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I cook for fun, write for money, garden for food, and knit for therapy.
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thank you all for helping to solve the mystery!
We are a bunch of recyclers and cheapskates, I mean thrifty clever folks, around here, but there are some good points raised here. It might be helpful to sit down and list all the things, good and bad, that would be involved and costs. Family is a big player, how that impacts child care, for example. School too, whether schools are present or you homeschool, that still really effects things in terms of the person homeschooling, who would not be available for other tasks).
Also important is to consider that many things are up in the air in terms of benefit programs. When/if the pandemic passes it's hard to tell what things will look like, but I bet it's safe to say that it won't be the same as before.
(that said, you may be spending most of your income where you are right now on things that would be eliminated if you moved. which is why it's good to put it all on paper and look at it.)
16 hours ago
I saw that!! Also found it a fabulous story. If you haven't clicked through and read it, you should, it is the kind of story that I for one really need to hear lately.

(spoiler alert: kids are REALLY resilient and capable!)
16 hours ago
hmmm. curved to make rainbows, or dragon scale patterns in your concrete? LOL

17 hours ago
now that is a great idea!! I (stupidly) planted a jasmine a few years ago and have spent lots of sweat trying to keep up with it and stop it from taking over my entire yard. I usually just send it through the chipper, but if I could make something from it, that is a definite plus.

(I also love the giant pot. I would love to live in an old place with treasures like that.)
17 hours ago
I could be wrong but those teeth look awfully close together for garden work. And short.
I *think* it is a concrete groover. After you pour a sidewalk, cattle ramp, or whatever you use this tool to make grooves so it's not so easy to slip on. (that's my guess, anyway).

(I suppose it could be just to make concrete decorative. I tend to look at practical applications first. LOL)
18 hours ago
I don't normally like to be a fangirl, but if you have small children and are looking at feeding a good-sized family, you should check out the videos by Justin Rhodes. In a relatively short period of time he's been able to stack chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep, and cattle, plus veggie gardens. If I had the space I would be looking at that sort of setup (alas, I am urban and all those animals are not an option, but I still enjoy his videos). He definitely does not do it without costs, there are plenty of expenses (and water), but I bet a handy person could repurpose things to build the animal shaws.
18 hours ago
I am not sure exactly where you are starting from but I can try to help.
On desktop, click the thread you don't want to see anymore.
Above the top of the first post on the right side you will see a button that says "IGNORE". If you click on that the post should not appear in the list of threads you see.
(on mobile, I'm not sure how it looks)

Maybe Bactrocera cucurbitae? https://www.cabi.org/isc/datasheet/17683

We have a similar fruit fly here in South America that goes after mangoes (which is why mangoes exported to North America have no taste- they have to be treated in very hot water to kill any potential eggs).

It looks to me like you have two potential routes- decoys (they seem to really go for bitter melon, although that might just encourage them to reproduce and really wreak havoc), or just physical barriers. That page is really long but if you scroll down to cultural controls they talk about wrapping the fruit in newspaper or bags or whatever before the insects lay their eggs.
18 hours ago
are they ants? I have a citrus tree that tends to get colonized by ants and their little honeydew-producing aphids, the leaves get dirty-looking just like that. Look at the stems, undersides, places where the little buggers can hide.
I have cleaned the leaves with soapy water (not recommended, but it was effective), blasted the darn thing with water,, and sprayed with a garlic-oil-soap solution, but in the end what worked was really fertilizing the tree and putting ant barriers (vaseline-smeared aluminum foil collar on the trunk). I still find some icky leaves but the tree is a lot happier.
18 hours ago