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Recent posts by Maruf Miliunas

The good news is, it's apple & plum season here. The bad news is that I get tooth pain from eating so many raw fruits. I'm looking for the best way to prepare fruits to be less acidic so that I can eat them without doing damage to my teeth. Any advice?
1 month ago
I'm looking for a way to start a siphon without electricity and without my mouth. I'd be interested in a device that mechanically sucks water to jump start the process, however all I can find on Google is aimed at beer making and people who have access to water pumps to prefill the hose.
1 month ago
I've been living on my land since February of this year. Since May I've been living out of a tent, getting to know, all the while making it livable and growing a variety of annuals. I have a 2.5 Ha chunk of young forest and I've decided upon a small, roughly 15x15 meter (~45x45 feet) chunk which I want to begin working intensively. I've attached photo(s) for reference. Furthermore, I've almost finished assembling an excel document full of plants and trees that can grow in my area with photos and I've divided them up into their growing layers.

Here is where I'm open to guidance. I'm thinking to select 5 plants from each layer and to start playing around on Illustrator or hand drawing a map of how I could arrange these cultivars into an interesting first landscape. I've made observations of this plot, certain trees will stay, others will go, otherwise it's not flat. I think I should measure out the exact dimensions, but I don't know the best way to do this, and I rarely have another person around that can help.

How do I go from this planning stage into the planting stage, what am I missing?

I'm hoping this coming winter I can find seeds, scions and saplings for the cultivars I select, however, since I've never done this before and all the resources I find focus on the long term Permaculture process instead of this intense planting part, I'm wandering in unfamiliar territory.

P.S. I wasn't sure if this belongs more in the polyculture section.
1 month ago
Thanks for your advice, however, I'm not sure how to go about earth works and cover cropping as much of my land is covered in trees ranging from saplings to ~20 year old birches and pines rising 15-20 meters.

I started researching ways to integrate new trees among existing ones and I came across this Quora article recommending Femmelschlag, or Shelterwood cutting, however, since I'm starting a food forest and not replacing an entire forest, I imagine I should only fell trees in the zone/s I'm developing that particular year, while leaving the rest untouched. Attached is the most recent aerial photo of my land I could find (it's several years old), along with the zones I'm denoting (WIP). Any advice on how or what to do with the trees is appreciated.
3 months ago
I'm halfway through the first year where I'm starting a permaculture food forest. I'm in a zone 7 northern climate. This spring/summer, I got distracted in the caring after annuals/vegetable plants before I realized it was holding me back from planning the food forest. Now I'm focusing on drawing basemaps of the land, walking through it, observing, and mapping out possible zones and areas (my land is halfway to a forest, you can get an idea from my YouTube documentation). On top of that I started assembling a list of perennials I'd like to have in an excel document. All while doing this I'm wondering if there's something else I'm completely missing.

What should I prepare the first year so that I'm prepared for the next year? I've started a leaf mold compost pile, but maybe I should prepare more?

It's hard to know what you're missing when you're doing something completely new to you.
3 months ago
So it sounds like there’s nothing revolutionary using siphon watering systems. I guess I need to invest in some hoses and get playing. I’m wondering if I could get a capillary action irrigation system working with siphoned water so it siphons only the water as it’s needed. Won’t know until I try...
Does anyone have any practical experience using siphons to water their plants? I’ve got some jerry-rigged rain catchment systems (pools of water caught in my roof tarp) and my land declines slightly, hence I’m looking into ways I could potentially water everything using only gravity and physics, as I still don’t have electricity yet.

Seeing as siphons are pretty fundamental, I’m surprised not to find any practical garden uses for siphons on YouTube or Google.
Looking for something useful? Eat them! Check out this article on prepping them
4 months ago
Great idea Dave, I'll look into a blender!
5 months ago
I appreciate the quick feedback everyone. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one to feel this way about DEET.

@CarlaBurke – What's the recipe for your bars if it's not a secret?
5 months ago