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Ever optimistic tree hugger. Grew up by the Jersey shore, rode horses, shoveled shit, worked for vets, then retail( health food store), junkyards, and now practice manager for 4 horse veterinarians. Married, no kids, one dog, and now own 7 shady acres. The words "food forest" give me hope.
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Recent posts by Rita Bliden

I'm in! I also like the DVD idea (limited data here in the Pinelands). Also like the idea of a give a gift/request a gift forum.
Looking forward to this flick!
1 year ago
I am overwhelmed by all the stretch goals and all the amazing information attached to this Kickstarter. I also love the soundtrack! Final Countdown, Don't stop believing, AND Heaven is a Place on Earth!!
You all have my admiration and gratitude!!
Rock on Permies!
2 years ago
We have raised beds, and we have lots of trees! It would be so cool to see the squash growing up the trees. I enjoy and appreciate the cooking and keeping qualities of squash. I also enjoy and appreciate permies and this awesome generous offer!!
Many thanks to all who are making seed gifting possible. I love the thought of goats licking the envelopes!
Darn I wanted to be 111! I think I might be 113. I have only read over the Kickstarter page quickly. In Paul's description of his Thorn book, "About" and "Trying" don't need to be capitalized? But further down(cool public thanks), facebook should be capital F?
Awesome work! Love the video.
2 years ago
Congrats on 200 posts! I got the email and sent my pledge to  your paypal account. The two links back to your pages from the email I received did not work, so here I am a few days late. Great  work!
2 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Rita Bliden wrote:I think I added up 25 items totally $177.44 so far.

Nicole must have snuck in one more!


Would Nicole Sauce add her "Cook With What You Have" ebook?


Lots of people that offered cool stuff in the past offered those things again.   We are trying hard to make all the stuff this year be new stuff!  

What about offering pie?

I think this is a good idea!  My only concern is whether people will find it confusing.  

I thought that too. Pie might be too much to explain.
I guess I came late to the party. The two Kickstarters I have supported I don't recall any bee books nor Nicole's. I am sure it becomes a challenge to keep offering new items. Thank you for keeping it fresh and new!
Has anyone seen 25 invaluable items offered in any other Kickstarter? Maybe this is enough?
Thank you to everyone here on Permies for all you do!
2 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:Anybody with anything else they might want to add to this list?

All I can offer is support when the Kickstarter launches.
I think I added up 25 items totally $177.44 so far.
I looked through the digital offerings . Would Nicole Sauce add her "Cook With What You Have" ebook?  Any of the bee books? And the scrouging book looks interesting.
What about offering pie?
2 years ago
Yes take my money too!
Does anyone know the "Rules" regarding use of quotations around books and videos? I see quotation marks in some of the neat and generous early bird freebies and some without.
That's my two cents. Awesome work everyone!
2 years ago
i pledge $25 two times. Go Boots Go!
2 years ago
The concept of a chinese greenhouse helps remind us that we don't need an all glass/polycarbonate/etc exterior. Living on a very shaded property, we have had to locate plants and raised beds  where they will get the longest exposure to sunlight. We discovered  one side of our house not only had better growing conditions, but the deer were not as brazen in their foraging there. You would think with 7 acres of oak and pine they would leave the tomatoes alone! Our potted fig trees, potted strawberries and tomatoes did really well on the north side of the house, where the driveway turns into the garage. We also set up a small greenhouse(plastic snap together w/plastic cover) on our front porch (NE) to try and capture the morning sun this spring. Kale, basil and red sorrel did well. We are experimenting with some small raised beds close to the house on the south side as well. Cold frames are on my Christmas wish list!
2 years ago