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I got a visit from the gir bot myself this week!

Where I live, Gir is a breed of cattle. I hope Gir Bot doesn`t mind that in my mind's eye he looks somewhat like this....
Mine is about to turn 19 and we're about to see whether she stays local for college or goes far. It's a scary time, but I'm also so excited for her. Your kid may want to spread her own wings and fly, and personally I think it is good for them to see their parents trying new things and making changes with courage.

You can still offer your daughter a place to be whether you are there or in another state. After all, home will be where YOU are, as well as where she grew up.
4 days ago
ah, my guilty pleasure is harvard beets-- (with sugar, for pete's sake)!! I'm a monster! (my family thinks i'm nuts so I don't make them eat it, haha).

I love beets but can't eat the greens for the dirt taste (and yet i love chard/silverbeet. go figure).
I love to roast them, with garlic and sesame oil and salt, or to make a russian salad with mayonnaise, raw garlic, and maybe some walnuts. or if we eat beet salad, with raw onions, vinegar, and either dill or parsley, strong tastes.
4 days ago
i have an ancient, beloved pair of carhartts that are at least as old as my kid (20?). they are rather beat up but still good, and I doubled the knee area (which was getting worn out) by just stitching in another layer of denim, just parallel to the normal knee seams - easy enough.
I imagine if you made that extra layer a bit extra baggy (play of an extra inch or two on each side, test it out by pinning the fabric on there loosely over the pad) one of these pads could fit in easily, and you could stitch it along the bottom to make a pocket, take em out or put em in as you please (probably better done before putting them on, lol).
4 days ago
Mike, the ones I have are the same consistency as a pool noodle, they are super light and I imagine they wouldn't be too much in the way.  tehy're similar to these but with no cool stripes, i think i bought them in the big box hardware store. kneepads on amazon
4 days ago
Thanks, Su, I`m still learning! Will keep observing. I also note that when I plant them they don`t come up til they want to (i`m in Brazil, so southern hem, I planted some in August, end of winter. it hasn`t come up yet. The roots I have here in the house from last year just started sprouting in storage in the last month or so, since spring officially sprung).

John, do you ferment it like a normal lacto ferment (littl salt, sauerkraut-type)? It sounds great.
5 days ago
hey you never know!! my mother messaged me the other day saying she was putting down a minimum offer on a house and as of yesterday she is now the proud owner, they were apparently quite motivated to sell.

My daydream is to buy a piece of land in the seaside town where I plan to retire, soon, and start planting fruit trees now so they can get established. Maybe some nuts too. Once my kid gets settled in college and my husband decides what he's doing with his business (oh heck this is a daydream. Once my husband sells his troublesome business) we can start building something temporary out there for me to stay there, work in peace, and start rabbit operations, since the dirt is just sand really and I am going to need a large garden. I am 100% sure with enough rabbits and their poo I will make good enough dirt. So here I am in my dream surrounded by berries, bananas, and delicious bunnies, and with a rocket oven to bake bread and sell to the bed-and-breakfast folks (who don't have any good alternatives).
This fantasy gets me through many a very dull manuscript edit and cold and crummy days like today when spring is supposed to be here but it is 14C and raining. (booo)
5 days ago

Su Ba wrote:I grow a lot of turmeric. Being that I live where the ground doesn't freeze, I store most of it right in the ground.

Su, how does your crop work in your weather? a single crop a year? constant harvesting? I notice that even in our (rare) frosts the greenery really doesn't die off and i'm never sure when to harvest. I started the garden journal this year to keep track of this, among other things, but so far, insufficient data! (we don't have defined dry/wet seasons, but I did harvest right after a long dry season this winter).
5 days ago
oho Raven, i didn't even think to put the page name and not the link in the wikipedia tab (also the first time i used it).

I have friends in Milwaukee and I got the chance to get to know the program when I visited a few years ago, Allen has faced some controversy over taking money from Walmart and the organization is still in transition, but if you want a rockstar, he gets my vote. https://www.macfound.org/fellows/70/
thanks kindly Mike! wikipedia snafus.