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A.T. Penobscott wrote:My problem is musical instruments.
I used to play much more, but I have gone on to woodturning and blacksmithing.
I have two guitars, two violins, a mandolin and a banjo, all excellent expensive quality items.
I know I would keep my old german violin, but the rest could go...

I can't seem to let them go because I know how expensive they were. I want, and need, to get good value back out of them.
Nobody wants to pay a decent price, even 50%, but they would all love to have them on the cheap of for free.
Makes me feel very used and somewhat disrespected. They can sit in the closet till I die at this rate.

It's very weird, like mental illness. I do not play them, but refuse to part with them...because of emotion?
Hoarder!? I just can't let go.....

AT ~ I can definately relate to the "Free to a Good Home" urge for quality/value goods. Have had this issue myself when I've rotated out (or aged out) of a passion-hobby where associated items linger in my home because of emotional attachment to that past endeavor but also because they're "too good" to donate or sell on the cheap to someone who won't really appreciate or put to good use (by my standard, for that item, which is a screwed standard via my attachment -- so Catch-22). But as to the wonderful musical instruments you describe... How about composing a really attractive lay-out & getting a gorgeous photo that you can hang to enjoy & commemorate them in your home. Then, perhaps consider finding a music program, local arts program, or music teacher to donate them to... where your instruments might make music accessible to a young person who couldn't otherwise afford an instrument. This might avoid that sense of being taken advantage of in "letting them go" to someone who has just haggled their way into getting your valued items on the cheap without appreciating them as you do. Instead, be a patron & enjoy your act of generousity by knowing your loved instruments could be the key that unlocks access for another budding musician. Plus, to be kept in prime-fiddle, don't all those instruments you mentioned need to be stored in proper conditions (re: humidity balance etc)? And are they at risk of their sound-quality & life-expectancy deteriorating if just left to hang around as clutter rather than being actively tended & used? Perhaps -- "if you love them, set them free" could apply here a bit too?
2 months ago
Hi Adam ~ Though I'm no longer living in Michigan, I'm quite familiar w/the area you're targeting. What a great area for doing what you're seeking. Wish you the best in making a connection.

As the fates would have it, I just happened upon this very interesting website called & I think it might be worth your taking a look. My first impression on stumbling into it was "Wow this is great! Just what us visually oriented Seekers have been craving!" At first blush, this map looks like it would be an excellent tool for helping people connect with resources and opportunities via an easy & relateable geo-area visual search. Unfortunately, on closer inspection... it strikes me more as a high-potential concept that's still apparently struggling to fully populate itself to best effect. In any case, the part that may relate to Your posting here...

The map has a search & label feature for "Farms seeking Farmers & Farmers seeking Farms". Hurray -- I thought -- So many Permies could make great use of this. But sadly, there are not many entries on the map in that category. *Except* there is one in Jordan MI (as you probably know= north of TravCity & south of the Mac). So, for You, perhaps worth checking out. Click on the orange dot in the NW area of the mitt to see if thats something that might be up your alley (and if it's not, perhaps that landowner might help network you into the area as an ally or offer a referral). I believe you can directly message the farm owner who is Seeking Farmer (if I read all that correctly)... and I believe you can put yourself on the map as Available & Seeking a farm opportunity in your desired geo & skills area as well>

Although the site refers to itself pretty narrowly as a resource for "perennial farming" it is clearly loaded with lots of other useful cross elastic resources that Permies could totally benefit from (Fruit, berries, bees, maple syrup, seed banking, etc). I found myself routed there during an ag-forest silvopasturing search and quite unexpectedly I did find some useful resource "dots" pinned in my area of the map in the Research/Education category that were new to me. (Though it seems odd to me that none of the Ag and Forestry colleges/universities, that I know are doing research in my area, show up on this map as info-resources. Still, what is there, while incomplete, did deliver some added value)

Wishing you best of luck with your search &... "Don't quit your daydream!"
6 months ago