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Semi-feral pseudo adult human. Intends to establish food forests and incorporate permaculture principles into lifestyle to facilitate non conscience-mangling existence.
Quail hatcher, chicken herder, garbage re-purposer.
SW Ohio
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I've mostly heard of people not breeding hinnies for various reasons... Why Not Hinnies
Apparently it's more economical to breed mules, and the outcome (strength and temperament) is more predictable. I'm guessing it's also safer for the dam to be bred to a much smaller male than a much larger male... Hinnies tend to be slightly smaller and more horsey-looking than mules, but it can be difficult to tell them apart. So I guess for me the question would be, do you really want a stallion mounting your donkey? I feel sorry for her.
I find nurse practitioners to be much better at diagnosing than MDs. They tend to be much better listeners and to put the whole picture together. Unfortunately medical science is nowhere near as advanced as we commonly assume... it's easier for a NP to admit this and use her brain than it is for an MD to go against the rigorous asshole-conditioning-training they had to endure to get their certification. An MD has to pretend she has the answers even when there are none, a NP has the freedom to use context to look for the underlying problems and possible solutions.
It's unfortunate that modern cancer treatments are so destructive to the immune and endocrine systems. I don't think that at this point, there's going to be one underlying condition that can be treated with one magical pill or anything. Your glands all work together, they don't function in isolation so when there's a problem with the thyroid, it's going to affect pituitary function and everything else. Without a thyroid, there's a whole lot of functionality missing from your body. One of the conveyor belts in the factory of bodily well being is broken. It didn't happen overnight. There's no reason to think all the other glands were fine while this one wasn't.
Lots of things can cause it. Pollutants... viruses... toxins... radiation... we don't know why they affect some people so badly while leaving others apparently unscathed. Whatever triggered cancerous growth in your thyroid, be it virus, toxin or whatever, probably affected other parts of your body as well.
If there's a specific test to measure pituitary hormone levels, you can probably talk a nurse practitioner into running it if you explain why (assuming insurance will cover it.) Otherwise I would research whatever OTC treatments could be helpful for the condition you've identified and start on that, if there is one.
Bottom line... in my experience doctors are poor diagnosers because they don't listen and they're rigid in their thinking. It's easier to get confirmation for a disorder you've identified yourself by talking to a nurse practitioner. They're generally less pressed for time and more interested in treating your underlying conditions. They can prescribe tests and medications.
Used to give my lab/german shepherd mix human grade glucosamine, he was able to benefit a lot from it. There was a noticable difference in his mobility and mood when we gave it to him... crazy dog lived 16 years! Long time for a german shepherd. His hip was so bad, I think he would have died years sooner had it not been for the glucosamine. This is the first I've heard of it being injectable. Is it injected near the joint, into the muscle or where?
1 week ago
I'm still worried about being able to find light bulbs for my incubator. Only incandescent works for the incubator. It does things that other light bulbs can't. I need those bulbs.
3 weeks ago
"The Linden tree (Tilia sp.) , also known as Basswood, Honey-Tree, Bee Tree or Lime Tree, is a common deciduous tree found throughout the northern hemisphere.  It’s easily identified by its utterly gigantic heart-shaped leaves (6-8 inches across) and intensely fragrant flowers. Adult trees have fissured bark, and can reach 6 feet in diameter.  All parts of the plant are edible including the leaves, flowers, seeds, sap and bark."
From this website:
I have only read the little snippet from the website, it's just the first thing that came up when I searched "edible linden" since I remembered reading that linden leaves are edible.
Less along the lines of making it last 200 years and more along the lines of just slowing decay in general... I know many people will not want to use commercial or petroleum based tar, but pine pitch is an option. Allowing the wood time to season before building and sealing even just the cut ends of the logs or structural beams could help a lot, since moisture can penetrate into the wood much more easily from the ends. (Yay for parenchyma or whatever.) I'd also consider sealing whichever surfaces will come in contact with soil, with pine pitch. I'd cut dormant wood, use an alaska mill rather than manually debark if it's just that difficult, allow the wood to season properly and then seal the cut ends and knots/imperfections (if not the entire buried surface) with pine pitch rather than invest the time, labor and resources to build a structure that will rot in 5 years.

Temporary structures are good for a nomadic life, but they'd be more like yurts/teepees or huts in my book, not big heavy structures that require heavy machinery to build. I suppose once the wofati has gone to shit one could gut it and rebuild in the same hole using fresh wood, and thus avoid the need to dig a big hole again. Perhaps even build a temp wofati and prepare the wood properly for the rebuild while the greenwood structure is intact. Use the original wofati as a placeholder while you prepare to build a more permanent one, and in the meantime observe any problems or things like where water seepage/mildew occur, where's the best light, where does it get too hot/cold etc. so you can address these better in the rebuild. Tailor your design to the site better the second time around.

So my biggest point I wanted to get across.... pine pitch = greener than petroleum tar | seal cut ends, knots & wounds of wood
3 weeks ago

John Duda wrote:I like beets. I've never knowingly eaten dirt. But using beets as a guide, then I guess I like dirt! Clean dirt is best!..... I guess. Maybe it'd be a good idea to use a brush on your beets before you scald them.

I guess I like dirt flavor too? Y'all are making me think I'm crazy, I've never noticed a dirt flavor with beets, only with turnips, potatoes and radishes. I was raised eating beets boiled until tender and then the skin is easy to peel off. Burned fingers many times peeling hot beets. We get the red ones. I also incorporate beets into my turnip pickle jars, makes the turnips neon pink.
1 month ago
Man! There actually is a lot of research on the mechanisms of cold-hardiness of plants, but I'm having trouble finding articles that are available without a subscription. I may have to go hassle a librarian, but it's promising at least!

EDIT: This article is old, but interesting. There's some irrelevant gobbletygoop towards the end but it does explain a little about cold hardiness. It's a pdf, not a webpage: What Determines Cold Hardiness
1 month ago
When I was younger, I probably had a long list of "requirements" that at this point really don't matter to me. I've learned that a certain things I was willing to skimp on in the past, are really necessary. I think we all want healthy, loving relationships. What that requires is the same across the board... healthy boundaries, compassion, respect. The love for your partner to forgive mistakes, and the love for yourself to be willing to end it if you need to.
So... what do I want in a mate.
Sincere/honest/genuine-- he needs to tell the truth, and to use words to communicate, not manipulate. | I need to be honest with myself, and be willing to receive help, not just give it, even though it makes me feel vulnerable.
Common direction in life-- we need to more or less believe the same things in terms of religion, ethics and intended lifestyle. I can't "be one" with an athiest any more than I can "be one" with someone who likes shopping at wal-mart. If someone's not already pushing towards permaculture, any effort they make to do so for my sake will be temporary.
Mental/emotional compatibility-- I need a lot of quiet and I need those conversations I do engage in, to be meaningful. I'm smart and eccentric and interactions with people who aren't, are more or less like interactions with children to me.
Meets his own physical needs-- food, water, shelter etc. If I push myself I can provide these for myself plus one, but it creates a toxic dynamic. I won't watch someone go without so I need someone who will see to his own basic needs at least, so I don't overwork myself trying to compensate for his lack, and make him feel immasculated or whatever.
Willing to try unfamiliar foods/eat vegetables-- this may seem petty, but I invariably adjust my diet to match my mate's preferences for convenience. I get fat and miserable when I don't get as many vegetables and fruits as I need. Food is important to me. I like food. I like for my food to taste good. I get really sad and mopey when I have to eat pasta and bread all the time.
Chemistry and fun-- I like to go for adventures. Think hitchhiking, really long walks, traveling, traveling, trying new things. I don't find very many men physically attractive, which is really inconvenient but definitely not my fault. Luckily the ones I am attracted to usually are not considered good looking by most other women. The most important factors are hair color and noses. The funnier looking a guy's nose is, the cuter I probably think he is.
So... honest-respectful-independent-christian-permaculturist-traveling-smartypants-weirdo. Who likes vegetables. Who won't take it personally if I have to cry for no apparent reason. With a funny nose.
There are some "flaws" that I find endearing... impulsive assuming he's not violent/can control himself. Broke as a joke-- I don't value money beyond what I need to meet my basic needs. Shortness makes for good judo practioners. I tend to stay more interested in people who are little crazy. It's okay if the lake's a little turbulent, as long as it's deep.
I don't care if he can drive or not, as long as it's not because of unpaid child support.
Also I hate it if dudes who never post in the forums PM me. I hate it lots.
1 month ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:This beautiful smart girl presents herself in a very positive way and gets no results. And I know that some of the extremely self depreciating ones have found mates, which seems backward to me.

I think that if a man is confident and secure in himself, he finds those traits attractive in others. I think that if he's insecure, he finds confidence in others intimidating. Maybe some women depreciate themselves to make themselves more appealing to insecure guys? Anyway, I agree that it's totally backwards, but the less secure in their self a person is, the more likely they are to lower their standards and cling to someone who may not be that great for them. When someone is confident in who they are and what they want, and willing to wait for it, it shrinks the pool of potential mates down to a few great people or nobody at all.
1 month ago