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since Oct 26, 2018
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26 year-old Catholic Artist and SKIPper. I love finding mushrooms and four-leaf clovers.
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Recent posts by Harmony Dybala

Alas, I gave you an apple, realizing too late it must set in motion the Trojan War 2: Electric Boogaloo
1 week ago
Good day!
I am looking for men’s dress shoes that will last for years and be repairable rather than disposable: leather preferred. Any suggestions?
1 week ago
When I raised red wriggler composting worms, they would go hog-wild for melon scraps.
5 months ago
There were plenty of elderberries where I used to pasture my donkey and we never had any problems
I really enjoyed this episode! I've got to get me some frog legs now.

I was also very glad to get some information on Senna, since you didn't really cover constipation in your Herbal Medicine for Preppers, Homesteaders, and Permaculture People. (It's not just a medieval English problem, let me tell ya.)

Thank you for making this show!
7 months ago
I have made some crocheted ragrugs out of old t-shirts. They're pretty durable and machine-washable
11 months ago
Oh! I could run it through charcoal to remove impurities as well! I'd be making a Crystalino.
1 year ago
I like the fly-trap and tiki-torch ideas!
1 year ago
I have about a 1.5 L of nasty reposado tequila. Now I like tequila, but this tastes like additives and insults.

I don't have any enemies to poison, so what else can I do with this stuff? If it weren't for the added colors and flavors I'd use it as a cleaning solvent like cheap vodka, but I think it would just make anything sticky! Can I use it as a lamp fuel somehow? Feel free to get very creative with your suggestions, and thank you in advance!
1 year ago
I took offal from rabbit butchery and fed it to my chickens and rodent control specialist. Chickens are omnivores, and healthy rabbit is sufficiently removed from their own type of critter to be appropriate feed. Cats are obligate carnivores, so the fresh rabbit was both appropriate and delectable for her. (The chickens got the lungs and some connective tissue, and the cat got the heart and kidneys. I save the liver for myself!)
1 year ago