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Ive lost two tomato plants to what I assume are bunnies so far this year. They were simply topped at between 4 and 6 inches.

But they only got one from each area so perhaps they tasted and didnt like.
5 days ago

We are in the region, on the other side of knoxville, but have explored that area some.

Greater Knoxville is an interesting social amalgam. Its got enough old school country folk to have stability. But it has crunchy ecosensitive areas as well. Rutledge is squarely old school on the whole. But not hateful. Many families from out of town struggle to integrate, so if what you expect is to be courteously tolerated, you'll be fine. But a relatively short drive from downtown and more diversity of every kind.

Given the family dynamics and the business interest nearby, sounds like a really good option to start small if you are comfortable commuting to knox for socialization.

Outside of lockdown (ie, who knows what may change going fwd) there is a farmer's market in downtown knox where you could sell stuff every weekend and meet lots of like minded folks.

Check out three rivers market next time you are in town.

There are lots of organic and eco minded folks. But not a thriving permie community per se.
1 week ago
Congrats on the savings milestone.

So, with that amount of money, i'd think about how to convert it into money making skills, equipment, or both.

You could perhaps buy a used walk behind tractor and gain experience and income creating gardens for others. Or you could buy what you need to do pastured poultry on someone elses land, paying them out of proceeds or filling their freezer. See Joel salatin's book you can farm.

Or you could go take an onsite pdc course somewhere and learn from people doing what you dream of.

Some examples to get you thinking.
1 week ago
Is it cedar apple rust variety?

If so, cedar is required for its lifecycle so removing nearby cedars can help.

I chopped down the affected blackberries and sprayed theives essential oil on the unaffected one's. So far so good.
1 week ago
I would be concerned that digging down between beds would in fact increase erosion from within the beds.

I would watch it through rainy season, and then make minor adjustments to prevent standing water in the pathways.

Then i'd plant pathways heavily with clover.

I do have similar set up of raised beds on clay soil but mine has a bit more slope. So I'm still fine tuning the grade a bit. In fact, I poured some old rancid olive oil on the pathways to decrease water retention and to speed up the run off. Ie, making it harder clay. Worked like a champ.

I am not familiar with the brine filled bag on top. Can you elaborate on that?

Ferments need to be able to release gas and some bacteria (kombucha scobee) is sensitive to coming into contact with metal.

I wonder if the bag had a residue which impeded the ferment.

I use glass pickle stones to keep the mash under the brine.
1 week ago
If sweet, wild strawberries. If bland, Indian mockerberries. Both edible.
1 week ago
In terms of sealing your pond, concrete is out of my experience.

I have clay loam and can improve seeps by casting forest duff (leaves) and clay (bentonite, kitty litter, etc)

The leak pulls the leaf litter and clay into the cracks over time.

I imagine big cracks in concrete might be tougher.
2 weeks ago