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It was corned beef when I was a kid. Always been a big fan of savory things. Been vegetarian for over a decade now and my favorite go-to recipe for comfort food is mujadara (spelled differently depending who you talk to.) It's a relatively inexpensive meal but filling and so gloriously savory! I highly recommend the version from the food network- that recipe has a wide tolerance for substitutions and that's what I rate my favorite recipes by as I usually just make do with whatever is on hand.
3 weeks ago
I was very self conscious about using mine when I lived with 4 others in a co-op.
Turns out no one minded and if they said anything it was something positive! That they liked the sound or found it charming!
I don't think you should worry. After all, people put up with such a lot of sounds from machinery; vacuums to blenders to trains, etc.
4 months ago
Thank you, Tyler! I fixed it up.
5 months ago
I just setup an online shop recently.
I'm hoping to support myself mostly through selling what I can make. I'm currently WWOOFing and bike touring between farms and feel largely self-sufficient.
The autumn is my favorite season and here in the midwest I'm enjoying the autumn equinox greatly. I taught a workshop on bookbinding at the farm I'm about to leave and would like to do more of that when able. Recently I've been busy preparing Halloween advent calendars that feature a haunted house and celebrate the month of October. Thought I'd mention it since tis the season and I want to contribute more here in whatever way I can until I feel more confident with permaculture and my experiences.
5 months ago
If you don't have friends with horses, invite an equestrian club to visit. A parade is planned to involve the horses going between the rows several times. If a game can be made of it, all the better!
Just a thought.
5 months ago
I'm from rural Michigan and just started WWOOFing by bicycle this summer. I had been living in Ann Arbor and after two years there decided the city wasn't offering enough time outdoors. Everything lined up so I was able to leave my job in good standing and so far I love my new lifestyle. I want to travel and learn how to farm and live in concert with nature and others.
My background is art based and I make a small income selling prints, books, and teaching workshops. I expect to make my way around the states until I find something worth sticking around for. I'm a big believer in sharing knowledge and so this place seems like a good place to contribute and participate in.
With warmth,
Kevin K.
6 months ago
So informative! I tried going herbal years ago- the factory made herbal cigarettes taste terrible to me! I used mullein and damiana and raspberry leaves, but ended up back in tobacco. The last time I quit and thought it would last but I'm struggling again. The herbs you've shared are very extensive and the only thing I can add was a tip passed on to me from a friend who quit while they were still in a relationship with a chain-smoker. They began rolling corn silk purchased through a co-op as a tea base. Just pure corn silk, rolled and filtered allowed them to smoke with friends and not feel left out.
I used it in conjunction with nicorette lozenges and I was smoke-free until I got very depressed this past spring. I suspect that if one dried the corn silk themselves it would have less harshness but it is still better than the mullein/damiana I used to use- very even burning and only a slight harshness which seems advantageous as it doesn't invite habitual use.
6 months ago