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I believe Sepp holzer runs his animals under the tall trees to eat the fallen fruit.  And so he gets the value from the animals when the time is right.
1 week ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:

J Davis wrote: Permies reject big AG, big pharma, and generally would rather have their life savings in seed, soil, and  skills rather than any debt based currency which may lose its value any day now.

Nope.  I buy (most of) my food at the grocery store, depend for my life on medications from big pharma, and keep my $ in the bank.

So am I not a permie?

Well, I suppose I should say most/many permies...

And you can call yourself whatever you like! I respect your right to choose and I will lob no labels at you.

1 week ago
So, getting excited about the kickstarter. Book looks awesome.

Its a shame Paul is such a conspiracy theorist. He really should have said "so called bad guys" and that reference to the light bulb cartel is very politically incorrect.

Seriously, permies is as much a reaction to real world conspiracies as it is a return to indigenous principles. Permies reject big AG, big pharma, and generally would rather have their life savings in seed, soil, and  skills rather than any debt based currency which may lose its value any day now. Do you not acknowledge that the wide world would see your aversion to these things as conspiratorial?

To believe in conspiracy theory is to believe simply that in order to achieve an agenda, some folks keep it secret for a while. Thats it. That's also called world history.

Ok, i give the cider press back to those who havent researched the proposed worldwide program of cloudseeding with aluminum and heavy metals but are totally sure there is no risk to our soil and no relevance to community food production capacity. Nothing to see it.

Gonna go urigate my wood chips and visit a kickstarter site now.
1 week ago
Ref problems without solutions...

I asked in opening post if we could stop childish non communication techniques and label throwing now that the cat was out of the bag and the planned and ongoing operations were being admitted by the u.n.

questions were asked, I provided credible, linked proof that activities are not imaginary, unfunded, or uncoordinated. They are historical facts and ongoing and in all likelihood (per the u.n.) the activities are only going to increase.

I repeat my ask with civility..when someone asks about dying trees or strange fungal blooms..that the potential solutions discussed may include chelation or bioremediation techniques for removing heavy metals without being met with bigfoot sighting accusations...

I guess that's too big an ask..
1 week ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:

J Davis wrote:
I think we're talking about two different things.  You mention chemtrails and then reference cloud-seeding.  The study was in reference to chemtrails, not cloud-seeding.

I threw in the word chemtrails as one of many monickers used to describe airplanes spewing toxic gick into our air which lands in our soil. I frankly don't care what you call it. I don't want airplanes spewing toxic gick into the air which lands in our soil.

Cloud seeding technology sprays what? What impact does that have on the soil? Why are we still debating terminology instead of focusing on clearly pertinent issues to the permies community?

1 week ago

Did you take a moment to look at this one?

50 years of documented, planned, funded, coordinated weather experiments.

I am not sure how this is congruent with their conclusion unless they are simply under national security secrecy obligations (such as the quote above from oak ridge).

Or a more recent example from the E.U.
1 week ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:

J Davis wrote:

As for the debunking, it's a bit lightweight I'd say. There would have been all sorts of public denials over Oak Ridge's activities while real activities were happening as well.

Here is a document on an environmental threat monitoring group detailing 50 years of experimenting with weather modification

And here is a fairly recent senate bill detailing the coordination of "activities"

Reported to Senate with amendment(s) (12/08/2005)
Weather Modification Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2005 - (Sec. 4) Directs the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy to establish a Weather Modification Subcommittee to coordinate a national research program on weather modification. Requires the Subcommittee to include representatives from: (1) the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); (2) the National Science Foundation (NSF); and (3) the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Provides for a representative from NOAA and a representative from NSF to serve together as co-chairs of such Subcommittee.
Requires the Director to develop and submit a plan for coordinated federal activities under the program, which shall: (1) for a ten-year period, establish the goals and priorities for federal research that most effectively advances scientific understanding of weather modification; (2) describe specific activities required to achieve such goals and priorities, including funding of competitive research grants, training and support for scientists, and participation in international research efforts; (3) identify and address, as appropriate, relevant programs and activities of the federal agencies and departments that would contribute to the program; (4) consider and use, as appropriate, reports and studies conducted by federal agencies and departments, and other expert scientific bodies, including the National Research Council report on Critical Issues in Weather Modification Research; (5) make recommendations for the coordination of program activities with weather modification activities of other national and international organizations; (6) incorporate recommendations from the Weather Modification Research Advisory Board; and (7) estimate federal funding for research activities to be conducted under the program.
Specifies activities related to weather modification that may be included under the program, including: (1) interdisciplinary research and coordination of research and activities to improve understanding of processes relating to weather modification, including cloud modeling, cloud seeding, improving forecast and decision-making technologies, related severe weather research, and potential adverse affects of weather modification; (2) development, through partnerships among federal agencies, states, and academic institutions, of new technologies and approaches for weather modification; and (3) scholarships and educational opportunities that encourage an interdisciplinary approach to weather modification.
Requires the Director to prepare and submit to the President and Congress annual reports on the activities conducted pursuant to this Act respecting the Weather Modification Subcommittee, including: (1) a summary of the achievements of federal weather modification research; (2) an analysis of the progress made toward achieving the goals and objectives of the plan; (3) a copy or summary of the plan and any changes made to it; (4) a summary of agency budgets for weather modification activities; (5) any recommendations regarding additional action or legislation that may be required to assist in achieving the purposes of this Act; (6) a description of the relationship between research conducted on weather modification and research conducted pursuant to the Global Change Research Act of 1990, as well as research on weather forecasting and prediction; and (7) a description of any potential adverse consequences on life, property, or water resource availability from weather modification efforts, and any suggested means of mitigating or reducing such consequences if such efforts are undertaken.
(Sec. 5) Establishes in the Office of Science and Technology Policy the Weather Modification Research Advisory Board to: (1) make recommendations to the Weather Modification Subcommittee on matters related to weather modification; and (2) advise such Subcommittee on the research and development, studies, and investigations with respect to potential uses of technologies and observation systems for weather modification research and assessments and evaluations of the efficacy of weather modification, both purposeful, (including cloud-seeding operations) and inadvertent (including downwind effects and anthropogenic effects).
(Sec. 6) Instructs U.S. departments and agencies and any other public or private agencies and institutions that receive research funds from the United States related to weather modification to give full support and cooperation to the Weather Modification Subcommittee.

1 week ago
I suppose that word should be airplanes rather than airlines.

SRM is conducted by airplanes spraying aerosols into the atmosphere. This company provides equipment and raw materials towards this end.

And the have their own fleet of for hire as well -

Whether airlines are mixing toxic gick into their fuel is an unknown and I didnt mean to imply that was occuring.
1 week ago
Not exactly, but kinda.

I have diverted roof runoff to a swale and planted berry bushes on top and downside. It fills and slowly seeps into the hillside.

Paul's video on world domination gardening was helpful on ideas for swales and ponds.  I had never done it before but after watching, I rented some equipment and my son and I put in three ponds, all currently full.

The one that has a bit of stream running through it is clearest for sure. The second that is full shade had clay soil in the area, holds water so far through hot summer. Added ducks to that area so they keep it stirred up.

The big pond, has no running water source. And it did get a good bit lower (full sun = lots of evaporation) and it had some algeal blooms. It is big enough to catch a breeze which helps keep it stirred. But will have to add lime occasionally to keep ph suboptimal for algae.

So, consider your site carefully as sun, wind, soil, and waterflow will have impact.

Good luck!
1 week ago

Ref: go plant a tree

Could not agree more, have been doing alot of that. Also agree that natural methods are way better than srm techniques.

Ref: would love to see more on exhibit b

Thanks again for engaging in dialogue.
1 week ago