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chicken duck fish forest garden fungi cooking tiny house trees
Semi-feral pseudo adult human. Intends to establish food forests and incorporate permaculture principles into lifestyle to facilitate non conscience-mangling existence.
Quail hatcher, chicken herder, garbage re-purposer.
SW Ohio
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m'jaddara (Idunno how to romanize this properly) which is lentils and rice cooked with onions, topped with salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber) and dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. Could add tahini since I usually have a little yogurt with it, and yogurt is like... not vegan.

When I was vegetarian I found that a lot of the dishes were not satisfying/left me feeling hungry because they were heavy on starch and lacking in fat and protein. Legumes and fatty seeds like sesame help to offset this.
1 month ago
darkness fills the air like snowflakes
(ashes) clog the air the ground shakes
gasping on the

choking on the pain the shame
the bitterness towards love that won't return again
loving the life that won't live again.

how do you let it all go
the hopes that cannot grow
and the dreams that will not sleep
that never come to pass
shattered glass
the way the light refracts
and mesmerizes with the beauty of the broken
the cherished and the sacred that will never again be whole
the son who will never cry your name
the daughter who will never lean against you as she sleeps.

tell me how to let it go
while i struggle to remember
every moment of joy

tell me to let it all go
the past sleeps
the spring clouds weep
i push my feet with each new hill but still
keep dying the death that does not come
and press my will to endure
and so wearied, my soul is no longer sure.
tell me to let it all go
it pulls me in to the darkness below

darkness fills the air like daybreak
light that gives no sight
nor warmth but burns
and churns the depths
and i am weary
and i want the hand that guided me so long ago
to take hold of mine again
but unlike the child i used to be,
shame makes me fearful
of the embrace
unworthy of the grace
that nurtured me like mothers' milk
and i am ashamed of my anger
towards the one who provided such love
and who guided so perfectly
these feet that now stumble into thorns and thicket,
these calloused feet.

so tell me to let it all go
what might have been
what should have been
before my eyes become too dim to see
the beauty in the broken thing,
before i forget how to dream.
1 month ago
Hi William, I am not offended by your so called intrusion. If it makes any sense, in dealing with complete strangers I do not want to talk about anything personal or private. I do not want to sit at a booth in a restaurant with them. I do not want to deal with them outside the public view simply because I do feel so vulnerable.
There are enough things about any given person that are NOT private that weigh into whether or not I feel comfortable talking to them as potential suitors, that I'd rather make sure I'm okay with all their public stuff before I'm comfortable asking or volunteering anything private.
This is, in fact, not a restaurant where I'm sitting at a table with a real person, but a public forum with a great deal of anonymity to shield people from scrutiny. A potential suitor could convey publicly much less than I myself have already volunteered, and manage to catch my interest. The refusal to reveal such basic characteristics, in itself, to me evidences deceitful intent. I am not asking for any private information, and frankly, would feel uncomfortable if a complete stranger DID convey private information to me.

As far as beliefs, if someone is ashamed to admit them publicly, I don't think they really believe it. I am a forthright person, and I don't want to be with someone who is not willing to piss people off by being honest. (I don't go for pissing people off deliberately either, though.) I don't think anyone is embarrassed to admit they recycle, or that they are single, or that they believe the earth is round. I'm not asking for information that they could be personally identified by. I'm not asking them to be as candid and vulnerable as I have already been. But I don't want anyone to talk to me who doesn't have the balls to do it in front of other people... because I don't want someone who's married, or who thinks I'm gross but wants to talk to me anyway because they're just desperate or bored, or who has told different stories to other people on here already, to PM me.

So... my intent in this post is to be no-pressure, no assumption of attraction or whatever, just to talk to people who want to talk, or who may be interested, in a way that lets us find out whether there's potential for further friendship without hurting my or their feelings.
1 month ago

Sonja Draven wrote:I miscommunicated.  I was trying to give some examples of things someone (you) might want to know about a guy before making it more personal.

However, thanks for your thoughtful response.  Enjoyed reading it and am sure others will too. :)

I understood, I just used your examples as scaffolding to write some stuff. I knew I could just write about whatever seemed interesting to me but... like... I was being kinda lazy.
1 month ago

Sonja Draven wrote:
Sarah, I think this makes sense and would also be the appeal of messaging someone who was a regular poster vs. some person who made an account for the express purpose of posting in the singles forum.  Are you really interested in permaculture?  What do you think about the various topics not directly related to it like frugality, feminism, food choices, etc?  i.e. Do you want more than a hookup or a sugar mommy/daddy?

Sonja, thanks for your useful question!
Yes, I am really interested in permaculture. This is an ongoing process for me, and I'm focusing on research and recovery for now as I heal from physical and emotional trauma. I had to move back into my parents house about 6-7 months ago after being badly injured, and let me tell you, they do not care whatsoever about doing things a more natural way/protecting the environment. So whereas a few years ago I grew some vegetables, built an incubator from a cooler I found on garbage night and hatched and raised quail for eggs and meat (which I processed and cooked myself) nowadays I'm reduced to picking the aluminum cans out of the garbage and putting them in the recycling, buying almost all my clothes secondhand (my norm since college) and plugging the holes in the walls to keep the house warmer/save oil. I have a couple shrimpy persimmon trees in the backyard, raspberries and red clover, but I never managed to put the pawpaw seeds I got this year outside so they could sprout in the spring.
Something I would really like to do but have felt uncomfortable attempting solo, is wwoofing in Japan. I wwoofed in Canada but due to people outside my control only got to work with one family, and spent more time caring for a disabled lady than tending the garden. I did learn a lot, as they were genuine, original old hippies. But I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a more immersive experience. Later that year I worked harvesting apples, and got some orchard knowhow along the way.

For me frugality is very important, there are things I'm willing to work and save for and things I'm not. I enjoy dumpster diving, thrift store shopping rather than retail, cooking food myself rather than buying prepared food. Wanting to be financially free without having do work that I hate and object to is a big motivating factor in my permaculture interests. Reduce (consumption of goods, energy and services) comes before Reuse (upcycle yay) and Recycle (the least effective, but only popular one.) The constant-growth dependent economic model is maladaptive and will inevitably fail.

Feminism is not something that I have a cohesive understanding of, it seems to mean something different to everyone I talk to. For what it is worth I feel that all humans have equal value, regardless of how society appraises them. As a christian I have realized that many of the ideas about gender roles promoted by the church itself are based on bad translations and misinterpretation of scripture, or out-and-out twisting of it to purposefully usurp the authority of women and wrongfully subjugate them. I think society generally undervalues skills that are deemed femenine, to a purpose. By shaming what is biologically femenine and the natural inclination of women, we can be tricked into feeling like we need to act manly to be equal to men. I think that women can assert themselves just fine and be perfectly respectable without resorting to detesting their own nature or trying to be macho. We need to change a lot of our attitudes to mend this kind of hurt.
That being said, I don't like... shave my legs. Or wear a bra most of the time, but none of them fit me anyway and honestly I don't really need one.

Food choices... I don't care what other people do. I'm not vegetarian or anything, but I used to be and I can cook balanced healthy veg. meals so being with a vegetarian wouldn't bother me. I don't think I could accomodate a vegan. I need my b12 and stuff.
As for my interests and goals... really I'd like to build my own tiny house, complete with RMH and an extensive food forest. I'd like to raise quail again and try out bantam chickens, and I'd like to try raising guinea pigs for meat. Having a smallish plot of land that's paid off (3-10 acres maybe?) and working seasonally to get cash money seems doable.

For what I'm looking for, I'd ideally forge a friendship that could lead to marriage. Not interested in sexual activity outside of that. People buying stuff for me makes me feel uncomfortable, I don't need that kind of sugar.
1 month ago
Thanks everyone for your responses! Sorry I'm responding en masse.

Mark Tudor wrote:I have a buddy who lived in Japan for maybe 10-15 years, was working in a child care center and living on a US base as the marriage to a Japanese citizen didn't work out. He had to move back to the US when Trump put a hiring freeze in place, and his positions contract couldn't be renewed. He's currently in Cincinnati (small world if you're still in SW Ohio eh?) and trying to save up to get back, as the hiring freeze was removed.

To be honest, areas near military bases are the least enticing to me of all Japan; I'd rather be out in the sticks where nobody speaks a lick of English, than an area where the native inhabitants speak English to foreigners automatically. Ideologically I have a lot of problems with the military so... but hey, thanks for the heads up! If your friend wants to talk to me, that's cool. I am, in fact, still in the Cincinnati area.

Garret Wray wrote:So what all are you looking for in someone? And what kinds of hobbies and other things in life do you enjoy doing?

Looking for in someone... Well I'm a sucker for brown eyes. Gotta be christian, monogamous and outdoorsylike, but preferably not blabbering about the earth being flat ;) Not materialistic but takes care of his own basic needs, emotionally deep with genuine altruistic care for humans at large.

Hobbies and things... I like taking care of animals, building stuff, art projects. I've been watching a lot of Mandarin language shows and playing video games but it's part of avoiding reality/not healthy and I'd like to cut it out. I like taking super long walks in the woods but walking really slow, like 6 miles or more but I'm short and every dude has pressured me to walk faster than is healthy for me. Short people are cool. Pffft. I love cooking, and eating delicious food is super important to me. I have a hard time being healthy myself if I'm cooking for people who are picky/won't eat vegetables.

Richard Stromberg wrote:I would like to get to know you . Your post seems open and honest,  things that I look for. My name is Richard.  

Hi Richard! Yes I am more comfortable talking publically at first and progressively moving to more private means of communication. Basically if I enjoy talking to you in public, I'll eventually feel comfortable talking via PM, and if that goes well, then I'd consider contacting you via phone. I'd rather limit interactions to what you're willing to say publically at first, so like.... people don't be double dipping and making stuff up and whatnot. Please don't take that personal, I've had horrible experiences with dudes in my life so far. I want to see how open and honest people are in front of everybody, not in secret. Okay??? So if you're still interested you can tell me whatever about yourself seems most important to you.
1 month ago

elle sagenev wrote:I lived in Japan for 4 years. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. If I could figure out how to live there forever, I would. Obviously not a male here but when Japan pops up, so do I. ;) All the best!

Awesome! It's too bad it's so hard for gaikokujin to find any job other than teaching english, huh. I think it's theoretically possible if you can work remotely and just take the ferry to Korea every 3 months to renew your tourist visa, like if you're a writer or a photographer you could hack it. I've had this plan to save up some money and go wwoofing there, but it's kind of daunting being a lone woman. I thought about maybe teaching english in S. Korea for a year to save money, since the wage is basically the same but the cost of living is a fraction, but the idea of teaching english just.... muri desu
2 months ago
Here is an awful picture, useful for chasing people off! So clever. Seriously, I'm recovering from trauma and surgery and illness and stuff. I won't allow myself to be in worse shape than I am now....

I like to mix up drab colors with offensively bright ones. If you're easily embarrassed in public, keep this in mind. ;)
2 months ago
Hi people, I'm not so much interested in starting a relationship right now as getting to know people who I might be able to form that kind of relationship with later, when I feel stable and healthy enough. But I finally feel ready to open up the conversation in a way that invites people to interact rather than just shut everyone out.
Please reply in-thread, I usually ignore Purple Moosages as they creeps me out.

I'm not an exemplary Permie, just one in the making. I'm most comfortable in broadleaf forests, so I'm interested in food forests and birds.

Various Facts and Conventions

34 years, female seeking male
Currently residing in Ohio, open to staying here or going to PNW or Japan
5/8 European, 1/4 Middle Eastern and 1/8 Native American
B.A. in Japanese, circa 2008
drawing, creative writing & crafting skillz
I can cook
I'm smart and stuff
I think hitchhiking is safer than hopping trains
I believe in Jesus

Hey look at this thing I cooked, it was on sale for $6! Mad savings!!11111
2 months ago
I've mostly heard of people not breeding hinnies for various reasons... Why Not Hinnies
Apparently it's more economical to breed mules, and the outcome (strength and temperament) is more predictable. I'm guessing it's also safer for the dam to be bred to a much smaller male than a much larger male... Hinnies tend to be slightly smaller and more horsey-looking than mules, but it can be difficult to tell them apart. So I guess for me the question would be, do you really want a stallion mounting your donkey? I feel sorry for her.