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Semi-feral pseudo adult human. Intends to establish food forests and incorporate permaculture principles into lifestyle to facilitate non conscience-mangling existence.
Quail hatcher, chicken herder, garbage re-purposer.
SW Ohio
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I think the cans are mostly steel, and may be coated with a thin layer of actual tin to make it resistant to corrosion/rust. While recycling is the least effective of the three Rs, when there's not a real use for the cans (IE, as consequence of not being resealable after being chewed up by a can opener) then returning them to the manufacturing stream via recycling does help reduce the need for mining raw materials from the earth.
You CAN use some cans to make a rocket stove. You could cook a can of beans on a rocket stove made of cans. You can.
Bad humor :D
I don't love using metal containers to start plants. You miss one watering session on a sunny day and your seedlings might all be dead. Or get rust in the soil. Poking holes in the metal will allow uncoated portions of the metal to come in contact with air and water, and cause rust. I thought about maybe using a fancy can opener that leaves a smooth edge to remove both the top and bottom of the cans (it would only work on the cans that have a lip on both the top and bottom) and then hammering the cans flat and using them as shingles. I think it would be very inferior to a roof made of a whole piece of metal, though.
1 week ago
Are you able to post an image of the author's name as it appears on the book? This will make it a lot easier to search for and remove the ambiguity caused by romanization. A simple picture from your cell phone camera would be sufficient.
I wonder how it would look with a tree as the filament. The lightbulb is kinda uterus shaped so having lots of symmetry in/around it makes it look like a sexuality/fertility symbol to me, so if you like that cool, but if it's not what you're going for making it slightly asymmetrical would make it look less like a cult symbol.
It might be easier to find a native English speaker who is also fluent in Japanese? Idunno. I gave up on learning enough kanji to read like a grown-up a long time ago. Did you check to see that there's not already a translation available? You would need to pay someone to translate a whole book and it wouldn't be cheap, so it doesn't make much sense to do it unless the book's been licensed for publishing in English, and in that case the original publishing company and author will have their say in who translates it. Nobody's gonna do this for free. Are you working on behalf of a publishing company?
My brother translates from German to English so my impressions of the process are based on that.
Anyway you will not have the right to publish said translation without making a legal agreement with the author/publisher. Which means $$$.

Heather Olivia wrote:From my understanding, the larva of the oil beetle hang out on flowers and send out pheromones to attract a male bee, who they then hitch a ride on back to the nest. There, they feed on the bee larvae and pollen. Once they pupate, they emerge from the hive as adults. So alas, there'd be no excluding them with mesh. There's more detailed info about their life cycle here
From the article, it sounds as if they parasitize ground dwelling solitary bees. So maybe they don't bother honey bees?

I took a look at the link... really fascinating!
1 week ago
My neighbor hates the yucca that the previous owners left, it's really sharp and stabby which is inconvenient considering it's right by their front door and crowds into the walkway. She keeps trying to get rid of it but it is seemingly impossible to get rid of every last bit of root. Hopefully you enjoy yours.
1 week ago
I don't think my chickens were ever keen on eating the bugs with nasty defense mechanisms. I wonder if there's mesh small enough to keep the bugs out of hives, but big enough to let the bees through? They lay their eggs on the bee larvae I think, so keeping them out of the hives could be enough to limit their reproduction.
1 week ago
Well according to the link they are parasites of bees, and some other stuff I read said they can occasionally become garden pests, adults feeding on foliage and flowers. However they can release an irritant when handled so don't play around with them with bare hands. From what I read I don't think they will be a serious problem in an orchard that has enough diversity to keep them in check.
1 week ago
I honestly don't know, and I would need to see it from an overhead angle to even try to identify it but I think most of the larger beetles are either dung beetles or cadaver beetles.
1 week ago
It reminds me of the little clover thingies with the tiny yellow flowers.

EDIT: I looked it up and it's not the tiny yellow ones. The clover I saw with the round leaf segments and light stripe were white clover.
2 weeks ago