!
I'm really into specialty coffee, so it's always good to see posts about coffee on Permies.

If you don't mind sharing, what farm is Colombia did you visit?

Also, were there any standout Permaculture methods that were implemented effectively there?
6 months ago
This is my submission of completion for "PEP BB medicine.sand.elderberrysyrup - Make an elderberry syrup"
I used this recipe from Wellness Mama to guide me:

I was inspired by these permies threads and borrowed some ideas like adjusting the cooking heat to simmering instead of boiling:

I intend take 1 tbsp of syrup every other day. I enjoyed making this elderberry syrup, and I think I will continue to make it. I foraged these elderberries in Western Washington, and I believe they are the blue elderberry variety.

-Picture of Journal (updated)
-Picture of Harvest
-Picture of Cooking
-Picture of Completion
10 months ago
Wow! What a great response, Sharol. Thanks so much.
I'm starting up some of these tips today!
10 months ago
@r ranson, which grows better in your growing zone?

I'm in Washington and starting with Blue flax this year. I'll pick up some Scarlet if it's better here.
1 year ago
Thanks @bernetta! That was super helpful!
I ended up buying from Free shipping in the US and quality seeds, can't beat that!
1 year ago